Paulbots Taking Over Nomination Process at GOP Conventions?

Here’s a story for you. Hillbuzz is has an eye-witness report of a take-over of the Minnesota GOP organizational convention for the Senate, with Paulbots swarming, disruptive and insistent that rules be suspended:

Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s Devious Plan to Steal the Presidency – Hillbuzz – read it all here:

Yesterday I attended the Republican organizational convention for my Senate district here in Minnesota, and what I witnessed was an organized take-over of our nomination process by Ron Paul cultists.  They came to this convention with the sole intent to take over as many of the delegate seats as they could, and sadly, they succeeded.

When I arrived at the convention and took my place with my fellow precinct delegates, I quickly noticed that something was awry.  As soon as the man leading the convention(the Convention Chair) began to ask if there were any motions to bring to the floor, several Paulbots lept to their feet to make motions asking to “suspend” the rules so that people who were in attendance could add their names to the delegate nominations.  Before the convention,  delegates had been contacted to see if we were interested in running for the State Delegate positions, and we were given plenty of time to put our names in the hat to run for these positions.

The Paulbots, who did NOT submit their names prior to the convention, were now demanding that they should added to the list of nominees that very day.  This is normally outside of the rules, but the Paulbots(there were at least 50 of them spread throughout the auditorium) through a suspension of the rules, demanded that they be added to the list of nominees.  It was difficult to override their votes, as they had descended en masse to this event, and the unsuspecting non-Paul delegates were confused as to what was going on!

After some manipulative moves on the floor, and by using Roberts Rules of order AGAINST the Convention Chair, they were able to add all of their names to the delegate nominations.

I’ve never seen such unmitigated rudeness at a convention before.  The Paulbots would leap to their feet screaming “Point of order!” every time they thought that the chair was being dismissive of them.

The entire process was chaotic and psychotic, and the non-Paul delegates were stunned.  They didn’t understand what was happening, and I tried to explain to an elderly woman from my precinct that this entire coup was PLANNED, and that the Paulbots had every intention of flooding the State delegates with Paul supporters.

Author Tamminator says the video below of the Denver County Assembly meeting is similar to what happened in Minnesota. Click the link above and read it all, including some information that Paul plans to run on a third party ticket if he can’t win the nomination.

Denver Republican Assembly descends “into madness” (video)

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  • Somehow this doesn’t surprise me…I am in MN and really, truly…a bunch of screwballs live in this state…I think they couldn’t make it in CA and moved to MN!

  • Why bother even trying to get a decent candidate. Ron Paul will steal the nomination and Obama will get 4 more years.

    • As I said from the get go, if you remember. Ron Paul is an Obama plant trying to throw the election so that O sumbitch will win another fuk!@#$ years.
      Now all in favor of Paul say I, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

      Paul knows he can’t win but thinks he’s the sh@!#$% and he is that. Never liked the shady looking little beaded eye petered out twerp and that wife of his, one fatty. It’s that way with these skinny little guys the wife out weighs them by at least 100 pounds or more!

  • David

    The party of NO brains and the party of NO guts has us in a rocket powered train flying towards the cliff with a short stop in Venezuela? I pray someone will lay down new track soon in the opposite direction instead of only trying to reduce the throttle.

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