Mark Levin on Rush Limbaugh Apology to Sandra Fluke: Tens of Millions Standing By Rush – Media Can Go To Hell

Many of us are saying this, but Mark Levin has a microphone. Here are his comments on Rush’s apology to Sandra Fluke: See an important update below.

UPDATE 3-5-12: Limbaugh defecting sponsor Carbonite Online Backup stock drops to 52-week low.

Mark Levin

“You’re not going to succeed in driving Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves…In fact, I think I speak for tens of millions of Americans when I say you can go to hell”

I want the leftists at MSNBC, CNN, and the other so-called news outlets who are dressed up as journalists but are nothing of the sort, I want you to understand something. You don’t get to decide who the rest of us listen to. You don’t get to decide who the rest of us admire. You’re not going to succeed in driving Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves. I don’t care how many cowardly Republicans you speak to. I don’t care how many inside-the-beltway pseudo-conservatives you speak to and so forth.

Our nation is teetering. Everything we believe in is being undermined. The future for our children and grandchildren is perilous. And you in the media do the bidding of the very politicians who have brought us to this dire state. You don’t get to dictate to us. You don’t even get to influence us, try as you might.

Rush isn’t going anywhere because there’s tens of millions of us standing by his side. And we’re not going anywhere either.

You say nothing about the unconstitutional acts of this president. You say nothing of the policies that are bankrupting our nation. You do nothing to expose the lies and deceit of this administration. In fact, if you’re not covering it up, you’re cheering it on. This is why we have no respect for you, why your audience and readership are plummeting and will continue to.

No we will not let you take down Rush or anyone else. In fact, I think I speak for tens of millions of Americans when I say you can go to hell. Thanks to Newsbusters for the partial transcript.

See the video/audio at RightScoop.

UPDATE 3-4-12: As it stands this minute, I think I can confirm that Carbonit Online Backup, ProFlowers, Quicken Loans, The Sleep Train, Sleep Number, Legal Zoom, and Citrix have pulled advertising from Rush. I want to direct you to two informative articles on some of these companies:

Legal InsurrectionRiehl World View and Si Vis Pacem

I will leave Carbonite tomorrow. I’ll wait to see if Mozy decides to pile on in some way. I will NEVER use Pro-Flowers again.

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H/T Anna Lamonthe on Facebook

Linked at Si Vis Pacem – thank you!

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  • Rush was stupid, as well as crass and ungentlemanly, for calling that woman a slut. A powerful man demeaning a young woman that way. We haven’t seen the likes of it since Bill Clinton…

    • Mark Paquette

      Well, you can call her an unfortunate princess of chastity … but a rose by any other name. One liberals princess innocence is a sane man’s slut.

    • Silver, I disagree. She went before Congress and lied and it appears, was put up to it. Her claim was outrageous. There was nothing of a “gentle” woman about her, and she had the power of a portion of Congress behind her that day. I in no way would compare Limbaugh to Bill Clinton. We have to start speaking out. We only have to think of what she said, and what she was trying to achieve.

  • Ran

    Rush was manly and accurate (if brazen) in accurately describing Miz Fluke. She demeaned herself by her voluntary, unnecessary testimony. She willingly gave up private anonymity to do so. She became a public person for an immoral purpose: To destroy the religious Liberty of a private Jesuit institution.

    I’m tired of the autocastrati sanctimoniously “standing up” to Rush.

    And for the record, Rush made a tragic error by apologizing.

    • Ran and Mark Paquette, I also believe Rush was egregiously wrong by apologizing. In front of Congress, she laid out the numbers and the problem. Do the math and you cannot dismiss the intent of what she was trying to do.

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  • I agree with Mark and you, Maggie. I am tired of the truth being labeled “disrespectful,” “hate speech,” and other such nonsense. I’m tired beyond words of our spineless Republican ‘leaders’, be they politicians or pundits, cowering and agreeing with the left anytime a person of courage and honesty speaks the simple truth.

    I stand with Rush, Mark, Maggie, and all others who aren’t afraid to tell the truth. About any of it.

    • Thanks Pup, at some point we have to make a stand. While we disagree over the words used, there is no reason to not understand what Fluke was saying. Our Republican leadership could have found another way to speak about it – with conviction for Rush who is constantly standing for conservatism. They didn’t have to like the words he used, but they should have made clear they understand his angst, and his observing the “absurd,” as he says.

    • vcobbs

      Count me among the millions of proud Limbaugh supporters. I am an will continue to be a Rush baby/believer!!

  • Judy Hines

    Rush should not have apologized. I have life lock and carbonite because he recommended them and I trust him. If they pull their advertising from his show I will pull my accounts from them.
    No young woman should demean herself the way she did.She is screaming the house down because Rush insulted her? She insulted herself far more than any one else could.

