Nancy Reagan Jane Fonda: Jane Fonda to Play Nancy Reagan: Continuing the Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

If you think the choice of Jane Fonda to portray play the part of Nancy Reagan in an upcoming film based on the experiences of long-time White House Butler, Eugene Allen, has anything to do with anything, other than making Mrs. Reagan look vapid and controlling, it also has something to do with Oscars, and “The Academy.” What better tool to get everyone, Conservatives and Liberals, talking about your film…than casting an American traitor for Ronald Reagan’s wife. That’s my prediction of what the agenda of casting Fonda, said to be several cameo appearances, is all about. Even a cameo can appear mean-spirited and controlling. An announcement that Sean Penn will play Ronald Reagan is expected anytime – really, who knows? . Read Breitbart’s Big Hollywood take here: Reminder 11,487: Hollywood Hates You.

Jane Fonda - Nancy Reagan

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Someone put that piece of crap, this Vietnam Vet will never forgive, out of her misery. She should of lost her citizenship 40 years ago!!! Ask me if I’m bitter!

    • woodsterman, I don’t America will EVER accuse any citizen of being a traitor. I think terrorist Adam Gadahn still has citizenship status.

  • A whore playing a lady. She won’t be able to do it.

    • findalis, there won’t be much asked of her. She’ll be required to appear vapid. That should be easy for Hanoi Jane.

  • Jim at Conservatives on Fire

    Hollywood is part of the propaganda arm of the Democrat (Socialist) Party.

    • Hi Jim, yes and they have the money to get their word out. It’s distressing, but I still believe we’re winning the battle. Just hope we don’t lose the war.

  • Only in Hollywood would they think it suitable for a Fonda to play a Reagan

  • Ran

    Jane may as well play Nancy. Her last credible roll was ‘Barbarella’, some time ago, if memory serves. (Though I think Sarandon outshone her as ‘Janet’ a few years later…)

  • Charlie