Orlando Sanford Airport Opts Out of TSA…Again: Holder Demands Permanent Lifts on Public Swimming Pools

The Orlando Sanford International Airport wants to hire their own screeners. Orland Sanford is not the main international airport in Orlanda but it is an international airport. Oh, but wait…they have to apply and seek permission before hiring their own screeners…again. So it’s possible, if you are approved. They were denied permission to do so in November 2010. On to the next abuse of the free market: Eric Holder has decree that our public swimming pools, all 300,000, have to have a permanent lift for disabled persons installed at a cost on the low end of $8,000. In my community, even though we have not been hit as hard as some by economic woes, some very nice swimming pools had to be closed down due to lack of funding. It was a big deal because we have very hot summers and the pools are the only relief some children have (or so we were told). Depending on the part of town you reside in, maybe there will be Obama waivers to keep the pools open. Read the swimming pool story at Camp of the Saints.

Actually, a recent law passed in the Senate forces the TSA to reconsider their freeze on allowing opt-outs, which the TSA has not yet complied with:

The most recent controversy involved a viral You Tube video created by engineer Jon Corbett which demonstrated how the TSA’s body scanners were virtually useless because they are unable to detect objects carried on the side of the body carried in a pocket.

The TSA responded by threatening the media not to cover the issue while putting out a blog statement thatcompletely failed to rebut the claims made by Corbett.

A November 2010 poll found that the TSA’s “enhanced pat downs,” some of which include touching genitalia, angered 57% of regular adult fliers. Source: InfoWars

The following is information about airports and the opt-out option (note that San Franciso and Kansas City are among those providing their own screeners):

Any commercial airport can apply to TSA’s Screening Partnership Program (SPP), which has been around since the inception of TSA.  After approval from TSA and a competitive bidding process, SPP allows airports to transition to private screeners while maintaining TSA oversight and the corresponding increased level of security implemented since 9/11.

So… if an airport applies and is accepted into the SPP program, they receive the same screening from a private company instead of TSA officers. That’s the only difference. All commercial airports are regulated by TSA whether the actual screening is performed by TSA or private companies. So TSA’s policies – including advanced imaging technology and pat downs – are in place at all domestic airports.
If you’ve flown out of one of these airports, you’ve experienced privatized screening from an SPP airport.
Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport (STS); Dawson Community Airport (GDV); Frank Wiley Field (MLS); Greater Rochester International (ROC); Havre City County Airport (HVR); Jackson Hole (JAC); Joe Foss Field (FSD); Kansas City International (MCI); Key West International Airport (EYW); L.M. Clayton Airport (OLF); Lewistown Municipal Airport (LWT); Roswell International Air Center (ROW); San Francisco International (SFO); Sidney Richland Regional (SDY); Tupelo Regional (TUP); Wokal Field (GGW)


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