Newt Gingrich: Islam – What If We Had Excused Communism in 1946? Obama Slogan 2012: Why We Couldn’t

Great video interview with Newt Gingrich by Eric Erickson at RedState. They discuss Dick Turban accusing Newt of being anti-Islam, Steven Chu the anti-Energy Secretary, what a President can do immediately to bring down the price of gasoline, Obama’s slogan for 2012: Why We Can’t. The following are snippets of Video Part 2. View Part 1 here: 

Newt Gingrich

[NEWT] Go back and look at 1946 and ask yourself, if the Government had made it wrong to describe Communism, and said you cannot explain any spy in the U.S. with the term Communism, you can’t explain any movement in Western Europe with the term Communism, you can’t explain the intentions of the Soviet Union with the term Communism, how would you have designed the Cold War? That’s how bad it is.

I would say to Durbin that he is working with the most pro-Islam administration in history and that the Obama administration finds virtually every excuse to apologise, to excuse, to ignore, to avoid. Why is that the Army burning Bibles in 2009 doesn’t deserve an apology? Because afterall, those were only Bibles….But the second political prisoners, who are Muslim, abuse the Koran by defacing it, to send secret messages, suddenly we should be apologizing because their extremists were abusing the Koran?

Then Eric asks (and reminds us):

[Erickson] “In 2008 Barack Obama campaigned by running ads in Alaska saying that to further develop the Alaska Pipeline into the United States, his policies would bring down gas prices. Now he’s saying there is nothing he can really do to bring down gas prices.” There’s more including Newt’s response, but Erickson nailed it with the reminder.”

[NEWT] (laughs) This is a man who ran in 2008 on the slogan ‘Yes we can,’ and he’s going to run in 2012 with ‘Why we couldn’t.’

[NEWT] A President who wanted to could dramatically affect the availability of oil, and dramatically bring down the price of gasoline. Ronald Reagan took Jimmy Carter’s daily gas rationing, people don’t remember this, but…under Jimmy Carter you could only buy gas every other day based on the last number of your license plate. The Executive Order Reagan signed deregulated gasoline. Within six months, the price crashes. George W. Bush announced in the summer of 2008 that he was withdrawing the Presidential order that blocked the development of offshore oil and gas. The price of oil dropped $9.00 that day. The idea that a President can’t have an impact, that something positive can’t be done is wrong.

Erick Erickson and Newt Gingrich Interview: Islam, Gas Prices (video)

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