Sandra Fluke: Georgetown Law Women Need $3000 for Birth Control? See the Real Cost Video

Sandra Fluke, a law student at Georgetown Law School ‘testified’ before the Democrat Steering and Policy Committee (incredible in itself) about the problems of Georgetown Law women who are forced to buy their own birth control. She says she and others like her need $3000 for three years in school to have necessary birth control on hand. Planned Parenthood says birth control pills cost between $15 and $30 monthly. You need only one birth control pill for as much sex as you want to have in any given day, assuming you remember to take the pill. At $50 a month, that’s $600 a year, or $1800 for three years, so what is $3000 paying for? That’s a thousand dollars a year for birth control! There is no free birth control. Someone has to pay for it. No, insurance companies will not provide it free, even if Obama tells you they are mandated to do so. Insurance premiums will rise for everyone. There is no free birth control.

UPDATE 3-2-12 3:25 PM CDT: Welcome Daily Kos readers freeloaders. To clarify, Fluke claims it costs her friends (not her of course) $3000 for three years in Law School to have the birth control they want. It’s her claim, not mine, not Rush’s: no one but Fluke came up with $3000 (and she did it infront of Congress, silly girl) That’s why she is a joke today.

UPDATE 3-2-12 1:08 PM CDT: Obama, our president who doesn’t want his daughters “punished” by pregnancy, and specifically by the baby that comes after, has telephoned Ms. Fluke, just to make sure she is OKAY. He supports her, you see, even though she baldly lied. Really, no one accepts that contraception costs $3000, even over a three year period. Fluke went to Congress and testified, and lied – a very public and high-profile move. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney quotes Obama, saying the conversation surrounding Fluke’s testimony, and some that are saying she is a “slut” and a “prostitute”  is “reprehensible” and “disappointing.” Well, for most of us, $3000 needed for birth control over a 3-year period is fairly slutty.

Sandra Fluke - Georgetown Law Public Interest Scholarship Student

Rush Limbaugh’s excellence in research, found that using CVC Pharmacy’s online condom ordering, including shipping, will cost Georgetown women $953 for 3-years at Georgetown. I checked it out myself, and found that condoms cost an average of $1.15 each with free shipping: $1.15 X 31 days totals $35.65 per month for sex once a day, every day of the month. That’s less than $1300 dollars for 3 years of law school. Or birth control pills, at the most: $1800 for three years of fun, as much fun as you want. Sandra can have protected sex twice a day with about $500 left over to enjoy…in some way. No Sandra, if you stick to once a day, you’ll have more than half your summer salary sitting in the bank. Good grief! What have we become?

Ms. Fluke, attending a Catholic university, says she is a past president of Law School Reproductive Justice (LSRJ). Current LSRJ members were in the House chambers with her.

The following is part of the testimony you’ll hear in the video below – all text in brackets [] is mine:

I attend a Jesuit law school that does not provide contraceptive coverage in its Student Health Plan. Just as we students have faced financial, emotional and medical burdens as a result, employees at religiously affiliated hospitals and institutions and universities across the country have suffered similar burdens…

When I look around my campus, I see the faces of the women affected by this lack of contraceptive coverage, and especially in the last week I have heard more and more of their stories. On a daily basis I hear yet another woman from Georgetown or another school or who works for a religiously-based employer and they tell me they have suffered financially, emotionally and medically because of this lack of coverage…

Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know [speaking directly to Nancy Pelosi] can cost a women over $3000 during law school. For a lot of students, who like me are on public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer salary. Forty percent of the female students at Georgetown Law School reported to us that they struggle financially as a result of this policy.

One told us how she was embarassed and just powerless she felt when she was standing at the pharmacy counter and learned that, for the first time, contraception was not covered on her insurance, and she had to turn and walk away, because she couldn’t afford that prescription.

Women like her have no choice but to go without contraception [how about going to the condom aisle?].

Just last week, a married student told me that she had to stop using contraception because she and her husband just couldn’t fit it into their budget anymore [and apparently refused to fit it into a condom as well].

Women employed in low wage jobs without contraceptive coverage face the same choice.

