Russia: Putin and Churov Monitor US Elections or…Remember Those 7 Oil Rich Alaskan Islands?

A Voice of America article today reports that Russia’s head of Elections, Vladimir Churov (who was also a Putin aid in the past) will monitor U.S. elections in November 2012. The author, Jim Brooke, quotes Churov saying there is not  “a more open, fair, transparent presidential campaign” than Putin’s and in a flashback, Churov became famous for saying his “first rule is: Putin is always right.” Remember the “7 oil rich Alaska island giveaway” that grabbed a lot of interest in February? The puzzling treaty signed by the U.S. but never signed by Russia? Rumored that Obama is seeking that signature now? Apparently, those islands are a source of great angst in the Motherland and Brooke suggest monitoring the elections is great cover for monitoring the islands (military-political monitoring?).

Copper Island

He [Churov] has announced that he will lead a Russian government project to monitor the 2012 American presidential campaign and the November 6 presidential election. He vows “detailed” monitoring and promises to find “flaws.”

Curiously, at the same press conference, he told reporters that many international election observer groups have “transformed into the collection of political, or even military-political information.” He warned: “Observers have a keen wish for entering border units, nuclear and missile centers and so on. The number of such people is growing.”

About the islands: Copper Island is the point of biggest controversy for Alaskans. See it on the map above and on the two articles linked below. The first article linked below explains when and how the Treaty originated, and why Russia has never signed it, yet control remains in Russia’s hands. Alaska says they were never consulted, tried to stop the treaty, and are unhappy about fishing rights. The second article linked was the first, and was written before all the details were known. The bottom line is this:

What we learn from this story is that a Secretary of State can engineer giving away sovereign land with no input from the U.S. Congress or the state holding ownership. The other side is, if the co-ordinates of the 1867 Treaty referring to the “western” and “eastern” boundaries clearly put all of the disputed islands on the Russian side, that’s a problem for the U.S. But then…apparently the style of map used can make a difference and the maps are no where to be found, and the style of map is not named. AND there are the explorers who claimed these islands for the U.S. AND Russia has not ratified. AND how about the  unconfirmed ‘rumors’ that the Obama administration is working to get Russia’s signature on the 1990 Agreement? One last question: if the 1867 Treaty set out the boundaries, why did we need the 1990 Agreement?

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Reports that Jimmy Carter will host Churov are unconfirmed at this time. Read the Voice of American article here.

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