Obama Cushing: Woman Born in Obamas Birth Hospital Says She Has Her Birth Certificate

The attendees at Obama’s self-anointment in Cushing, Oklahoma was a hand-picked group, so it is interesting, that as he leaned over the tin wall erected to keep those rowdy Okies away from him, a woman tells him she was born in the same hospital where his manufactured birth certificate says he was born. Obama turns to her, says “Oh, you’re Hawaiian.” Then asks, “Do you have your birth certificate?” Unfortunately for him, she says “yes.”

Note also, out there in the oil fields, you hear a band strike up. Very odd!

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Obama in Cushing, Oklahoma: Birth Certificate Chat (video)

  • Those are words that Obummer doesn’t like to hear.

  • My brother Steven was born in Hawaii..in 1947. I have no idea if he has a birth certificate. If I knew how to get a hold of him I would. But I’m certain that not only did he get one, but Obama will probably find others who will make him look like he has egg on his face.

  • He’s an illegal alien.

    • woodsterman, looking more like it every day.I have more news on that, if I can this darn Rule 5 over with:-)