Anthony Antonio Cromartie: 10 Children 8 Mothers – Jets Bail Out Cromartie to Pay Child Support to 6 Mothers

Anthony Antonio Cromartie has two children with his wife, Terricka Cason. He has ten children total, and a stepchild belonging to Cason. Ten bio-children by 8 mothers. He has custody of his first son, and was apparently a dead-beat Dad at one point, as the Jets had to bail him out with $500,000 to pay in back child support, which totals more than $3,500 per month to six of the other mothers, who are known as the “girlfriends.” It wasn’t like Cromartie didn’t have a job before the Jets. His San Diego Chargers contract paid him $13.5 MILLION over a 5 year contract.

Antonio Cromartie and Terricka Cason

The “girlfriends” have become friends, described as a ‘close tight-knit friendship,’ they ‘vent’ together and are trying to get Cromartie onboard with a reality show – maybe named something like “All Cromartie’s Children?” He has a $32 MILLION contract with the Jets, so he isn’t interested at this time. The “girlfriends” are not happy. Read more at DailyMail.

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  • Amy

    I can picture myself what kind these “girlfriends” are… they must be just money-hungry gold-diggers. And Anthony does it the right way: he doesn’t give a f@ck…

  • Kazzsandra

    I guess its a big amount of money and I am sure the girlfriends are somewhat really gold digger.. I don’t know if he can handle this..

  • Ha! What shall I say? These so called girlfriends see him as a gold-mine or are they just being too naive? 🙂

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    I guess the lesson here for the ladies is that Cromartie still has lots of room for more girlfriends under his salary cap. The lesson for men, if any, is to have tons of money if you have impulse control issues.

  • Kyla

    I am actually not familiar with this but thanks for updating us about this news..

  • nitpicking, but his name is Antonio. When questioned about is offspring, he couldn’t even name them all. Nice…..

    • Frank G, thanks for the heads up on his name. I must have been in a hurry and hit the post button. Sorry about that. I can imagine that he doesn’t know their names. Bet he doesn’t even see most of them. I have to wonder how a country survives a culture like this one. While most don’t have 10 children floating around somewhere, I bet half that many isn’t all that unusual.