Nadya Suleman Octomom on Welfare: $2000 a Month – 14 Kids – Refused to Work

This story is so repugnant. No one will ever convince me this is a good situation for these children. Nadya Suleman gave birth to Octuplets, 6 boys and 2 girls, in January 2009. The unmarried mother received in vitro fertilization. The doctor who performed the in vitro implantation lost his medical license for “gross negligence” “far exceeding” guidelines. Now America gets to support her with a $2,000 welfare check every month. No doubt we will be financially supporting these kids’ mental health for the rest of their lives.

As America was forced to go through her pregnancy with her, most of us knew this was about money, fame, television reality shows, and endorsements for the children that would undoubtedly make her a wealthy Mother of only the second set of 8 births ever to survive for longer than one week, and eventually the longest surviving after they passed their third birthday…unless she was the golddigging

In addition to the Octuplets, Suleman had six children by a sperm donor or sperm donors. The ages of the six range from 6 to 11. In the birth of the octuplets, Suleman lied about the number of embryos she had implanted. No one knows who the bio father(s) is/are. She has offered a name, but she isn’t an easy person to believe. Before the octuplets, Suleman’s mother helped with the children, both by physically taking care of them and supporting them financially. I don’t know if Nadya still has her mother’s support. God bless that woman. There are far too many grandparents raising second families, and the adult children seem to think nothing of imposing on the lives of their parents.  She was recently paid $8,000 for posing nude, and from the photos linked below, the magazine was incredibly generous.

Responsible to the end, Nadya discussed posing nude with her children. Right. She told Oprah Winfrey she was addicted to having kids. She is an idiot!

Get a load of this – see photos and don’t miss these!

The desperate mother-of-14 had to pull all but one of her children out of the $4,000-a-month private school they were attending, TMZ also learned. Nadya is keeping her autistic son in the expensive school.

It’s a sad twist for the single mother, who recently stripped down for a nude shoot with Closer Magazine in order to keep a roof over her children’s heads.

‘You wanna know how much I got? I got $8,000. I have to do what I have to do to take care of my family, and I’m not ashamed at all … I’ve never sacrificed my morals and values,’ she told Anderson Cooper on his talk show yesterday…

Nadya told Wendy Williams recently that the six-figure sum she was rumored to be receiving to star in OctoTV on Internet site Ustream was not true.

Octomom said she is currently taking classes to become qualified as a fitness trainer and plans to train people while her children sleep to keep her

She has had surgery to remove stomach fat (cha ching), spent a fortune on schools (cha ching) and refused to return her manager’s call for work – especially when the work was for charities. She refused clothing for the children at Christmas, and wanted only money.

Unmarried, unemployed, and engineering the pregnancy in an unethical way – the babies should be removed from this insane woman if she cannot afford to support them herself.

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  • Take the children away from her, and force her to get a job, any job to pay us back

  • Geo


    This entire situation is a mess.

    First off, that former doctor should besides losing his license be forced to support those kids. Her judgement from the very start should’ve been called into question, along with his. You’re right, it’s always been about money.

    She was provided a domicile, financial support from concerned citizens and physical support while the children were infants. This was the inevitable conclusion in this story, the “taxpayer” was eventually going to take it in the can [literally].

    Regarding the nude spread . . . she should be prosecuted for a “crime against humanity” for it.

    Poor kids.