Romney 2009 Meet The Press 2009 Supported Wyden Bennett Health Care Mandate Tax Penalty

The first video below shows Mitt Romney on Meet the Press in June 2009. He clearly suggests the right way to go with national health care is what the Wyden-Bennett bill proposed. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell says Wyden-Bennett has the individual mandate, including a “tax enforced” penalty. The bill failed. See a list of Republican sponsors below. Note in September 2009, Human Events said the Wyden-Bennett plan was “the most dangerous health care bill ever.” The first video below has Romney talking about Wyden-Bennett.

Lawrence O’Donnell is reporting in the first video. He shows one of the recent GOP debates with Romney saying he has never supported a national mandate. O’Donnell’s focus is the “lie.” He makes it clear that Romney has lied over and over and over. He chides Romney’s Republican opponents for not recognizing Romney’s big lie (and I guess, for not knowing about the support of Wyden-Bennett).

Republican Bennett lost his seat in 2010 to Republican Mike Lee – in fact, Bennett came in third in the race. Part of his rejection by the people of Utah may have also been his refusal to support two amendments to the START Treaty, both of which reigned in Russia. Bennett opposed the restraint. The amendments failed in the Democrat Senate. Read the summaries here and here. O’Donnell intimates that Romney and Bennett were friends.

Here is Romney’s big oops!

[ROMNEY] The right way to proceed is to reform health care. That we can do as we did in Massachustts. As Wyden-Bennett is proposing doing at the National level, we can do it for the Nation. Get everybody insured.

Romney endorsed the failed Wyden Bennett bill on Meet the Press less than six months after Obama took office. The key provision of that bill is the mandate, complete with a tax code enforced fine, according to MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. See it in the first video below.

Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) says he was condemned for supporting the individual mandate.

[LAWRENCE O’DONNELL]: How condemned was he? So condemned that a Tea Party challenger defeated the incumbent Senator in a Primary campaign in Utah.

Mitt Romney followed his Utah friend’s (Bennett) tragic political demise over the individual mandate very closely. Mitt Romney’s tactical decision on how to avoid the political fate suffered by a far less prominent proponent of the individual mandate than Mitt Romney himself has been to simply lie about it.

O’Donnell ends with Obama will CRUSH Romney.

The Wyden-Bennett bill, The Healthy Americans Act was defeated. It had 17 sponsors including Republican Senators Lamar Alexander, Norm Coleman (Ret) (who now advises Mitt Romney and says ObamaCare cannot be repealed), Bob Corker, Mike Crapo, Charles Grassley, and Judd Gregg (Ret.).

In September 2009, Human Events declared The Healthy Americans Act the “most dangerous health care bill ever.”

The truth is Wyden-Bennett is a backdoor takeover by Congress of the entireinsurance marketplace. The result would lead to a complete nationalization of ourhealth care system. It may well be the bill Obama and members of the United States Congress have intended to legislate all along.

Wyden-Bennett is the most overreaching and dangerous threat to our liberties of any of the bills in existence.

The Healthy Americans Act is the plan former Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy endorsed from the very beginning of the health care debate. Candidate Senator Hillary Clinton said she would sign this bill if she was elected president. Interesting endorsements for a supposedly free-market plan!

Under Wyden-Bennett, the insurance market is 100 percent regulated by the federal government. This plan mandates Congressional approval of all insurance plans including the premiums the insurance companies may charge. The government will approve or disapprove insurance claims.
The insurance companies as we know them today will exist in name only to promote the façade of a free market. They will only exist as purveyors of nationalized health care. With only government improved plans and premiums, the incentive for innovation and competition in the insurance market will be crippled.

Make no mistake: The private plan you enjoy now will be gone. The standard benefits package will be the BlueCross/BlueShield Plan in the Federal EmployeesHealth Benefits Program (FEHBP). This plan is designed for older, financially secure federal employees. The average 2009 family premium is $13,440 per year.

Under federal mandate all Americans will be forced to buy the FEHBP as their minimum allowable coverage. The ability of the insurance company to offer any lesser coverage will be gone – the needs and wants of the individual will no longer be taken into consideration. The young healthy individual, with a lower salary and little need for extensive benefits, will be forced to purchase the same policy, at the same premium, as an older life-long smoker or diabetic. In effect he will be subsidizing their care. Many young Obama supporters are going to be very unhappy with this plan.

