Petition Government to Resign: Sign it Now! Petition Obama Admin to Resign

On the White House website is an opportunity to petition the Obama Administration to take federal action on a particular issue. Chicago’s David B. (haven’t a clue who he is) created a petition: “I petition the Obama administration to,“ David wrote ”resign.”  Under description, he repeated, “resign.” It needs 25,000 signatures to kinda/sorta force the administration to respond. I created an account (necessary for adding your name to the petition). It took about 5 minutes to receive a validation email. In that 5 minutes, the number of signers went from 2,371 to 2,374. I am signature No. 2,376.  Keep the link handy because it is not easy to find a petition once you leave the page. Find it here, or!/petition/resign/SvJr4Q9h. Please Tweet it and tell your friends and family.  I am signature No. 2,376. This comes via The Conservative Lady and TeeCeeL on Facebook, via The Blaze.

UPDATE as of 3-14-12 at 1:05 pm CDT: signatures are growing very slowly with 2495 at this moment. That’s only 119 more than yesterday when I signed. Help us tweet this, post it on your Facebook page, and don’t be afraid to sign up. Your last name is not shown. We need thousands to get behind his. No, I don’t think he will resign, but it will be an embarassment.

UPDATE 3-14-12: The creator of the petition is David Burge at IowaHawk. Check out his great blog here. Thanks to RightKlik for the heads up – check out his great blog here.

  • If every American citizen were to sign this petition for Obama to resign, he still wouldn’t leave…he’s a narcissist. He would give a speech, reading from the teleprompter of course, and he would tell us citizens that all of us have been duped by Rush Limbaugh and it’s a conspiracy planned by George Bush and the Tea Party and not only that, the white man elites of America have poisoned the water and rendered the public unable to think straight and the spread of hatred for blacks has caused the citizens to be deceived. Then Nancy Pelosi would step in to speak and she would give it her best to reassure all the people that we need four more years of Obama to be president to see the outcome of what he will do. Then all the Hollywood elites will go on stage and make speeches or great things to say about Obama…what an intelligent and nice regular guy he is and how Obama will lower the gas prices. Then the crowd will cheer and point their fingers once again at the low life scums who believe in the old America, the Constitution. They will join in unison, chanting, and singing Obama, Obama, high and mighty is he. Do you think I am making a joke here? Not at all! I wouldn’t doubt this scenario in the least!
    Obama will not resign. He and his regime are the most disgusting bunch I have ever seen. Election 2012? I still think there will be some major crisis just before election day and Obama will be declared to stay in power until further notice!

    • Hi Fran, no doubt he will not leave, but how embarassing for this to make it to the desk of someone there in charge of petitions. I expect some monitoring software that will refuse to add signatures, or at least count them.

      I share your expectation of a “surprise,” but my hope is that it won’t make any difference. With all the talk about GOP candidates bowing out, or not, they are all getting plenty of introduction to the American people. There are three times as many Republicans getting press with all three still in.

      What does really worry me is the stronger rumors that Paul will run as a third party candidate.

  • Nicole

    YAH! why the state of the America still have economic crisis…
    thanks for shearing this ….

  • David B = David Burge (@iowahawkblog)

    • RightKlik – ah, that sound just right. I’ll add a link to my post. Thanks for the heads up! Hope you are doing well.

  • Cheziannhe

    I really have to tweet this to my friends and families so that they will also know about this petition…

  • Minard

    I have a twitter account so I think I can retweet this…We have to!