Obama Campaign Ad Features Sarah Palin: Obama Gives Palin Her Own Website – Still Trying to Defeat Sarah

Strong, strong statement from the Obama campaign? They’ve given Sarah her own website: my.barackobama.com/palin-attacks. All these years later and he’s still running against Palin.

Obama Ad Features Sarah Palin (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • What a lame ad. I watched Undefeated last night and the things the left has and still calls her, makes What Rush said about the slut seem totally tame.

    • David, that was a seriously underwhelming ad.

  • Maggie.. not sure why, but for some reason, your website keeps adding two http:// to my blog address. I just retyped it.. let’s see if it does again.

    • Odd, David. Don’t know what’s going on.

  • Ok it worked this time.

  • The fear they have of Sarah Palin never ceases to amaze me. Is it just her or is it all conservative women they dislike?

    • LD, they hate all conservative women, and because America loved her immediately, she is top of the list. So they’ve tried to smear her, but it isn’t working.

  • I didn’t realize Sarah Palin was running.

  • I wish she was running.

  • Carl and woodsterman: I think this is God’s plan. She will be a strong advocate for conservatism in this race. She has a microphone whenever she wants it and what she says is repeated by the Liberal media. They do it mockingly, but I think most of America, all but the hard left, knows she is right.

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  • This whole election is insane. Who the H can stand to see, hear, or endure Obama another 4 seconds let alone four fu@!#$% years. “The devil is in the details,” Obama got that right. He is the devil. . .it takes one to know one.

    • ljcarolyne, I can’t wait to awaken the morning after the election. I feel it will be different this time. In 2008 I felt such dread, and really, was a bit depressed and I don’t get depressed. It took a while for that feeling to leave and it’s easily understood now.

  • it’s probably a fundraising trick. Who do liberals hate? Sarah Palin. SO they see her on the screen, and she’s talking about race (RACIST!!!!) so they go and donate. However, it can cut both ways because if we conservatives see the ad, we feel wounded and want to retaliate.

    • edge of the sandbox, that’s a good point. His followers are tools, for the most part. Thing is, she is in the public eye today and she makes a lot of sense. She is no longer a threat for the presidency. Go Sarah! I really appreciate what she is doing.

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