Obama on Koran Burning Apology: It…It…It…It…Calmed Things Down

The stutters show Obama struggling to grasp the fact that he is being challenged about his unfortunate apologies to Afghans for the burning of Muslim-desecrated Korans, used to pass, possibly lethal, messages from one prisoner to the next. Challenged by, of all people, Bob Woodruff. After stuttering four times, telling Woodruff the apologies “calmed things down,” he said “we’re not out of the woods yet,” but he hasn’t demanded that the attacks on our soldiers end…or else. No, he hasn’t done that. As to calming things – not even a little bit. The riots began days ago and haven’t stopped. Today we learned two more American NATO soldiers were assassinated, not in Kabul where the gangs first erupted, but in a southern Kandahar Province. Nothing is calmed – in fact the stalking of Americans is spreading. Six Americans now dead by cold-blooded assassination and at least seven injured in a grenade attack. See the video here and watch his nose. You can see it grow.

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