Coke Pulls Support for Voter ID in Face of Dem Boycott: Folded in 5 Hours – James Clyburn Heads Voter ID Boycott

If ever there was an American principle that is right, and righteous it is ‘one vote for one person.’ Coca Cola is under a Tweet Boycott for supporting states seeking Voter Identification. The Washington Examiner says Coke pulled their support of Voter ID just five hours after the Tweet Boycott began. Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) is leading the charge. ‘As many votes for as many will vote’ is what Democrats want. They are cheaters and fraudsters and it is beyond acceptable. A reminder to Coke that half the people you are bowing to steal your product rather than paying for it. Maybe more than half.

Democratic officials Wednesday launched a two-pronged attack on states with new laws requiring identification before voting, the highlight being a call to boycott Coke, Walmart and others that back a leading organization pushing for voter ID laws.

Coke was quick to react to the boycott threat, pulling support from the targeted group just five hours after it was called.

In caving into the economic threat by liberals against a pro-voter ID law group, Coke issue this statement Wednesday afternoon: “The Coca-Cola Company has elected to discontinue its membership with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Our involvement with ALEC was focused on efforts to oppose discriminatory food and beverage taxes, not on issues that have no direct bearing on our business.  We have a long-standing policy of only taking positions on issues that impact our Company and industry.” Source: The Examiner

James Clyburn

Right. I don’t believe that for a minute. If Coke thinks free and fair elections have nothing to do with their Company, they are delusional. How do they think Coke has had the opportunity to rise in this great country? If  ‘one vote for one person’ is not the fiber of America, maybe they think Coke is. I hope they discover the wrath of hordes of Americans. Democrats have taken voter fraud and intimidation to new heights, and if it isn’t stopped now, our country will never survive.

Tell me how these despicable people have been able to carry their argument of “undermining voter rights,” by insisting on Voter I.D., and advocating for voter fraud? They cannot get on an airplane without identification, they can’t get a drink in a bar if they are younger than 50, they can’t get care from a physician without identification, you can’t cash a check without I.D., you can’t get married or divorced without an I.D. Everyone has the necessary identification to vote, but they may not have the identification to vote more than once. Give no voter I.D. another year, and elections won’t make any difference. Just ask the people in Venezeula about that. Get the dictator in and you will not get him out. It’s outrageous.

I can’t believe Coca Cola would bow to this blackmail. I will never drink a Coke anywhere, for the rest of my life and I’ll encourage others to do the same. The groveling Polar-Bear-abusing company has gone too far this time. If I have to, I will gladly give up Wal-Mart.

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  • I guess I won’t be buying Coke from now on. If we all do this, Coke will get the message very fast.

    • Leone

      I guess they avoided “their” boycott, just to get ours…and we were the people that supported them(past tense). I won’t be going to Pepsi since they supposedly contributed to Obama’s campaign but their are plenty of other drinks…and probably healthier anyway.

    • Mike in SC

      I guess it is time to let Coke know that we are fed up with them cowering to the libs. No more Coke for me. Being from SC I can honestly say that James Clyburn is one of the most racist people in the state. If he has anything to say about any topic you can count on it being more than a cheap shot at White people. You made your bed Coke, now you must lie in it.

    • Shirley Moore


      • just bought my last 6 cokes done forever plus i,m telling the church quit buying coke by the way 1 church i go to has over 3000 members

    • Dark_Archer

      anyone who tweets should send out tweets that we need to boycott coke for supporting voter fraud

    • James Byrnes

      They will no longer need my business. And thank you for the heads up on Pepsi. Generic cola is just fine. I will read the label. I believe that about 1 million votes are manufactured by the Dems. Also, I believe that there at least 4 US Senators are in office by stolen elections. I am joining a few friends, that have persuaded me that there is one vote they can not steal away. That would be were I spend my dollar. Can you imagine, driving across some states, stop to use a rest room, but not even buy a cup of coffee. James Clyburn has made me a follower now. I need to study district maps. Spend $$s in a Dem. district?? I have a lot of home work to catch up on.

    • BJ

      I think Coke will get an even bigger boycott than they one they thoughr they would have. I plan to tell everyone I know about Coke pulling out of their stand on the Voter ID. I’ll ask them all to never drink a coke again. They can take their cokes and shove them you know where. If a bank asks for an ID before we can cash a check or do any other bank business then everyone should have to present an ID. The reason Democrats don’t want the Voter ID is so they can CHEAT at the polls.

