Obama Biden 2012 Hawking Hoodies – Trayvon Martin: Marijuana Time-Out -Trayvons Mother Sabrina Fulton Files for Trademarks:

Trayvon Martin was seemingly the owner of a very ugly Twitter account. He was  suspended from school at least four times, and his mother, Sybrina or Sabrina Fulton  was quick to file for trademarks for her son’s name. She will likely be fighting Jesse Jackson and/or Al Sharpton for that right. But wait…Obama 2012 is hawking hoodies for campaign cash.

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was suspended from school for writing graffitti on a school locker – “wtf.” When a school official looked through his backpack, he found 12 pieces of jewelry (women’s rings and earrings), plus a watch and a large flathead screwdriver which the school report described as a “burglary tool.” The school took the jewelry from Martin, as he said it belonged to a friend. That was the FIRST or SECOND  SUSPENSION, according to the Miami-Dade school system. A third suspension for tardiness and truancy was on his list of misdeeds. In February 2012, four months after the suspension for grafitti, and after the school took the jewelry found in his backpack, he was suspended again for “getting caught with an empty bag with traces of marijuana,” –  One of these suspensions took him from his mother’s home in Miami Gardens, Florida to his father’s home in Sanford, Florida.

MARCH 26–The mother of Trayvon Martin has filed two applications to secure trademarks containing her late son’s name, records show.

Sybrina Fulton is seeking marks for the phrases “I Am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon,” according to filings made last week with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In both instances, Fulton, 46, is seeking the trademarks for use on “Digital materials, namely, CDs and DVDs featuring Trayvon Martin,” and other products.

The March 21 USPTO applications, each of which cost $325, were filed by an Orlando, Florida law firm representing Fulton, whose first name is spelled “Sabrina” in the trademark records.

It’s believed that the handle @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA was Trayvon’s Twitter account, and that the above photo is of Martin.  The account no longer exists, but The Daily Caller seems to confirm that it was his account – many more Tweets here. 

Read more at Pat Dollard – Meet the Real Trayvon Martin .

Obama 2012 Hawking Hoodies

Read  Obama Biden 2012 hawking hoodies at Doug Ross

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  • He’s tattooed out, gold teeth and his tattoos are gang tats. No wonder they pulled out his old picture and not a new one.

  • It’s time for the MSM to quit taking sides and do some serious investigative reporting. Obama is shameful!

    • Jim, this is, maybe, one of the worst. But they don’t care.

  • This story was just a bit too perfect. Just looking at the pictures of both men that the press chose over other ones told us the MSM was on a mission.

    • Bunkerville, someone suggested to me that the original pic of Zimmerman had been photoshopped by widening his jaw and the area between his eyes. The first photo of Trayvon in the hoodie was definitely photoshopped. His skin had been completely smoothed over – like a Clinique foundation commercial.