Rule 5 Saturday Night: Estella Warren

Canadian Estella Warren is a model and actress. In a prior life, she was a sychronized swimmer. If you are not familiar with Rule 5 posts, see an explanation below the photos, along with links to my friends hosting Rule 5s this weekend.


Estella Warren





2012 Rule 5 link policy: if you link something of mine sometime during the week, a Rule 5 or other, I’ll link to your Rule 5. If you want to join the link-around and I have missed yours, please send an email.

NOTE: some of the following will have an update this weekend.

The Other McCain is the master aggregator of all things Rule 5.  See the Rule 5 Sunday: Bad here

So, what’s a Rule 5 post all about? Beautiful women and a million hits on your blog. Read how at The Other McCain – it’s not a joke!

Opus at American Perspective is my Rule 5 mentor. She showed me how to do it right with this postThis week some Gansta-style!

Reaganite Republican: Elin Nordegren

American Power Blog: Kelly Brook

William Teach at Pirate’s Cove: A pinup by with a Naval theme – If all you see are evil cows, oh dear, you just be a …..

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Woodsterman Dancing…or…(how does she do that?)

Teresamerica: Jenny Farley!

DaleyGator’s DaleyBabe: Rebecca Lynn

The POH Diaries: Kate Upton’s banned, uncensored video

Fritz at A View From the Beach: Katie Holmes

Eye of Polyphemus – Sci Fi girl #7 – Claudia Black

Randy’s Roundtable Midweek Rule 5 Break is Juliana Martins

Jake Finnegan’s Burkalesque Babe is Fiona Apple

Rio Norte Line: Marx Madness

Full Metal Patriot: Christina Hendricks in the new Avenger movie


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