Texas for Daniel Miller: State Legislatures Need Conservatives Too

I admit that I am not as familiar with my own State’s legislature and I am with Capitol Hill. Oklahoma is a generally a red state – in fact, we are the reddest state, and I don’t always pay attention, but I should, and I’m promising right here and now to do so. But my friend MindNumbedRobot, a proud Texan, is paying attention in his generally Republican State, and sees an opportunity to put a true Conservative into the Texas House, where Liberal termites have been gnawing away for years. Daniel Miller is running for the Texas District 21 seat, held by Democrat Allen Ritter…until Ritter decided to turn Republican. MindNumbedRobot tells the story in a great way, so here it is:

“Remember The Alamo!”

This battle cry fueled the Texans victory against tyranny at San Jacinto.

The spirit of the Alamo lives on as we fight against a modern day government growing ever larger and hindering our freedom and prosperity. ~ Daniel Miller – Conservative candidate for Texas House of Representatives, D21

In 1836 a small number of Texicans and their like minded brethren drew a line in the sand around an old mission. They defiantly dared Santa Anna to cross it, and as a result, gave their lives so that Texas might be born.  Those Texas heroes refused to back down to tyrannical rule.

It’s our turn to honor their sacrifice.

Like Santa Anna, our federal government is lobbing liberty killing mortars across the mission walls and like Colonel Travis and the Texicans defending the Alamo, we need to load our cannons with that unexploded ordinance.

We also need reinforcements, lots and lots of reinforcements, thus the reason for the 1836 MoneyBomb: To help Conservative Republican Daniel Miller unseat an entrenched Liberal incumbent.

Many Americans take for granted Texas is a Republican state. I’m here to warn you that, like the national Republican Party, the Progressive termites have also been busy in the Texas legislature and they are both in dire need of fumigation. For proof, one need look no further than the Progressive States Network or The Texas Truth Team or our own RINO Republican TX House Speaker, Joe Straus.

In order to remove Straus as Texas Speaker and regain an effective conservative majority, we need more conservatives fighting in the trenches. It’s that simple.

One such man is Daniel Miller. A Constitutional Conservative and true lover of Texas who will defend the rights of Texans in honor of the Texicans before him.

Continue reading at MindNumbed Robot.  Visit Miller’s website here – please donate if you can, volunteer if you can. 

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  • Thanks for your help getting the word out, Maggie! And thanks for being a great friend. ~ ‘bot