Some might respond that contraception is available in lots of other ways. Unfortunantely, that’s just not true. Women’s health clinics provide a vital service, but as the Gutmacher Institute has definitively documented, these clinics are unable to meet the crushing demand for these services. Clinics are closing and women are being forced to without the medical care they need [but going ‘without’ nothing else – cell phones, cable service, diet drinks, Starbucks…].

Take a look at Ms. Fluke, without knowing, you would guess she’s Liberal. They all have an identifiable Liberal look in their eye. Can a woman get ditsy-ier than Sandra Fluke? UPDATE: A caller on Rush says his girlfriend buys her birth control pills at Wal-Mart for $5 a month.

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Sandra Fluke Georgetown Law School Needs $3000 a year for Birth Control (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • $3000 a year for BC? Get real! Either she is getting ripped off, she is lying, or she is a hooker and then that is a business expense.

    It costs my daughter $20 a month for her pills until her insurance kicked in. Then it is $0.

    • findalis, don’t you know Mom and Dad are so proud. We need to review “public interest” scholarships. Not much studying on, but then grades don’t really matter.

      • Ankhorite

        When did you go to Georgetown Law? Cuz you sound like you’ve never set foot there.

        Oh, and here’s Fluke’s biography. She has given her entire adult life to stopping domestic violence and international human trafficking in women and children for purposes of prostitution. At thirty years old, she has already accomplished more good works than most people will ever attempt in a lifetime:

    • Armin

      The extent of sense of entitlement of liberals is now way over the top.
      Give me a break, Sandra Fluke wants me and other taxpayers to pay for her having protected sex. If I want to go to the movies and see a comedy so that I can feel better and treat others better, I dont expect you to pay for my going to the theater, or for my popcorn or coke, either.
      Its unbelievable,

      • Armin, Libs are on a roll. We won’t turn this agenda around. Once it has become part of the narrative they won’t stop, even if we take Congress and the White House. We already pay for coke for a lot of people through food stamps.

      • Ankhorite

        Not tax money at all.

        The Georgetown student insurance program is paid for 100% by the students.

  • She probably went to a few pharmacies, got the quotes and cited the highest price. Or else she’s talking through her behind.

    • edge of the sandbox, I think it’s the latter of your options. You can bet she knows the price of birth control pills. I think she was handpicked.

  • TJRJ

    Maggie – This is the first time seeing your website. Absolutely love your article. I will read more

  • Joyce

    There is also another option. These people can go to a non catholic school. Instead they want to change the Religous School’s policy to suit them. If you don’t want to follow the rules of the institution then you make them change the rules so you can have more sex. She is not on her dime paying for school and now she wants her birth control paid for too.

    • Joyce, you are right, and it appears she sought out Georgetown because she could begin this protest from there.

    • Ankhorite

      Georgetown Law pays for insurance coverage which covers contraception for all employees.

      Georgetown Law offers STUDENT insurance which the students pay for themselves (not the government, as Limbaugh pretends) and which does NOT offer contraceptive coverage — though it pays for Viagra and vasectomies.

      Georgetown Med is a research hospital which REQUIRES women participating in testing new drugs to agree — in writing — that they will use contraception during the length of the drug trial, in order to protect the school from liability if the fetus dies or a child is born disabled or dying.

      So — that’s the religious school you’re talking about. They not only pay for contraceptive coverage, they REQUIRE it for women volunteering for medical research.

      You can call Georgetown’s public relations office and ask about this. They’ll admit it. Or google it — many reporters have covered it.

  • Realist

    This comment removed by blogowner.

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  • Ankhorite

    Juicy Lee, you are introducing a fact into a thread which is based on fantasy and ignorance. Shame on you! Spoilsport! Buzzkill!

    But yeah, you’re right, that’s what the meds can cost if you have no insurance, not to mention paying for the doc’s visit out of your own pocket. And not to mention that some pills are more costly than others, and YOU don’t choose — your doctor does, based on her/his knowledge of what strength you need.

    Someone here suggested everyone switch to condoms instead. That won’t do any good for the women with cancer, endometriosis, luteal cysts, or any of several other conditions which require the daily dose of hormones which the oral contraceptives provide.

    But oh, silly me, here I am repeating your error and introducing actual FACTS to the thread. Tch!

    • Try these facts:

      Planned Parenthood charges very little for the doctor’s examination and pills through them costs $40 a month. I know since my daughter used them for years.

