British Fertility Clinic Owner Bertold Wiesner Fathers 600 Children

Some 600 adults are scattered across the world sharing the DNA on one man, Bertold Wiesner, a London fertility clinic owner. The question: did any of the 600 marry each other?

Fertility Clinics

DNA tests were conducted on 18 people conceived at the clinic between 1943 and 1962. The results showed that two thirds of them were fathered by Mr Wiesner.
Extrapolating this to the rest of the children conceived at the clinic it would suggest around 600 of the children were Mr Wiesner’s.

Don’t you think that Bertold Wiesner is only one of perhaps several or many who did the same thing? The rules on sperm donors became stricter in 1990. Read the details here.

  • kathleen

    How disgusting! How many will meet and fall in love? Creepy.

  • Weren’t the poor people on that island already inbred enough?

  • Oops!!!

    Isn’t there something called ethics anymore?

  • And how many Bertold Wiesners were pulling this same disgusting game around the world? Perhaps it explains the dumbing down of the Western culture!