California: Bullet Train $68B – Tracks to Bankruptcy – California Broken

California’s Bullet Train, planned for transportation between Los Angeles to San Francisco, is estimated to cost $68 BILLION dollars and will be subsidized by American citizens across the U.S., most of whom will never lay eyes the train, let alone never step foot on it.

Rendering of California Bullet Train

To put $68 billion in perspective, five major airlines offer flights from Los Angeles to San Francisco for $200 or less – an amount that includes $39.60 in various taxes. Volume discounts aside, for the cost of the rail infrastructure, California could purchase 340 million round-trip tickets – enough to provide nine round-trip flights for each of the state’s documented residents…

Based on market capitalization, the state could even buy a few airlines – American, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest and United – and have $40 billion left over. Taking to the skies quite simply is more efficient. It only takes an hour and 20 minutes to journey by air between Los Angeles to San Francisco. At best, a nonstop “high-speed” train would take an estimated two hours and 38 minutes, charging a pricey $326 fare. Based on the experience of Amtrak in the Northeast corridor, the trains will make so many stops that actual trip time would be closer to four hours.

Read the whole story at The Washington Times.

Sixty-eight BILLION dollars is a mammoth sum, and we know these projects NEVER come in at, or under cost. By the time the program is developed, my prediction is a cost of over $1 TRILLION dollars, and a ticket price close to $450. The state government is as foolish as its voters.

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