      • Steve Thompson

        Time to make COKE pay for this. No COKE all of the time. Encourage your friends, family and acquaintances.

    • Lawrence LeBlanc

      I will now drink Pepsi instead of Coke. No Guts for Coke management.

    • richard

      coke is a foolish co. more people inl. myself WILL NOT buy coke until this bs decision is reversed. keep siding with the minority..

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  • These idiotic companies need to make a choice. Do they want to support liberals with welfare money or conservatives with working dollars? Those stupid fools at Coke don’t even realize it’s the liberals who worked to get their product banned from school cafeterias and are trying to have an additional tax placed on it because of their sugar content. They forgot who butters their bread and as of now, I won’t be one of them any more.

    • richard

      i’m done with em. No more coke or their products. what a bunch of wimps!!!

  • Say good by to my Diet Coke will not be buying

  • soldiermom11

    I’m calling them to let them know I will no longer be buying any coke products.

  • ConservaDave

    Drink Pepsi! Because Coca Cola has, by cowtowing to evil governmental influences in the person of James Clyburn, admitted that they stand for dishonest elections, voter fraud and the stealing of elections I cannot in good conscience purchase their product any longer. My new cola of choice is Pepsi!

    • I prefer RC Cola. It is made with sugar and tastes great.

    • Dark_Archer

      Pepsi contributed money to the commie obamas campaign screw them all drink water

  • I will no longer drink Coke, nor will I use any other products produced by Coca Cola. All who identify Coke or Diet Coke please note the other products produced by the same company. I have many friends and an extended multi racial family who will also support this decision.

  • Stop commenting and send Coke an email.

    and don’t forget to send them a smile so they feel good.

    I think it would be a good idea to drink Pepsi. Yuck.

  • OK so the link doesn’t work. Try

  • Carol Casner

    I will no longer buy Coke. I’ve been drinking it for 50 years. No more.

  • Lowell T.

    Coke can cave if they want to but we the people better not. Our country is at risk.

  • Rosemary Raupp

    All coke products are out in our home.

  • Ken

    I just called Coke and they don’t really care what I think. so for the first time in almost 60 years I will be buying RC cola from now on.

  • Rosemary Raupp

    Many people are responding to this on Coke’s Facebook…. join us in letting them know how disappointed we are in them!

    • Dark_Archer

      tell them if they dont support voter id then they support voter fraud they cant have it both ways their either for voter fraud or against it

      • Ginger Mugar

        What is going on here? Let’s boycott Coca Cola & all related products. I get sick if I drink coke anyway…now I get sicker.

  • Carol

    I hope these responses are getting back to Coke.. I have always preferred Coke to any other product. BUT, I will no longer buy Coke because they caved to the Liberal agenda.

  • their toll free no is 1 800 438-2653

  • Buyerbwear

    No more Coke in MY household–that goes for ALL Coca-Cola products. If enough of us boycott their products, and tell them WHY we are boycotting, they will, indeed, get the message and possibly renew their support for voter ID laws.

  • Here is an healthy but tasty alternative to soda. Fruit juice and iced teas. I make a killer ice tea from peppermint leaves. My family goes ape over it. And fruit juice is always a pick me up.

    Both are healthier than soda. Fruit juice will at least provide you with vitamins and minerals that soda doesn’t.

  • Bob Lamary

    Boycott Coke products and Wal-Mart.

    • Bob Lamary, do you have confirmation that WalMart also dropped out after Clyburn’s threat?

  • To everyone commenting here. I’ve been away from my office a good part of the day. I want you to know how much I appreciate your comments and the information you have provided.

    One place where this will affect us is when we are in restaurants. I personally can drink either Pepsi or Coke or Dr. Pepper. I like them all, but many restaurants have only Coke products, just as some have only Pepsi products. I’ll be looking for the Ice Tea.

    I’m still working on this story, and like you, am about as appalled about this as about anything that has happened in the last three years. This isn’t about global warming which Coke supports. It’s not about which political party Coke contributes too, although various reasons like those two might be enough to change brands, but in this case, it affects every one us. Nothing can be more unAmerican than not supporting ‘one person one vote.’

    Bill, thanks for the toll free number. As Rosemary suggested let us all go to their Facebook page and register our opinions. Thanks to come and take it for the email address. If it isn’t working, I’ll see what I can find and put it in comments.

    Again, thanks to all of you.

