Romney: We’re in Recovery Mode, Finally. Really?

What is Mitt Romney thinking? Does he not have time to read about false unemployment numbers, or underemployed numbers, or false reporting of those dropping off the unemployment rolls because they have given up, or false inflation, or the threat of the ever rising cost of ObamaCare? Has he no aides to inform him or is he just a robot, after all? In the video below, just after 5 minutes in, he says ” I believe we are in a recovery, finally.” Hannity says “You really think so?” And then the backtracking begins: “It’s hard to know. No one can predict….” I CAN predict a part of that exchange will end up in an Obama campaign ad.

Another Romeny gripe: Once again I heard Romney say this week, “He’s [Obama]  a nice guy.” Time to drop that weary lie line. You cannot be a nice guy and a role model for your daughters or for the country, when  you declare that Sandra Fluke’s parent should be proud of their cheeky daughter’s need for $3000 in free contraceptives (yes I know her plea was for her friends, not her personally). You are not a nice guy when you support her right to say it, and then are “disturbed” by Rush Limbaugh’s accurate description of what $3000 in contraceptive aid means. You are not a nice guy when you have done all of the above, and then take $1 MILLION from Bill Maher. Protect her right to say it. That should have been all from the President of the United States.  There should have been more from Mitt Romney. If the video disappears or does not play, view it at Right Scoop and read more there.

Mitt Romney: I Believe We’re in a Recovery (video)

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  • This is supposedly the Republican, GOP’s best? The one who can beat Obama they say? If this is true and this who will be our nominee, we are in serious trouble! Businesses are shutting down and laying off people. Gold is at about 1750.00 an ounce. Gas is at about 3.75 nation wide (average). There are those who are unemployed that have quit looking. Our rating is at AA. I could go on. Romney is out of touch!

    • Fran, the man just doesn’t touch earth. I am happy for him that he has enormous wealth that he has made himself, but it’s a little like a Rockefeller being the Oval Office. Gives me shivers.

  • If the establishment states it … Romney believes it!

    • Isn’t that the truth. What is wrong with the man???

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  • We are finally in recovery and Obama is a nice guy. Is Romney campaigning for or against Obama?

    • Hi Jim, Romney is on television more now, and it’s getting scary. Obama is the most overexposed president ever. If Romney makes it to the Oval Office, I bet we’ll seldom see him. Don’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    • Jim, I just tried to comment at your place. It won’t let me without logging in to I no longer use that account. This is the second this has happened to me this week.