Commie Mommies – Don’t Let Them Win: Top 25 Political Moms Contest

The Circle of Moms is hosting a Top 25 Political Moms Contest. My friend Karen at The Lonely Conservative is in second place needing about 270 votes to catch up to one dubbed a “Commie Mommie.” She is a SuperMom in every way. I can say this about her, because I know her in that ether-inspired bloggy kind-of-way. I feel like I know her husband and her boys.  BUT, THE POINT IS TO VOTE FOR ALL OF CONSERVATIVE MOMS IN THE CONTEST. There are a number of very Left Mommies in the running, but only two still remaining in the Top 5. I‘m asking you go here and vote for Conservative Women. A list of all the Conservative mommies is below.

Karen, The Lonely Conservative with Senator Jim DeMint

You can vote once every 24 hours. PLEASE VOTE FOR EVERYONE ON THE LIST BELOW. There is no prize – just the honor of being chosen first and/or high up in the list. Please send this to your friends and family and ask them to vote once every 24 hours for the next three days.

Here are a few samples of the Commie Mommy blog descriptions. Surely we will not let radicals win motherhood awards!!!

“Mothers demand CITIZENSHIP and our Rights to our Children.”

“Oh, and leftist. Very, very leftist.” (In first place)

“tales of parenting one fabulous kid who (unwittingly) eschews traditional gender stereotypes.”

” Thinking + Motherhood = Feminist”

“A southern hippie liberal momma blogging her face off.”

“…dedicated to revolutionizing American family values one dirty diaper at a time.” (president of a NOW chapter)

“socialist tendencies”

Here’s the list of conservative moms in the contest and their place in the contest as of 10:30 am Central . Please vote for everyone on the list – VOTE HERE.

2-The Lonely Conservative

4-Michelle Malkin

5-Zilla of the Resistance

6-Atlas Shrugs

8-Let’s March for Scott Walker

10-Political Junkie Mom

11-Backyard Conservative

12-Moms 4 Sarah Palin

13-Snark and Boobs

14-Allen West Republic

15-Jenny Erikson

17-Thoughts from a Conservative Mom

18-Jen Kuznicki

19-Katy’s Conservative Corner

22-Little Bytes News

25-No One of Any Import

26-A Traditional Life Lived

28-Political Clown Parade

29-Pondering Penguin


34-Temple of MUT

37-Kira Davis

40-Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting My Tongue

42-It’s Only Words

46: Mommy Life

47-Lox Populi

Vote here!

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