How The Occupy Movement Chose To Remember The Holocaust And Its Victims

With an anti-Semitic cartoon of course.

From Haaretz

The Occupy Tampa movement posted an anti-Semitic cartoon on their Facebook page on Thursday, which coincided with Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The cartoon, shown below, depicted a Jewish man with a big nose and large beard driving a car with the symbol of the United Nations as the wheel and U.S. President Barack Obama’s head as the stick shift.

Within five hours the cartoon received more than 400 comments, mostly from outraged users, including many Israelis.

“Putting this on Holocaust day just makes it even more sickening than it already is,” one user said.

“This is an outrage. All OWS sympathizers must be disgusted by this vile act of hatred,” said another user.

Despite the fact that most of the commentators were furious over the cartoon, 54 people “liked” the image.

Moreover, many users made a point to stress that the page belongs to Occupy Tampa, which is not affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement, and that the movement has no official leadership so anyone can post under the “occupy” name.

However, the Occupy Tampa Facebook page has more than 25,000 followers, and has been active since September 25, the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Meanwhile on Thursday, the official Occupy Wall Street movement showed support for Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day on their Twitter page, posting a tweet that said, “We stand with our brothers & sisters who suffered in the holocaust today, & we remember those who fought back.”

“This is an outrage. All OWS sympathizers must be disgusted by this vile act of hatred,”

Is this person for real?  This is the mantra of the OWS, the left and the MSM.  All Jews are to be considered evil, money grubbing, murderers.  The moral equivalent of Nazis, in fact the new Nazis.  Remember Patricia MacCallister and her rant about how all Jews are evil and must be destroyed?  Of course she was not the only

one.  There were others.  Many others.  This is a pattern by the OWS Movement.  And a great tactic for them.  Jew Hatred is one of the best tools the left has to unite their people.  It was done with great effect by Stalin, Lenin and of course Hitler.


  • OWS is just another far left organization that is dedicated to the over-throwing of capitalism and the country as we know it. Increasingly, over the years the american left has taken aim at Jews and Israel which they see as a child of colonialism and akin to the old South Africa. The leadership of the DNC although supporting such groups as OWS politely side-steps such issues as their dislike for the Jewish state and Jews in general. They act like that hate doesn’t exist. We on the right know the truth, but its a message that’s hard to get out past the white-washers in the MSM. Thanks for your post on this Maggie.

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  • The OWS are such a degrading group of lazy stinking bastard losers. These devilish liberal pricks are not fooling anyone but their stupid selves!
    Is this the best they can do? BHO should have been the dip stick.

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  • These statements always make me upset. How could some people think that jews could be responsible for the crisis? Sometimes I really wonder how dumb some people can be…

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  • This hatred reminds me of the Mud Blood syndrome some had at Harry Potter. Sad..

  • R Davis

    I’ve been involved with Occupy, specifically on the Gulf Coast of Florida, including Tampa as well as other cities.. They removed the post and made a statement that they were hacked. They have had problems with their FB page before and do have some security issues that need to be better addressed. That, I won’t deny. But they aren’t anti-semites.

    As for being an Occupier…
    I own a home.
    I own two vehicles.
    I have a husband and three children.
    I pay taxes.
    I work hard.

    Get the facts before you lump Occupy, or any group or demographic together. The citizens of the US are individuals, not stereotypes. And we all need to work togther and stop buying into the divisiveness we are sold by political parties.

    • Every time an anti-Semitic post is written and there is an uproar the world hears the words: “We’ve been hacked!” After the 2nd time, I won’t buy it.

      You work hard, have children, own a home, etc… Do you believe in Capitalism? You sound as if you enjoy the benefits of the system, but wish it destroyed?

      Have you taken the time to sleep outside with the riff-raff or are you a “Weekend stinking pig”? Do you bathe?

      Nobody is buying your story. Sorry. You want to pay more in taxes? If so I do hope you took out your checkbook and paid YOUR FAIR SHARE! Otherwise you are teaching your children the lesson of Hypocrisy.