Al Sharpton Comes to Tulsa: Sharpton to Wage War on Native American – Raise Reward for Other Tulsa Murderers?

Tulsa police apprehended the killer(s) of three Black Americans and woundings of two others, two days after the Good Friday rampage. Jake England, a Native American, and Allen Watts, White, have bail set at $9.1 MILLION each. So, Al Sharpton is coming to Tulsa to do something – to wage war against a Native American and to make certain the shootings are deemed a “hate crime,” and not the simple”revenge” for England’s father’s death by a Black convicted felon.

Tyrone Woodfork

Or perhaps central on Sharpton’s Tulsa agenda is raising reward money for the four Black men still sought in the brutal beating and rape of 85-year-old Nancy Strait, who died from her injuries, and ensuring that Tyrone Woodford, the one suspect behind bars, is charged with a “hate crime.”

Darren Price - Jerard Davis

Or, perhaps Sharpton, who may be planning to headquarter at The Full Gospel Family Outreach Church, will show remorse for the execution style killings of a young devout Christian couple on a busy Tulsa neighborhood walking trail.  Two Black men, Jerard Davis and Derrin Price (neither of which showed remorse) ambushed Ethan Nichols 21 and Crissa Horton 18 (both White) on September 18, 2011. The couple were robbed, then forced to their knees. Both were shot in the head.  No doubt Sharpton will declare the murders “hate crimes.”

Crissa Horton - Ethan Nichols

Price and Davis took Ethan’s cell phone and sent text messages to his family – all the while, their son lay dead in a park. Price showed up at the scene as police were securing the bodies of Nichols and Horton and perhaps thought he would get his 15 minutes of fame by interviewing with a news reporter on the story. Bizarre. See the video of Price at 5:55 minutes into the video below – standing just 50 yards from Nichols and Horton.

The Color of Crime – New Century Foundation – 2005:

Crime Rates:

● Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

● When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

Interracial Crime

● Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.

● Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.

● Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

● Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.

Al Sharpton will blow into Tulsa and what is referred to as “The Tulsa Race Riots of 1921” will be remembered with hot-and-high rhetoric. He will urge police and prosecutors to charge England and Watts with “hate crimes,” but the fact is, Jake England wanted revenge in the community where his father was murdered. A Black man killed his father. To date, there is no evidence that he hated Black people. There is no excuse for revenge killings, just as there is no excuse for a “hate crime” charge. God help us all.

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Darren Price on Camera – 50 yards away from the White Couple He Murdered (video)

  • That’s all we need, for that idiot to come to Tulsa. Sorry, but that’s how I feel about him.

  • This article is corrected with its time line I cant fault that. The only point that time line prove is that Tulsa have HATE crimes year round Tulsa still having issues with race and Tulsa is still divided. And yes Al brings media overload when ever he shows up. But you will be insane to believe we don’t need to address ALL crimes that have been racially motivated. All crimes listed above was just THAT

  • Is Tyrone, Sharpton’s son? Or, is Tyrone just another one of Obama’s son? Guess Trayvon and Tyrone are brother’s, huh?
    Maggie I’m surprised every morning to still have you in my feeds. It’s a nice surprise though. What I’m waiting for from you, is to be the first to read the blessed news blog of ALL news blog. THREE GUESSES!
    God Bless you, our children’s children and our country in Christ Jesus.

    • Thank you ljcarolyne!

  • You, Maggie are the best blog. #1 Thanks for all your hard work in giving due diligence to the defeat of BHO. We can expect the truth and nothing but the truth from you. Our country is in good hands with Maggie’s Notebook and all her many friends. I am grateful for the blogs that won’t let the malicious media rest.

    • ljcarolyne, thanks so much again! Wouldn’t it be nice to think bloggers might influence the elections, but I don’t know…

      • You have Maggie, all for the good. However we are facing a fraudulent vote counting election this time out of the country, of which must be stopped. Soros is at the back to that one.
        We all thought it was bad in 08, just wait, unfortunately it is going to get real nasty. These greedy MB radicals that have crept in the back door of the White House are up to no good. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall. America needs a trusting spy fly among that devious group, with a good recorder. Any Volunteers?

        • ljcarolyne, I think it’s important to volunteer to be a poll minder in your city, where and if needed. I haven’t looked into it yet, but plan to. I don’t know if I will be needed. We are more than a little vulnerable, but I have to think the GOP understands this and is making arrangements to ward it off.

          What I worry about is after the polls close and the Democrat in the room, in a heavily Democrat district votes whatever ballots are left over.

  • Sharpton does all her can to fan the flames or racial hatred. That’s what made him and Jesse Jackson very wealthy individuals. Sharpton also loves the medial attention, even more than Jackson.

    • BobF, Sharpton is about as devisive as they come. And he doesn’t sound like his mouth is quite as full of mush as Jackson does. If Jackson could enunciate, he might be dangerous.

  • carl

    You don’t think that posting “f***ing n*****” on facebook hours before the rampage implies racism?

    • carl, I think that’s how he saw Pernell Jefferson, who killed his father, and happened to be Black. Just like the New Black Panthers see Whites as pigs and honkies and all manner of ugly words, usually preceded with the f-word – even when we don’t kill their fathers.

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  • Maybe we should at least allow Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton to make their speech before we comment; since we really don’t know what they are going to say.

    • howard, Mr. Sharpton always says the same thing. Mr. Jackson? Who would know. You have to listen at least three times to understand a word he says. Once you do, it’s always the same too.

      • How true, not worth your time for any of this three ring circus.
        The devil, sharpton, & jackson. Didn’t write their name with a capital letter, because of all loss of respect.
        Be careful Maggie – when you are the poll voter volunteer, just watch your back. Yes, you are right being a poll voter volunteer is very important. Just praying Soros doesn’t get his filthy hands on a one of the votes. How is that evil as Hell Nazi criminal Soros still alive??? soros should be written with a small s.