  • Reddtopp

    Someone needs to publish the contact for Coke so those of that object to there caving can be heard loud and clear with our displeasure with there decision

    • Reddtopp, I’m looking into it and may add it to my update. In the meantime I left a notice on their FB page that immediately disappeared. I don’t know if they moderate or it’s because I had not “liked” their page. I put the same notice on my FB page.

      I have always preferred to let the free market work, rather than calling for a boycott. In my post I said they would no longer have my business and I can see that many feel the same way. That’s the way to do it.

      Bill left this phone number in a comment above: 1 800 438-2653.

      I agree, they need to hear us loud and clear. I’m putting the notice I tried to leave on their FB page in another comment here.

    • EdB

      Check above where the first URL was posted that didn’t work. I replied with the correct way to e-mail Coke.

    • EdB

      This is what I just sent. They don’t make it easy so in the areas they want that have nothing to do with this issue just type LOSS OF BUSINESS and in Business area select OTHER.

      At first I was impressed by your support of Voter ID and now am totally appalled by your withdrawal because of threats made by SC representative James Clyburn. If you were worried about losing people who patronize Coke you under estimated how many people you have offended who value their voting rights and want the fraudulant voting stopped. So with that…you can depend on me and my friends to immediately stop buying Coke for any reason anywhere.

  • xavior

    clyburn is smoking wacky weed. Coke and Walmart don’t yield to his nonsense, stand tall we will support you in this cause.

    He is another J. Jackson and Al Sharpton mentality, dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • xavior, are you saying that Coke did not pull out of the organization supporting voter I.D.? If so, that’s important.

      I have received no confirmation that WalMart did, only Coke.

  • Friends, please share.

    I just left a message on the Coca-Cola page. It immediately disappeared. Perhaps the page is moderated, or perhaps it doesn’t post because I have not “liked” the page. I don’t know but I’d like to share the message with you in case you don’t know what is going on.

    This is a notice that CocaCola has decided ‘one person one vote’ is not a good strategy in America. To keep it simple, they have pulled their support from an organization which is supporting Voter I.D.

    CocaCola didn’t get where they are today by having no business savvy, by allowing their company to be cheated, or by letting their Board of Directors conduct business in unsavory ways, or letting the vote for Chairman of the Board and other pertinent Board members be hijacked, or…by not understanding that ‘one person one vote’ is THE critical thread in the American fabric.

    I don’t care that I differ with Coke on global warming. I don’t care which political party Coke donates to, but I do care that Coke backed out of supporting Voter I.D. by saying the issue had nothing to do with them. That’s a slap in the face to every honest voter in the country.

    All of us must have proper I.D. to do many things, and I.D. is required for many things less important than the privilege of casting our vote. Everyone knows and understands it. The argument that I.D. disenfranchises voters who do not have I.D. is intellectually dishonest on every level.

    It’s my understanding that Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC) is behind boycotting Coke for their involvement in Voter I.D. support. It’s my understanding that Coke pulled out of the organization just 5 hours after Clyburn’s threat. It is truly disgraceful. A giant company. An American icon and Coca Cola cannot support Voter I.D. It’s is appalling.

  • Brenda

    Sadly, I will be giving up Diet Lime Coke (my fav), and any other Coca Cola products. I can’t believe they caved after 5 hrs. Maybe they will realize that us working stiffs are the ones that keep their business going.

  • San Francisco Pete

    Remember, the Coca.Cola company is more than just Coke drinks. They own numerous other brands (I think Minute Maid is one), so if you want to boycott the Coca-Cola Company, look carefully at anything you buy. And yes, Coke, especially Diet Coke, is bad for your health.

  • NO Coca Cola for guests! Fresh Lemonade and Water will be the drinks from now on and I will let all of them know the reason why we don’t serve Coke nor
    Pepsi. Where are all the decent people in this land? We are all forced to
    buy insurance with Obamacare but we are not forced to show our true ID when
    voting….what is wrong with this picture? How do we elect such Democrats
    (loosely speaking) Rep. James Clyburn…..I am beginning to believe that we
    have more stupid and/or evil people in this world than honest, genuine,
    heartfelt, compassionate persons…from the way they are trying to destroy our values and world.

  • Lafon Berry

    I think Coke lost in the boycott. Why would you stoop slow low to let some Al Sharpton type guy cause yall to lose this much business. People that pay their own way and try to do what is right are your BACK BONE. We are the ones who own business that loan others the money to go and buy a “soda” at break time cause they smoked the wages up in weed last night. We are the ones who have to replace what they steal to be able to keep them working cause they think we own it to them and they are the ones who don’t want Voter ID, cause they want a givme govt. to take care of them. You need to reconciter this issue or Coke will be the loose. It bad enough that Pepsi back Obummer last time. I want be buying you products anymore as well as thousands more. Why would you let some idiot like James Clyburn big mouth cause you this much problem???????????????

