Romney Hypocrisy: $1M+ from Dept of Education for Olympics: Supports Gay Boys in Boy Scouts -Tax Penalties for Uninsured

Can’t wait for Ann Coulter on Hannity tonight. Most of my readers know Romney isn’t my candidate, but also know that I will vigorously support whomever he turns out to be. So whatever…Romney, hypocrisy is thy name. In Romney-land there is nothing wrong with taking taxpayer monies if Congress doesn’t stop you first. He called it “creativity.” Today he calls for a ban on Congressional earmarks – the mechanism that allows a state to ask for money and receive it.

In the video, filmed by Democrat opponents, he says he believes in Washington money. You just have to know how to go about getting it. He received over $1 MILLION dollars for the 2002 Olympics from the Department of Education, and indicates the cool MIL was to buy tickets for children. He indicates he received funding from every Department. As Governor of Massachusetts, he wanted to “go after every grant, every project, every department.”

The mindset: if you can get away with it, do it. Not exactly a principled position.

In the “one more thing” category, there are two more things:

1) From the Santorum campaign is this op-ed by Romney in July 2009. He suggested that Obama  learn from Massachusetts health care (RomneyCare), saying incentives for those not wanting to buy health insurance works. The incentives in Massachusetts were tax penalties.

2) In this video at 1:34-in, Romney is debating Ted Kennedy in 1994. He is asked, as a Boy Scouts of America National Executive Board member, his position on denying gays membership in the Scouts. He says he supports gay boys being included.

The man has reinvented himself. Read more on this story at GulagBound and follow more pertinent links.

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Romney Talks About Skimming Millions Off of Taxpayers (video)

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  • Francinne

    This is an amazing kind of post your paying big taxes..

  • Scouting is a sacred thing to me… and an important part of growing-up and developing various capabilities kids sitting in front of the Nintendo never will.

    The far-Left -as personified by power-drunk Obama- is WAY, way out of control now… we need to stop them cold, the real backlash is long overdue

  • Just posted this myself – unbelievable. If I lied like this all the time, I would be sick with guilt. This guy does it with a completely serene face. The mark of a sociopath. Btw, sociopaths comprise only 2% of the population, but it looks to me like they’re all in politics.

  • Romney’s words don’t reflect the twist ABC puts on them. Funny how people hear the spin but not the truth. Maybe listen again to these drudged trumped up videos then figure who they came from and why! It’s all about getting BHO elected, trust me on that one, brain washing fast and furious as they can.
    ABC news is right, just like them to report this spin – no big surprise.
    I don’t believe in or trust the mean main stream media – never watch that piece of sh%^$#@! on TV or elsewhere – got better things to do with my time.

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