Azinger Zinger: Tiger Woods Acted Like the South End Half of a North Bound Mule: Kicked Chunked Dropped Videos

In case you didn’t hear, creepy child-man Tiger Woods kicked his club after a bad shot on the second round of the Augusta Masters over Easter weekend. He said he was “frustrated.” Said he knows fans didn’t like it. Said he didn’t like it either. Golf legend Paul Azinger said his behavior is embarrassing and Woods “acted like the south end half of a north bound mule.” Take a read of Tiger’s comments, and true to form, it’s all about Tiger. After the many years of stardom and now what should be a humbling fall from skill and grace, it’s still about him. Phil Mickelson had a disastrous shot for which there was no relief. He could have gone back to the tee box. He didn’t. He should have. He lost after a great lead. He isn’t whining. Oh, and Tiger…he hurt his toe as well.

“I certainly heard that people didn’t like me kicking the club, but I didn’t like it, either,” Woods said. “I hit it right in the bunker and it didn’t feel good on my toe either.” ~ Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Kicks Club at 2012 Augusta Masters

In the second video below, listen as one of the moderators says “Tiger has lost his game and his mind.”

1) Woods dropped his 9-iron to the ground at the 16th hole on Friday, then kicked it backward roughly 10 yards.

2) After hitting his drive on the par-5 13th into the trees, Woods chunked his driver and took a big divot out of the tee box.

3) Then on 15, Woods’ ball appeared to be tracking into the cup on a 25-foot birdie attempt, but it took a peek and went 4 feet past. A putt that used to go in for him fairly regularly, but not on this day. He dropped his putter to the ground and bent down in exasperation, arms hanging straight down. Source: ESPN

Tiger Woods Kicks Club at 2012 Masters

Paul Azinger: Tiger’s Behavior Embarrassing – Mule comment (video)

Tiger Woods Kicks His Club at the 2012 Masters (video)