    • Judy Hines, She did just that – demeaned herself and all women. I heard Fluke tearfully say, in an interview with Andrea Mitchell, that she so appreciated “The President” telling her parents should be very proud.

      With Georgetown University President comparing her to his two daughters and supporting her, a really ugly message has been sent. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.

  • vcobbs

    So sad to hear Rush apologized. I am a Rush listener and proud of it. I know Rush will actually benefit from all this publicity. He will have more fans now!!!

  • vcobbs

    I would like to add Mark Levin is pretty awesome also. A winning combination, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin!!
    Mark, thanks for stepping up and saying what millions of Rush supporters are shouting at their televisions!!

  • Jim Crimbo

    My daughter’s doctor prescribed the pill to her because she needed her hormones regulated. Some take it because it clears up acne and mood problems. It’s one of those things you have to take every day to be affective, like my allergy medicine. I think that Fluke lady was testifying about her friend needing the pill to combat ovarian cysts…a pretty common problem.

    None of what Rush said made sense considering the facts. and the stuff about Rush wanting to watch the young women have sex on tape really disgusted me. A man with children wouldn’t speak like that. I don’t think I can listen anynore.

    • patti rusch

      What you are talking about is medical problem. Of course a women should get whatever treatment is necessary for it. Fluke talked specifically about contraception for sexual activity further on in her testimony. Fluke is a Flake.

      • Jim Crimbo

        Yeah, but it’s the kind of thing you need to take every day for awhile for it to be effective. I mean, I basically just know that from t.v. commercials and having daughters. So I just thought it was weird he kept saying the price had to do with the amount.

        my concern is that Rush publicly embarrassed this young lady which is inappropriate. I wouldn’t allow my wife to hear the kind of language he used and the topic he brought up (basically porn). I don’t want to hear that trash.

  • I’m going to say something that is going to offend some, but I’m remembering, that at one time, Young Ladies and Young Men didn’t participate in pre-marital sex because they knew that they’d be called sluts and many other names and would be looked down upon for their loose behaviour. I remember those days, when we knew who the sluts of the school were, and you just didn’t associate with them or you’d have their reputation rub off onto you. Maybe it’s time to go back to that kind of judgement on those who have sex out of wedlock, you’d have more respect in this world for marriage and those who live their lives morally. I believe most of our problems in this country are linked to it’s immorality. That’s why the press kept JFK’s sexual romps quiet, and FDR’s under wraps. Their carriers would have been over and the judgement of this country would have been more severe on their heads.
    Rush should not apologize ever.


    I could personally send Rush money yo keep him on and will not use any of the sponsors that have pulled their sponsoship.also people buy lots of guns.

  • Lee

    I agree that Rush’s mistake was apologizing. As for Ms. Fluke, she’s an activist more than she’s a student. Even so I’d imagine she needs this initiative because she needs to sleep with her professors or she otherwise does not make the grade.

  • I’m never patronizing any of the businesses that withdraw their commercials from Rush.. Any that I do now.. I no longer will. Rush said this morning, that there will be other advertisers clamoring to get advertised on his show.. Rush ain’t going nowhere any time soon.

  • Rush said what he said, and the consequences are going to pile on. We live in the Age of Political Correctness.

    Frankly, I find his bluntness refreshing. After all, Fluke opened herself up to such criticism by making public statements about her sex life.

    However, I do believe that Rush is going to have trouble getting sponsors now. Can he self-fund? Time on the air is outrageously expensive.

    Sure, a lot of conservatives are willing to fund Rush right now. But for how long? In my experience, conservatives will indeed step up to the plate with bucks — but not for long.

    • AOW, I don’t think he will need to self-fund. He said today he has to reject sponsors all the time. However, you never know. Today, he also said that these companies did very well courtesy of his conservative audience, and he is sure right about that. I used (until today) Carbonite, I have used Pro-Flowers several times.

      • Maggie.. it’s a success maker to have Rush advertise you.. but if you think you punish him by pulling your account.. you’ll find out how much support Rush has and your business will lose big time by all the Rush babies leaving your business. I think news will be made that talks about how many companies that abandoned Rush, took a financial nose dive the day the dropped him. I know I pulled my account with several advertisers who pulled their accounts. Rush’s power is in his audience.

  • TK

    Rush should not apologize just as he put things out..So did she (pun intended) she KNEW she would be demonized!!!

  • Ran

    Cheers Maggie! A gazillion hits…

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  • JimWilemon

    It is starting to seem that Atheist Baby Killer is the voice of modern womanhood.

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