Obama Cushing Oklahoma Photo Op: Cushing Oil Industry Booming

Obama is coming to Cushing, Oklahoma for a Thursday morning photo op at the newly announced Keystone Pipeline hook-up to move oil to the Gulf – Houston area, I think.  After Obama nixed the Keystone XL Project, (of which only 50′ over the Canada-U.S. border needed his approval) which would have laid pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast, the project became the Gulf Coast Project, designed to begin with a hook-up at the Cushing facility. The project did not need Obama’s approval, but he’s stopping by for a photo-op, nevertheless.The man is shameless. Get ready America. He will try to tell you he supports this project. Keep in mind, his support begins at Cushing,  only because he cannot stop it. Governor Mary Fallin and the Lt. Governor will both be out of the State. The Oklahoma Senate President says he has received no official notice of the visit. While Politicians have no plans to greet him, they will do so with proper notification from the White House. Obama may even need to spend the night in the town of Cushing but they have made sure this is not an open event, so only Pipeline workers will be able to protest, and they say they will do so. In the video, you’ll hear that Cushing is booming, so if you need a job, come to Cushing, Oklahoma.

Downtown Cushing, Oklahoma (an earlier parade unrelated to Obama's visit)

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Also in the video, you will hear a woman saying she believes Obama is not coming to Oklahoma because of the election, but to make a decision, whether to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to connecting the Keystone XL Pipeline at the Canadian border with the U.S. Leave it to an Oklahoman to be optimistic. Really, it’s all about the election and about the photo that will be taken there.

The Gulf Coast Project is a 780-km (485-mile) pipeline from Cushing, OK extending south to Nederland, TX. It will be constructed as a stand-alone project and will bring independent value to the marketplace. The approximate cost of the Gulf Coast Project is US$2.3 billion. Subject to regulatory approvals, we anticipate the Gulf Coast Project to be in service in mid to late 2013. Source
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“He calls our industry an industry of the past and they’d like us to go away,” energy industry expert and political analyst Mickey Thompson said.

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“The President is using this, frankly, as a publicity stunt to say he’s doing something against high gas prices,” he added.

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Cushing is known as the Crude Oil Pipeline Crossroads of the World. The existing Cushing operation connects oil to Gulf Coast suppliers. It is considered the most significant trading hub for crude oil in North America.

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More at KFOR-TV  Also find more on Obama’s energy travels at White House Dossier

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Linked at The McCarville Report – thank you!

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Cushing Oklahoma citizens talk about Obama’s Visit (video)

Posted by Maggie @ MaggiesNotebook

  • kathleen

    you will hear a woman saying she believes Obama is not coming to Oklahoma because of the election, but to make a decision, whether to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to connecting the Keystone XL Pipeline at the Canadian border with the U.S….wow Guess she doesn’t know he will be gone by the time that decision will need to be made.

    • http://maggiesnotebook.com Maggie

      kathleen, right on!

  • susan

    How shameless you GOP Okla reps are. This is the elected President of the US coming to our State. And you and OUR officials lying thru your teeth about Keystone circumstances….what the GOP Congressional members did…i.e. gave the President TWO months to make a decision…he said we need more time. Nor do you remind yourselves that the HOME Country of Keystone XL absolutely FORBADE them from moving their “Crude” across Western Canada. YOU all are Shameless and Ignorant.

    • http://maggiesnotebook.com Maggie

      susan, get a grip. What you do not know is mind-boggling. By the time Republicans gave him a deadline he had been exploring it for months. The Nebraska Governor had changed his mind and wanted the pipeline. Canada had offered to reroute. Obama rejected it all. Rejected it for people like you.

      If you listened to the video, you know the people were excited that he was coming, a way over optimistic, because they are GOOD PEOPLE.

      It’s laughable that you are calling names. You know nothing!