Patriotic Faith Based Films Out Perform Leftist Indoctrination 2011

Americans understand that we are One Nation Under God. We have declared it. No one is forced to embrace it, but all are forced to live with that fact, be disgruntled, hate it, whatever, but it is fact. You can always leave for perceived greener pastures. This is the basis for the United States of America. We do cling to our Bibles, and humbly so. We do cling to our guns and rightly so. So, it is gratifying to find that in 2011, Hollywood derived their biggest successes with films that had an underlying (or overt) Christian theme, or to put it another way – a film that does not deny Christianity as mainstream.

The 760-page report claims that films with a conservative or pro-American edge, such as “Captain America,” “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,” “Soul Surfer,” “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” and “Battle: Los Angeles” raked in significantly more box office green than more liberal films like “Red State,” “Super 8,” “J. Edgar,” “Glee” and “Ides of March.”

“People want good to overcome evil, justice to prevail over injustice and liberty to conquer tyranny. They respond to strong heroes and even strong heroines, but they are turned off by radical social engineering and big government programs,” Movieguide publisher Dr. Ted Baehr said of the report, which rates movies using several criteria such as “anti-communist content,” “strong biblical morality,” and “strong pro-capitalist content.”

The study also claimed that the stronger the Christian worldview in the film, the more money it made.

Films considered to have a significant redemptive or religious focus such as “Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides,” “The Help” and “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” made more money in theaters last year than those with a non or anti-Christian core, or a mixed/humanist perspective, including “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” The Hangover II” and “The Rum Diary.” In fact, Movieguide’s report asserts that the Christian-motivated movies, on average, earned four times as much in box office returns – $64.3 million as opposed to $15.9 million.

DVD sales followed the same course with only 8% of sales considered to contain a Leftist viewpoint. Oliver Stone movies, Michael Moore movies – let them keep coming. No one cares. No one buys a ticket.

Of real interest in this article is the comment that Hollywood is finally taking notice. I love movies. Period. I’m picky. I generally want intensity of some kind. Edginess. Occasionally I enjoy a comedy but not often. I do not want all films to be faith-based or patriotic. I like evil in films at times – especially political evil. I like action at times. I like quality.

I have only three rules about the movies I do not see: I skip anything Sean Penn does these days, great actor though he is, and while I will not sacrifice a good movie solely because Danny Glover is in it, I would think about it.

Of the films mentioned above, I have seen four. I did not see Soul Surfer. It’s not a movie or movie-type I’m drawn to, but I am grateful that this true story, and the grit behind the young girl who lost her arm and has chosen to triumph, was there – especially for families, or as salve for the human spirit. Had I a child in my house, we would have seen Soul Surfer. There is good  reason for abundant movie themes.

I suspect between now and the next report, someone will find a way to flip this entire story. I’m jaded, I know.

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  • Hollywood keeps pushing the anti religious agenda and trying desperately to indoctrinate their ideology. They have failed to recognize that people are spiritual creatures. People yearn for answers and hope. Our country is still brimming with good, God fearing people. That’s why movies like Star Wars, good vs evil are such a success and shows like GCB (Good Christian Bitches) is getting bad reviews. Hollywood continues to make the religious look foolisg but in realty it is Hollywood that is the big dreamer.

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