Rule 5 Worthy: Isn’t It Embarassing When You Have a Kid and Your Dreams Go Right Out the Window? Jesse Watters Spring Break Tape

The Factor’s Jesse Watters went to Panama Beach for Spring Break and asked some questions about the economy. This is Rule 5 Worthy. Listen to the cut-aways between the beach babes.Here’s a preview: Watters: what’s the unemployment rate? Beach Babe: I know. 99% Enjoy! Oh! And the girls mix up their “Bills.”

If the video disappears or will not play, view it here.

Jesse Watters on the Beach at Spring Break 2012 in Panama City (video)

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  • Jesse is the best.. I could watch his videos.. all day.. especially if they are at spring break.. lol

  • Too bad they didn’t interview any local spring breakers. P.C. is actually a really conservative area.

  • Geo

    Maggie, your headline for the thread is “PRICELESS”! Anyone can imagine Moms & Pops sitting at home, watching that and sinking into the couch.

    Just think, they get to cancell our vote.

  • I was pleasantly surprised. Most of these kids gave DuhWon poor grades.

    • woodsterman, that’s what I said to hubby. They gave him (at least the girls) a D, D- or D+ on everything. Then the one little beach babe, when asked about Obama’s overall performance, said he’s so wussy. He let’s the Republicans run over him in Congress. That was embarrassing, since nothing or any worth has been passed during his term. Maybe daddy will her set her straight. But overall, this was the best I’ve seen of these Spring Break videos.

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