Andrew Burkes Protests $9.1M Bail for Tulsa Shooters: Black Foot Soldiers Will Protect Tulsa North Side

A group of about a dozen people, perhaps led by Andrew Burkes gathered at the Tulsa County Courthouse to protest the $9.1 MILLION bail ordered separately for Jake England and Allen Watts. It is a huge bail. Neither men, each who have confessed to the shootings, are likely to have anyone willing to bail them out, but still it begs the question: Oklahoma does not require bail to be set in capital crimes, so why bother? Burkes says Tulsa’s north side has to protect itself. I don’t live on the north side, but I’m asking who is protecting “us” from “them.” “Them” being not Mr. Burkes, but the north side criminals who seem to venture everywhere across our city with unsavory thoughts and plans.

Protest at Tulsa County Courthouse over Tulsa Shooters, England and Watts

Andrew Burkes led the small group of protesters with a sign that said “Blacks are under attack, we must fight back.”

But then Burkes showed his own racism:

Burkes took it a step further when he called republican leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor confederates. “They are generals in the Confederate party which they call the Republican Party” he added. “They are generals and these are their foot soldiers they sending out to do these little jobs for them.” Listen to the audio interview here.

Burkes reportedly said ‘this is the beginning, this isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.” One in the group suggested the New Black Panthers might come to Tulsa and teach the north side how to protect themselves. Again, who is going to protect “me” from “them?” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are expected in Tulsa this weekend. They don’t give a fig about my safety.

In 2005, Blacks were 39 times more likely to commit violent crimes against Whites – or this report says 50 times more likely for a White to be a victim of a violent Black criminal(s).

While there is a nationwide gearing-up against Neighborhood Watches, walk any street on Tulsa’s north side and if you could see under shirts and in waistbands, you would find hundreds of weapons on the streets, as compared to the rest of the city. You would probably find thousands more weapons in that area than any place else in Tulsa.

Jake England, a Native American who is reported as a White man, and Allen Watts, a White man, shot 5 Blacks on Tulsa’s north side. Two men and one woman died. Two were wounded and were released from the hospital the next day.

Both men have confessed to pulling the trigger: England shot three and Watt two.

England’s father, Carl England, was fatally shot in 2010 by a man who had threatened his daughter and tried to kick in the door of her home.

The man was black, and police say Jake England may have been seeking vengeance when he and his roommate shot five black people last week. Source: ABC

The man who shot Carl England is Pernell Jefferson, a previous felon. After leaving Jake England’s sister’s home, Carl England went in search of Jefferson. He found him. They fought and Jefferson pulled a gun and shot Carl England in the chest. The jury convicted Jefferson of something and gave him 6 years in prison. Lucky for Ms. England that Jefferson was not able to kick down the door. Unlucky for Mr. England that he tried to protect his daughter. I have found nothing saying that Carl England was armed with anything more than a stick.

In the audio linked above, Burkes says the police do not want to call this “racism.” A read of the above paragraph goes a long way in explaining that hesitation. Burkes also says if this was Israel, it would be called “terrorism.” There could have been a conversation about “terrorism” in parts of Tulsa, outside of, but not exclusive from, the north side every night. But most of that crime is Black on Black or Black on White.

Having said all that, England and Watts have confessed. Unless Watts fired two shots that wounded, but did not kill, it is likely in Oklahoma that both will face the death penalty. Appropriate in this case. None of those dead today did anything to either of these men. Blessings to their families, and they will need those blessings because the north side of Tulsa is always a roiling cauldron where Black on Black crime is probably as frequent as nationwide statistics.

Every neighborhood needs their own Defending Fathers, regardless of the ethnicity. Every neighborhood needs parents to keep the kids off the streets. Every neighborhood needs parents to deny gangs control of the streets, sidewalks and school yards.

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  • It sounds like there is trouble brewing in Tulsa and people like Andrew Burkes are not helping the situation.

    • LD, The day the news broke of the shootings, I heard mixed messages. Pastors in the area were trying to calm things, but one of those pastors is also the head of the NAACP warned that there were “African american men who would not allow this to happen in their neighborhood.”

      This was a terrible crime, but all of us face similar dangers, whether by Blacks or Whites. If someone in my neighborhood said they would see to it that certain crimes didn’t happen here, the law would be on them for discrimination, or issuing threats or …

      Sharpton and Jackson never bring peace. They bring only racist divide.

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  • “African american men who would not allow this to happen in their neighborhood.”

    If there were any REAL men in the neighborhood this may not have happened at all. So called Black leaders and wannabe leaders such as Burke are always quick to blame someone else, most of the time White’s, for their plight. They fail to see that they have been re-planted on the Plantation by such fools as Jackson, Sharpton, Obama and the rest of the leftist wannabe leaders.

    They have been given excuses to use for failure, number one being Whites, number two being Republican’s.

    They have never been told the truth about the Dems and the left who, if they had their way the Black race would not even exist.(Margaret Sanger and others had plans to eliminate them) They only reason they are allowed to exist is to be slaves, not working slaves but “voting” slaves to keep the left in power.

    As with the old time plantation owners who kept “their people” happy with a new pair of shoes each fall and a new pair of pants and a shirt twice a year along with some feed sack to be made into dresses for the women folk plus some fat back and all the collards they could eat, the new plantation owners use welfare and grandiose promises of great things to keep “their people” happy.

    LBJ and his so called “Great Society” plans became the culmination of the destruction of the Black family institution. New rules were instituted that divided families, taking the man out of the house if they were not legally married regardless of the fact that the man was providing for his family. New sources of income were developed to take the place of that income by rewarding women for having children out of wedlock. Meantime Sangers Plannned Parenthood moved into the communities to provide abortions but the plan was a failure since without children and without the men who had provide for the family women kept their children thus out producing Sangers plan of extermination.

    There was and is no railing of such action within the Black community because race hustling preachers such as Sharpton and Jackson and the local wannabe’s need the folks on the “plantation” to keep their coffers filled.

    As long as the “overseers” keep giving excuses to the plantation dwellers we will continue to see the same old stuff being repeated.

    The Jackson’s, the Sharptons and the Burkes on the local level will continue their preaching of hate and fear mongering in order to keep control of the folks on the plantation.