Ryan Henderson Death Coverup? JSU Football Players Involved in Shooting Death of Nolan Ryan Henderson?

Jackson State University (JSU) Freshman, Nolan Ryan Henderson was shot at an apartment pool party in the early hours of Sunday morning. He died on the scene. There has been little information about the suspects. His family believes Police and/or University officials are “hushing-up” suspects because they are on the JSU football team, or are headed to the draft. Ryan Henderson’s brother Damien, says his brother was shot three times and “chased down,” before he died. The mother, Sanya Henderson said her son allegedly bumped into someone, apologized, then was beaten, shot in the face and killed at The Palisades apartments. No suspects have been named and no motive has been released.

UPDATE: 3-29-12: Police have arrested Ryan Henderson’s cousin, Jarrod Emerson, 25 yrs. old, in the shooting death of Henderson.

Police said Henderson was reportedly in a fight with several JSU football players. Emerson told investigators that Henderson called and asked him to come over because he’d been assaulted.

Emerson and Henderson went back to the apartment complex and confronted the football players, according to police.

Officials said Emerson allegedly pulled out his gun and fired several shots. Henderson was shot as the crowd scattered; ballistics tests found that the bullet from his body matched Emerson’s gun. Source: 11alive


Nolan Ryan Henderson - Facebook Tribute


Several Jackson State players did not comment when reached. But it’s clear that football players gathered for a pool-side barbecue Saturday at the Palisades in celebration of out-going football players, according messages posted on Twitter, a popular social networking site…

Sanya Henderson’s appearance on WJTV Monday night, calling out the football players as “cowards” who beat up her son, created a firestorm on Twitter. JSU students and fans split — some defending the football team and using the hashtag #JusticeForJSUfootball, while others criticized players and used #JusticeForRyan.


Damien Henderson said the football team was to blame for his brother’s death.

“And if they aren’t (responsible), then they know who did it. They’re the ones that shot my brother three times, and chased him down in his last hours,” he said.

Police say it is important to take their time and get the investigation right.

The WAPT report says the party was “thrown for a JSU football player headed to the draft.” The family with the number of persons on the scene, somebody knows who killed Ryan. My original report on Henderson’s death is here.

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Ryan Henderson’s Mother on the Death of Her Son (video)

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  • Tommy

    A very sad story. A guy who wanted to play his way to earn a college education and a possible bright future in pros ends up in bad way.

    I am praying for the speedy solving of the crime.

  • AizaMarie

    I was really shocked about this news…He is very young to encounter this death…I think a lot of people should be aware with this especially the young ones…

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Where is Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton? Where are the Neo-black panthers? Where is the $10,000 reward? This kid looks like he could be Obama’s son. Where are the race baiting pimps when you really need them?

    • GoneWithTheWind, Henderson was involved in a fight at the party with football players. Apparently he left but came back with his cousin. His cousin pulled out a gun and shot into the crowd, accidentally hitting Henderson. Unbelievable. Jackson and Sharpton never talk about Black on Black crime.

  • cain

    i actually attend jsu and there’s been updated information. his cousin made a mistake and did it. oh yea by the way…dont hate Obama because he made a very honorable statement…would it have been better if he said hey my mother looks like a member of the klan you think that’ll stop them from killing himI or his dad

    • cain, nothing honorable about Obama’s statement. He didn’t need to make an issue of race out it.

  • cain

    have you ever considered the fact that obama can identify with trayvon martin? he has two daughters. one near trayvon’s age. or the fact that his son might play sports and wear athletic appareal like a sweat suit or hoody and watch the all-star game also. so simple how people take a statement as such and depict the negative …oh yea apparently like being black huh maggie. and maybe because your not

    • cain, as I said, grow up for gosh’s sake. Obama can’t identify with any child killed? No one but a Black child? That was my point. He doesn’t. No, I’m not Black, but you don’t have the franchise on wearing hoodies, sweat suits or watching an all-star game. Let the law work and see what happens. In the meantime, get some outrage about killing your own – Black on Black crime is horrible and your population is dwindling due to abortion. Think about it. Blacks are already angry that Hispanics are outpacing the Black population. Really. Think about it.

      • Ace

        Ever heard Of Willie Lynch. That comment was the 21st century all time Willie lynch speech. You’re trying to turn people of similar calibers against each other. Straight Willie Lynch.

  • cain

    black that you wouldn’t.know what goes on in the black community to try and uplift the commumities. where was bush or other caucasian figures when a black kid was hung two years ago in mississippi. idk but sharpton sure was. all in all everybody is accountable for there own sins lets nots make this an ongoing arguemnt let listen to obama and work together to make this country better

    • cain, first I want to point out that you have addressed none the points I made when I addressed the points you made.

      second, we can go tit-for tat. How about the very young White boy set on fire in Kansas City, simply because he was White? None of this would have ever come up without Obama’s comment. Trayvon is a young man who lost his life. All kids who are murdered are kids, not Black kids, not White kids.

      third, I see many trying to uplift the Black Community, who are Black and who you would not give the time of day too: Dr. Alveta King, Herman Cain, Justice Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell and so many not so well known. People I agree with, and who want the hate to stop.

      No more conversation with you until you address my first comment to you.

      • Cain

        That’s the most racist thing I’ve heard you say yet. Blacks are angry at Hispanics dwindling race? Where’s your proof? This and you are ridiculous. Let’s count all the babies killed when abortions were shun upon and what ethnicity were they. What’s your ethnicity? You must be Hispanic cause I’m feeling a little hate going on according to you. Black panther movement…not promoting it nor the klan. You might need a black friend so you can get some enlightenment. Feel free to hit me so you can get hip to it. God bless

        • Cain

          #hit me up so you can get hip to it