Shep Smith on Breitbart ACORN Videos: “Appeared” to show Prostituting 13-Year-old Smuggled Girls

Did you hear Shep Smith talking about Andrew Breitbart tonight?  I don’t have the entire quote but I do have the word he used which was “appeared.” Speaking of the ACORN videos, Smith said they “appeared” to show impropriety or illegal activities or something of that nature. Maybe Shep has forgotten what these numerous videos, filmed in ACORN offices across the U.S. showed. They showed a pimp and a prostitute seeking advice on how to run their business, which was prostituting 13-year-old girls smuggled in from other countries. There was no way to misinterpret what you were seeing and hearing from different, unassociated personnel in ACORN offices. Not one of the employees were concerned about the little girls. No one called police to investigate the pimp and the prostitute. See Shep, that’s why ACORN dropped their multi-million dollar lawsuit against filmmakers James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles. How about just saying the videos exposed ACORN for aiding the prostitution of children. That works and it’s honest.

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  • Ran

    NO. Sorry. The vaguely male Shep forgot nothing.

    The torch is passed to us, Liberty Belle. Keep burning! Be well.

    Reminds me, I’m a little behind in my prayers.

  • Maggie.. Shep is a flaming liberal. I lost respect for him and his reporting long ago. He was saying things, I knew were lies, and that was it for me.. Fair and Balanced.. They do have libs and conservatives and libertarians. So fair, not always, but balanced.. you bet. You listen and you learn. I stopped listening to Shep after Catrina..

  • I can’t stand Shep. Every time I forget why, he reminds me. Lib to the core.

  • Carlos

    You should correct your assertion that “no one called the police”

    In fact, in at least two cases, ACORN staffers did call the police to report Breitbart’s people.

    • Carlos, I’ll see if I can find that, and if so I’ll make the correction. I remember one calling police, but not to report the prostitution of young girls.

  • That doesn’t surprise me in the least. Shemp knows very
    little about politics, except for his bromance with Blago
    when he was awaiting sentencing. Fox really should make
    him their “Girl in Hollywood”.

  • Geo

    Over the last several years, Shep has become very opinionated. There was a time when he played everything straight down the middle. Not so ever since Katrina and his reporting from New Orleans. Since then he has morphed into a lame stream, ordinary lib reporter [they’ll give us their opinion, whether we want it or not].

    He has lurched left and instead of reporting the news as he had in the past, he regularly injects his personal opinions [which are usually more wrong than right].

    Time has come for Ailes to decide either move Shep to prime time or put him on waivers to MsPmsDncTv. Where he would better fit in. As is the case with the hosts over there, he has become unwatchable. But, this all seems like it’s all part of the “big move” left that Fox has decided to make.

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