Michael F. Cannon, Director of the Health Policy Studies at the CATO Institute,states that 30-50 percent of Americans will be forced to pay more than they need or want for health care in order to subsidize others. Often those others may be people that have chosen unhealthy lifestyles.

The penalty for failure to comply will be the average monthly premium plus 15 percent for each uncovered month.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will expand further into our personal lives. The premium will be taken out of paychecks, thus removing any transparency from the system and diminishing the consumer’s ability to make responsible choices. The IRSwill be in charge of all collections, disbursements and the garnishing of wages for penalties. Checks for claims, payments for hospitals, clinics and health careproviders will be written by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and administered through the sham insurance carriers. The IRS may collect the money for fines out of your bank account.

Widen-Bennett involves the taxation of your government-controlled health insurance plans up to 25 percent and other taxes, including many deceptively hidden ones. Another attack on innovation will come from an exorbitant tax on device and drug companies doing research and development…
Any of that sound familiar…very similar to ObamaCare? Here’s more:
HAA is almost identical to the Massachusetts Health care plan Kennedy touted. The cost of family health care premiums in Massachusetts are the highest in the nation, projected to rise to $26,370 per year by 2020, according to the Commonwealth Foundation. According to the Mr. Cannon at the Cato Institute, Health care costs in Massachusetts have risen 60 percent over what they would have if no reform had been passed. He reports the average wait time in Boston to see a specialist is 50 days – 29 days longer than the average in most American cities, even though there are more doctors per capita.
The following is commentary from Arlen Williams at GulagBound who brought this story to my attention:

Aside from the overall, Cloward-Piven-style run-up of the national debt, this has only been the biggest, most inflammatory issue of the Obama regime, to date. Why should it be important now, in choosing a Republican challenger, silly?

Why not nominate a GOP candidate who not only pushed the essence of Obamacare, but to whom Rep. Joe Wilson could just as loudly shout, “You lie!” about it all?

On MSNBC tonight (Monday, 3/5) Lawrence O’Donnell showed two video spiels by Mitt Romney:

  1. Romney during a presidential debate, ridiculing Obama for doing the Romneycare individual mandate nationally. In it, he said he would never have suggested this be done. He was being quite derisive about it, Mitt-style.
  2. Romney on Meet the Press in 2009, confidently hawking… the Romneycare individual mandate, for Obama to use.

Clearly, this must be fleshed out immediately, to give Republican primary and caucus voters a chance to see Romney’s Smeagol-like deceit while there is still time for us to prevent his nomination.

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 For further viewing, the following is one of two three instances of Romney pitching the individual mandate nationally, including the one shown by O’Donnell, featured at, “Mitt Romney Suggested Three Times In 2009 That Obama Imitate Romneycare.

Two of these videos were linked by Erick Erickson at on March 3, in “Further Proof Romney Supported a National Individual Mandate In 2009.” Erickson’s summary ended, “…skipping the diplomatic phrasing of some, Mitt Romney lies each time he says he never supported a national individual mandate.”


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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Every GOP presidential candidate has ‘baggage’ the opposition can exploit. Given the recent exposure of Obama to Breitbart ‘tapes’ and Hannity’s effort to raise interest in videos one thing seems clear.

    Obama wsa never ‘vetted’ by the MSM or anyone else to a degree necessary for a prsidential election. If that continues this election cycle one may expect a similar outcome. GOP candidates and conservative voices must make the case Obama is a fraud or we will be forced to accept a 2nd term for Obama.

  • Hi Stanford, Obama was vastly vetted by blogs and Hannity, in my opinion. So much more is known about him that has been reported online, but it goes nowhere beyond that. The best example is Jeremiah Wright and his connection to Palestine, not to mention his call to God to damn this country.

    I’m not nearly as jazzed about the latest videos because years ago racism was still raw, and maybe…maybe I would have been very angry as well. Not as angry as The Black Panthers, but I don’t think racism is the story. Saul Alinsky, communism and Islam is the story, IMO.

    The video we need to get is the one LA Times says they have secreted away with Obama with Rashid Khalidi at a PLO event in Washington DC (I think) during the 2008 (I think) elections. Many believe there were toasts to Israel’s demise.

    Some of the media is loosening up a bit, but then they turn it around and begin groveling again.