Virginia: Liberty Middle School Assignment Teacher Michael Denman: Find GOP Weaknesses – Send It To Obama

Liberty Middle School eighth graders in Fairfax County, Virginia were assigned opposition research, specifically looking for weaknesses of Republican candidates, and then they were to send their research to the Obama administration. The teacher, Michael Denman, did not assigne research on Barack Obama. The school district policy does not allow teachers to engage student in political campaigns.


[DailyCaller]“This assignment was just creepy beyond belief — like something out of East Germany during the Cold War,” one frustrated father, who asked for his family to remain anonymous, told The Daily Caller.

The assignment was for students to research the backgrounds and positions of each of the GOP candidates for president and find “weaknesses” in them, the parent explained. From there, students were to prepare a strategy paper to exploit those weaknesses and then to send their suggestions to the Obama campaign.

In hopes of bringing this to the attention of other public school teachers, this father just wants one thing clear: “Leave politics out of the classroom,” he said. “Present a balanced viewpoint, teaching children to listen to all sides and think for themselves.”

Parents were paying attention in this very Liberal area. The school received multiple phone calls protesting the way the assignment was made.

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  • I don’t care how hard you try, Maggie, you can’t surprise me.

    • Diane

      I am so tired of people jumping to conclusions without getting the facts straight. That parent should have gone directly to the school and the teacher and not to the newspaper to get the facts.. I am so tired of things being twisted and people being unjustly accused.

      • Diane, is the story that Denman did not make this assignment? What about this story is “twisted?”

  • This makes sense. The eighth-graders are probably about as capable of independent research and critical thinking as the President’s entourage.

  • The liberal indoctrination of our children must stop! This teacher should be reprimanded in some way. This father has every right to be upset. His request is very reasonable, especially since the school district doesn’t allow teachers to engage students in political campaigns.

  • Mr.Denman Is a good teacher and no one actually has seen him as a teacher except for us the students. Although Mr.Denman gave us this assignment he didn’t mean it in that way. He himself said that he would never want to “force” his opinion on us since the beginning of the year. He has always told us to make your judgments and that’s what we do. In no way Mr.Denman expected to make us want Obama win. Just because it came off in the wrong way dosent mean that we would ever follow his decision and try to help Obama. Mr.Denman meant to say send it to a certain candidate that you want to help win just because he said it the wrong way dosent mean people have to through a fit about it.

    • Riley, thank you for stopping by. I am impressed by any student respectful about their teachers. I wish teachers with a more conservative bent would be treated the same, but they are not. Not specifically by the students, but by the administration. Believe me, had he flipped this around and given the assignment to investigate the President, you would have seen Mr. Denman’s peers calling for his dismissal immediately, with the Union backing them.

      Conservatives are fed-up with it. We have a generation with no back ground in civics, and another in the works.

      Your area is very, very Liberal. If Mr. Denman did not have an agenda, he would have assigned students to do opposition research on both sides. It’s very simple.

      Mr. Denman did not say it wrong, he assigned it wrong and did so purposefully. Riley, it’s a good thing to look up to teachers. Many children do not. My wish for you is that you always have teachers deserving of your respect.

  • Mrs. Waller, my red headed, smelly 6th grade teacher, back in the 50s at Holladay Elementry school and 6th grade, was the best teacher I ever had. She made us read headlines from the news paper that she taught us, to be skeptical of anything you read. It taught me to be aware and to use my common sense when I hear the news or read it. I’ve had almost 60 years of using my brain and not my heart when it comes to the news.
    Teachers today are nothing more than an branch of the Democratic Party. Very sad, that even if we defeat Obama, we still have kids being indoctrinated by socialists.
    I fear for our future beyond my own life.


    Phone number & address for: Liberty Middle School6801 Union Mill Road Clifton, Virginia 20124
    (703) 988-8100 I am on the phone with the school right now. I was given another number to voice my concerns: Joe Torrie at 571-423-1208. We will see about this matter, yes we will. Calling now. Well of course a recording. They won’t get rid of me that easy. This Micheal Denman should be given leave without pay, among other things.
    I will be relentless in this matter.

  • I left THE MIDDLE SCHOOL a message complaint to Joe Torrie a message telling them to call me back, that this should not have happened in our American Schools. This has to stop, NOW. I left my phone number. If I don’t hear back, guess what? That department will be hearing from me again and so will Micheal Denman. I will not be kind.