      Your local Health Department will give you a free exam and the most pills cost through them is $20 a month. I called and asked.

      There are many clinics that work on a sliding scale. $0 to $20 a month for pills.

      Conditions that need to use pills for treatment are covered by health care. Especially by those Churches that don’t cover them for bc reasons. It is part of promoting conception. I think you should ask health care providers that fact before you show yourself to be nothing more than a bigoted idiot.

      • Ankhorite

        How lucky your daughter is to A, live near a Planned Parenthood, and B, have that kind of money to spend, and C, have a prescription for pills that cost only that much.

        Your final paragraph is 100% wrong. Read Fluke’s testimony. Her friend was trying to get approval since her need was for cysts, not birth control. They diddled her around until she was in serious medical trouble, and then, instead of pills, she needed surgery to have her ovary removed.

        You say MY local health department offers pills? Nope, it doesn’t. I’m happy for you that yours does, but not every county can afford to provide care, particularly timely care for a woman with a cancer or cyst.

        Also, there is no reason that working women should be forced to rely on charity care. Health care is part of our compensation package. Providing Viagra and vasectomies for men, but discriminating against medications used by women, because their BOSS thinks they shouldn’t have it, is unjust.

        Read before you type, Findalis. And if you are old enough to have a daughter on birth control, you should be old enough to check your facts and argue like a grown-up. Grow up. For the sake of your daughter, open your eyes and grow up.

        I’ve given you all the time I can. Good luck.

        • You do know that Sandra Fluke (Pronounced Fluck) is a liar.:

          1. She is 30 not 23.
          2. She is not on any Birth Control.
          3. She is a Lesbian.

          Funny how those lies never make it into the MSM.

          80% of Health Departments give out free BC. You must live in a rural area.

          You can go to PP once to get the prescription, then take it to a pharmacy. Walmart’s prices are usually the best. Check around it will cost you less than $20 a month.

          Get a check up and ask your doctor about bc. Don’t be shy. Check your options. Then get the prescription and do the above.

          It is you who believes that government should give us everything from cradle to grave.

      • Nancy

        Part of what Ms. Fluke was testifying about was classmates who needed BCP for medical reason but were denied by the carrier. A major problem with denying contraceptive coverage and counting on medical exemptions is that the emplyers/carriers often refuse to allow the exemption, either claiming the women are lying about their symptoms or just diddling around with the claim and refusing to give an answer.

        Things may have changed since then, but I knew two women who were told (by two different priests) that they could not receive communion in the Catholic church because they took BCP for medical reasons (one to preserve her fertility — she was 15 and already had lost one ovary to PCOS — and the other a married woman who had 8 pregnancies, 4 live births, who had been told by her OBGYN to take BCP because another pregnancy literally would kill her).

        So last I knew, the same religions who don’t want contraception covered because they don’t believe in sex without procreation also don’t believe in contraception to preserve fertility — or life, for that matter.

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  • marian

    Ankhorite, you moron! Obviously you have never been to med school;I have. You probably aren’t female either. BCPs are NOT a panacea for every female ailment;certainly NOT cancer [they accelerate some breast cancers with hormone receptors]. But they are an easy scrip to write, for primary care docs who don’t want to treat women like individuals. A clueless campus health MD prescibed BCPs for my cystic acne:a dermatologist told me it was like pouring gasoline on a fire! Thanks to lazy members of my profession, now there is a whole generation believing women should be on some kind of hormone pills from puberty to the grave. THAT is sexism of the very worst kind!

  • Nancy

    The price of BCP can be as high as $100.00 per month (or more). It depends on the formulation you are prescribed, which is a function of a number of factors.

    It also depends in part on whether you are self-pay or whether the BCP are covered by insurance.

    So while some women may be able to get BCP more cheaply, there are others who will not be able to. Check out and look at the BCP prices (the ‘ortho’ drugs in particular) there if you don’t believe me. And local drugstores may charge more than this.

    • The price of BCP can be as high as $100.00 per month (or more). It depends on the formulation you are prescribed, which is a function of a number of factors.

      Where? Beverly Hills? BCP is NOT used for cancer patients. It can be used for fertility problems, but the other drugs involved are one shot drugs. Not a daily basis. My niece has this problem.

      When you get your prescription check around the price. You can find cheap bcp but you have to check the prices.

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