Denver Bronco Cheerleaders: Man Tries Out – Sacha Heppell – Bronco Cheerleader?

Sacha Heppel’s dream is to be a Denver Bronco Cheerleader. He tried out, and the girls cheered him on. It’s all about following your dreams one of the women said. Heppell didn’t make the team, but says he’ll be back. Remember when Robin Williams (Mork and Mindy, November 1979) tried out for Bronco cheerleading? Me neither, but you can watch the video here.

Robin Williams - Denver Bronco Cheerleader 1979 (Mork and Mindy)



Sacha Heppell Tries out for Denver Bronco Cheerleading Team (video)

  • Cheerleading in many colleges have both male and female members. In fact George W. Bush was a Cheerleader for Yale. So let him try out. More power to him.