Sarah Palin: Obama’s Apology to Savages – Stay Focused – Give Troops Commander in Chief They Deserve

Last night on Greta’s On the Record, Sarah Palin was asked about Alaskan voters and the coming caucuses on SuperTuesday. She thinks Alaskans will not think highly of Obama’s “naive apology to savages” in Afghanistan, and says we must stay focused and “give the troops a Commander-in-Chief they deserve.” I differ in only one way – I don’t believe the apologies are naive. I believe they were carefully crafted to support Muslims in what he sees as heinous acts – burning the Koran. I don’t know whether Obama thought his apologies would actually “calm,” things, which they clearly have not, despite his bold lies that they have. Would he purposefully bring down wrath on our soldiers? No one knows any better than he, having had two Muslim fathers and a Muslim grandfather, just how irrational the Muslim mind is.

Sarah Palin

“Up here we recognize what our men and women in uniform sacrifice for all of us to keep us safe and secure. At this point we are watching Obama with his naive apologies to savages in Afghanistan who turn around and kill our soldiers…we look at that and we say anybody but Obama…we are trying to remind these candidates, stay focused on the main thing, and that is get a Commander-in-Chief who our troops deserve.” ~ Sarah Palin

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