Muhammad Birthday American National Holiday – 2038 We Can Celebrate Easter and Muhammad

A New York imam is beginning a campaign to have April 26th designated an American National Holiday to celebrate the birth of Muhammed in 570 A.D. I can see the mammoth celebrations at the Ground Zero Mosque now – Muslims trekking to New York City from across the U.S. to pay homage, and in 2038, with Easter – Resurrection Day falling on April 25, we can have a joint two-day celebration. Note that Easter and Holy Week  falls within a week of April 26th several times.

Mohammad Abdul Qayyoom, head of the Muhammadi Community Center in Jackson Heights in the NYC borough of Queens, published a copy of the petition via the center’s Facebook page to be signed by other religious leaders. The interfaith initiative asks for an establishment of April 26 as a federal holiday, “so that we can enjoy this day like the joy of Christmas.”

“One good thing [about] this country are celebrations,” Qayyoom told The Christian Post Wednesday. “We have many celebrations — we have Christmas, we have the Valentine’s Day, we have Halloween, we have many many traditions.”

Muslims would like to have one day as a holiday in the United States, Qayyoom told CP. And that would be April 26. The date was proposed because it is the day historically recognized as the day the prophet Muhammad was born in 570 A.D., the imam said. The Muslim calendar, following the lunar calendar, makes celebrating most holidays (like Ramadan) tricky in relation to the regular calendar, as they are movable, therefore celebrating that historical date seems reasonable, he claimed in the statement. Source: Christian Post

The imam cites a good reason for celebrating Muhammad’s birthday in America:

“Because Prophet Muhammad said, ‘I am not the prophet of only Muslims. I am the prophet of all human beings,'” the imam told CP.

We lump all of our greatest President’s days together. No one remembers George Washington or Abe Lincoln’s actual birth date. We give Martin Luther King Jr his own day, and now maybe Muhammad the same. Can’t wait to see what New York’s U.S. legislators do about this one.

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  • I’ll pass …

  • Meanwhile the Irani holy leader is threatening the
    possibility of war with Morocco over this crap. And
    I DO mean crap.

  • Originally Christmas was not a “National” Holiday. It still isn’t. Officially it has never been named a “National” Holiday. (Due to the 1st Amendment.)

    The reason that businesses close (although some don’t) and every where else is because nobody will show up to work on Christmas.

  • Excuse me … who the Hell is Muhammad? Is he the Son of God? Is he resurrected from his grave? Is he the Savior of the world? Or is he a child molester, a murderer, a war-monger who slaughtered millions of people by saying … “submit or die.” Let’s celebrate Hitler and Charles Manson as well. Talk about morons.

  • Watch Obama jump on this one.

  • Obama will actively promote this.

  • What is wrong with celebrating my birthday in America? allah akbar