Vermont Voter Fraud: No Requirement to Be a Living Breathing Human to Cast a Vote in Vermont

Apparently, there is no requirement that voter rolls be purged of deceased voters. How about persons no longer eligible to vote in a particular district? Or people who have moved out of the state of Vermont?  Note that Vermont does not require an I.D. to vote. But…they also do not require a voter to be a real living person. The video below contrasts what is required to get a drink in a bar in Vermont and how easy it is to cast an illegal ballot in Vermont. For a list of states requiring voter I.D., or not,  read here. Many thanks to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas for their diligence and the video. See the Project Veritas examination of New Hampshire here.

In my state of Oklahoma, we have new requirements for showing voter I.D. The only time a photo is not required is when you have a State Voter Registration I.D. When I voted on Super Tuesday, I could see the woman check my photo with my face and then she checked my signature.

There is a reason why a person who might be underage cannot get a drink in a bar, and that reason is, the bar owner can spend a great deal of time behind bars if caught selling alcohol to minors, for a variety of reasons. But not so with those entrusted with handing out ballots and getting the ballots assembled for counting, whatever that procedure may be in an particular state. There are few penalties for those in charge – for those who know that a ballot is illegal. Few are ever penalized. Since your vote is your most sacred right (you can worship in private if you must, but you cannot vote in private), we need our states to take a good luck at their voting procedures and do the right thing.


Vermont Voter Fraud – Project Veritas (video)

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