Oklahoman Alyssa Kramer Recites Words Backwards Instantly Video

Alyssa Kramer is a 14-year-old Poteau, Oklahoma girl (for those in Rio Linda, it’s pronounced Poe-tow) has an usual talent or intellect for instantly being able to prounounce any word backwards. She says she visualizes the word in her mind and then reads it backwards. In the amazing video below, you will see that “instantly” is an accurate description of how long it takes her for that visualization. She has a photographic memory and has been doing this trick since she first began to read.

Alyssa Kramer

‘I’m sure it’s quite uncommon,’ said Dr. William Schetman with Lankenau Medical Center.

‘Different areas of your brain serve different purposes, and in this very distinct area that’s taking in language, that she has this ability again to sort of interpret language on a two way street.’

Shetman said it is probably not a memory function, which would mean the structure of her brain is different.

Instead, experts believe Alyssa’s ability is a special kind of mental and visual process – but they do not know exactly what and there is no name for it. Source: The Daily Mail

The first video below is the original YouTube sensation. The second is a interview with Brook Hogan. Watch her read from The Hunger Games, backwards here. Subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

Alyssa Kramer Talking Backwards (video)

Brook Hogan Interviews Alyssa Kramer (video)

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