Steven Landsburg Professor: Sandra Fluke Position Deserves No Respect: Professor Protested by Students for Criticizing Sandra Fluke

Steve Landsburg is an Economics Professor at the University of Rochester. He was “denounced” by his University for criticizing Sandra Fluke’s  position on free contraception, and said while she personally deserves respect, her “position” does not.

Steve Landsburg

“Everyone deserves respect, but some people are not interested in discussing their ideas, or possibly examining a different side,” said Landsburg, a bestselling author and professor of economics at the University of Rochester. “Fluke clearly has no desire to do this.” ~ Steve Landsburg

The College Fix:

His opinion sparked controversy at the University of Rochester. Student protesters entered Landsburg’s mid-afternoon lecture and formed a line, shoulder-to-shoulder, between him and the class. Landsburg continued to lecture. The students distributed fliers that read: “We denounce professor Steven Landsburg’s attempt to smear a gender with derogatory terms.”

UR president Joel Seligman wrote an e-mail to faculty and staff that said he was “outraged that any professor would demean a student in this fashion.”

Landsburg found these criticisms to be absurd.

“Free speech isn’t the issue here,” he said. “Nobody, myself included, tried to stifle her speech.”

In fact, if anyone had stifled speech, it was the student protesters.

“I’m very disappointed in the growing trend of students and others unwilling to engage in meaningful discussion,” he said…

“When the issue is about you paying for the lifestyle of someone else, this is the question we must be asking,” he said.

We have no true Economists among Democrats, so no surprise Fluke’s supporters always get it wrong. Landsburg is an author and public speaker. View his blog, The Big Question, here.

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