Window Wiz Eric Dixon Law: Free Speech Loving Americans Advertise on Rush Limbaugh

This is what’s so great about America. Two advertisers take to the airwaves during Rush Limbaugh’s program. The first ad was placed by Window Wiz in Nashville – their first radio ad in 10 years. Another is Eric Dixon an attorney. Find him at I don’t find a website I can positively identify with Window Wiz. Here are the videos.

Rush Limbaugh

Window Wiz Advertises on Rush Limbaugh (video)

Eric Dixon Advertises on Rush Limbaugh (video)

Thanks to RightScoop here  and off-topic but another interesting one here.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Now I’m smilin.. Rush says his audience has doubled.. haha.. to bad libs… lol

  • Much to the chagrin of liberals everywhere there is no evidence to suggest their effort to once again quiet conservative talk radio has succeeded. That is not to say we do not have to be vigilant in our defense of free speech but it is a victory for conservative principles.

    The bottom line of course is that liberals hold a double standard with regard to free speech or other guarantees from the Bill of Rights. They love to defend their freaks rights but work to deny those rights to anyone else. I am looking forward to another conservative victory in 2012. And i am working to make that happen rather than hoping the freaks withdraw. Going door to door raising support is a satisfying enterprise.

    Long live the republic. Liberals can kiss my grits.

    • Stanford, conservative radio has the edge (thankfully) and liberal mainstream media has the whole ciabatta. We need Obama out to restructure the FCC and get rid of the FCC diversity czar. We will likely see then try their varying versions of a fairness doctrine before the November elections. If he wins, conservative radio is in big trouble. There is a big, big push to get licenses in the hands of small minority owners.

  • D. Fred Clifton

    The EIB local ad sales goes to the local stations. Rush/PRN/Clear Channel/Bain Capital don’t get this money. Face it, Rush stepped on his penis and stepped on it again and again afterwards. All that Oxy must of made it numb.

    Dennis Miller will bring you all the conservative info you need without all the hate. Dennis Miller, now with less Breibart!

    • D. Fred Clifton, well I love Dennis Miller but he’s isn’t available often. I love Rush, loved and still love Breitbart. One thing Rush did is expose the depth of the hypocrisy of of Obama and Maher. And he wasn’t wrong about what Fluke was advocating for.