  • Gloria S Martinez

    That is it NO MORE Coke in my family or in my friends homes because I intent to let every one I know. Wimps!!!

  • John

    I believe Coke to be a great American Company. They really need to stand up to Obummer and his cronies. Home Depot caved as have many others. Coke needs to stand behind what is right as do we. Don’t put the blame on Coke. Let them know we will support them and see what direction they take.

    • John, Coke has already make the decision. They dropped out of the organization they were supporting, which supported Voter I.D. They’ve already made their decision. Even worse, they said the issue had nothing to do with them.

      I agree they are a good company, and that’s why I cannot understand their reasoning, and their quick response to Clyburn’s call for a boycott.

  • Myrt W

    I think Coke is a big chicken Sh__ __. My favorite soda up till now. why de cide to support voter ID in the first place if you are going to bow out from some Dirty Democrats threats. What about all of us that will quit buying it n ow.

  • Dale Lowry

    Coke has always been my choice of soda, until now. I will not buy another Coca-Cola product!

  • I will be giving up Coke, also. I wish these companies realized how much influence they could have. Liberals wouldn’t stop going to Walmart because they have the best prices. We need to organize and boycott COKE and Walmart openly also, for not standing up for Voter Legislation.

  • Topcat

    I can’t blame Coke for caving. They are in business to make a profit. The left has convictions and they stand by them. If they say they are going to boycott, they boycott. The right on the other hand, if they have any convictions they are usually weak and hardly ever stick by them. Therefore if they (Coke) cave to the left (The smaller group) they know they wont lose profit, but, if they forget their convictions and make the left happy the right will cry for maybe as long as a week while they still purchase the product they they are boycotting. An example, supposedly, not too many like Romney. However, he seems to be the one taking almost everything. Even the ones that have dropped out and are supposedly conservative gave their delegates to and stand behind Romney. I’ll bet even Ron and Newt if and when they leave will give their delegates to Romney and back him. Then comes the election. I have heard so many say anybody but Obama. Then they say, if Romney gets it I’ll either stay home or write in the one I want. So in effect they will be voting for Obama. (Just like the last time) Now that is really standing by their convictions of get the Dems out and go for the Constitution and the country. What makes it even worse is that they do this knowing that this election will be much more corrupt than 2008.

  • Topcat, without free and fair elections, Coke would not have had the opportunities they have had in this country. They would not be the company they are now. They MUST support the things that keep this Republic free (what is left of freedom).

    As I’ve said, this isn’t about what political contributions Coke makes, or their support for other positions I don’t agree with. This is about ‘one person one vote.’

    In general, when it comes to boycotts, Conservatives tend to want to get the information out, and let the free market work. Coke has the right to do what they are doing. We have the right to tell them, and show them how we feel about it. I hope people are passionate about it.

    I have not supported Romney, but I will support him if he is the nominee. I will put on my happy face and try to get him elected because the option is untenable. I do see some say they will stay home, but I believe most who are committed to voting, will vote for our candidate.

    You are right. Conservatives don’t bully the way Democrats do. We assume people are smart enough to get it.

    Thanks for joining the conversation. Everything today is terribly frustrating and concerning.

  • Right before Coke tried changing their formula, I read an article in a health magazine titled “In goes Coke, out goes blood” It had been proven that it was the leading cause of bleeding ulcers. Maybe they “tweaked” it a little when they went back to the old formula. I’ve went to green tea and extreme caffeine cappuccino for a kick with digestion.

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  • Kraft has caved in too.

  • First it was Glenn Beck,then Rush and now Coke and Wal-Mart. All to silence the silent majority. Im so sick of this administration trying to snuff out any opposing views. It’s time we all boycott the boycotters and let the companies know how weak they look falling for this left wing garbage. This is really about the dems needing the vote from the dead, illegal, the forgetful(voting early and often)etc. I for one will no longer buy from any company that bows to this administrations thuggery.

  • I will stop buying coke, my fave.

    But I am also concerned about all the advertisers that are boycotting Rush limbaugh.
    I would like to find that list so I can boycott that also.

    Will we have any products left to buy, or any conservative values left to up hold.

    Ps. Don’t forget planned parenthood! That was a classic fllip flop