Second Mississippi Univ Student Dead: Nolan Ryan Henderson Shot Dead Jackson State Univ

Early yesterday morning a second Mississippi college freshman was shot dead. Ryan Nolan Henderson III, 19, was a student at Jackson State University.  He was shot in the face at an off campus apartment pool party in Jackson, Mississippi, within walking distance of the school. Henderson died from his wound, believed to be a single shot. There is little information on the Henderson shooting. The apartment management reportedly posted a notice that the shooting was “accidental.”  No suspects mentioned.  Read more at Clarion Ledger SEE UPDATES BELOW.

Nolan Ryan Henderson - Facebook Tribute

Nolan Ryan Henderson

Photo Credit (second) ClarionLedger

Mr. Henderson was from Atlanta. He lived in Alexander Hall on the JSU campus. His death comes just hours after a Mississippi State University student, John Sanderson 21, was shot and died from his wounds in a dormitory on Saturday night. In that shooting, three suspects fled the scene. Read that story here.

UPDATE 5 pm CDT 3-26-12: Still little information available, but Nolan’s grandmother said the father was told that Nolan “bumped into someone” at the pool party, apologized and a fight began and then he was shot. More when news is available.

UPDATE 3-27-12: Ryan Henderson’s family is speaking out. There are still no suspects or motive. See the update here.

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