Marine Sgt. Gary Stein: Will Refuse Orders to Disarm Americans or Kill Americans: How Tyranny Begins

Marine Sgt. Gary Stein has said he will not follow unlawful orders from Barack Obama (and presumably any Commander in Chief). He specifically refers to orders to disarm U.S. citizens or orders to kill Americans. This emanated from a Facebook conversation about putting on trial, the soldiers in Afghanistan said to be responsible for burning Korans. In the meantime, our Congress has passed legislation, and Obama has signed it, allowing Americans to be labeled ‘belligerents,’ – someone hostile to the U.S., but with no further definition.

Sgt. Gary Stein

North Carolina Times:

Sgt. Stein started the Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots. It appears while the page is still up, all of Stein’s posts have been removed.

Stein, 26, of Temecula, is also the founder of an Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots Facebook page, which prompted Marine Corps officials to warn him in 2010 about his political activities.

Stein said officials indicated on Monday that he may be charged with violating a provision of the Uniform Code of Military Justice addressing “good order and discipline in the armed forces, or conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.”

“I’ve had better days,” Stein said after meeting with his commanders. “They’ve read me my rights and said I made disloyal comments about the president, and are now questioning whether I can even run the page.”…

Stein’s new trouble started over a recent discussion on his personal page in which he said he wouldn’t follow orders from the president.

The discussion centered on an investigation and possible charging of troops for accidentally burning copies of the Quran, the Muslim holy book, in Afghanistan.

“I said I wouldn’t follow the orders,” Stein acknowledged. “But what I also said —- and what wasn’t included in the complaint that was sent —- is that I said I wouldn’t follow unlawful orders, such as taking away weapons from U.S. citizens or orders to kill Americans.”…

“I think we have a disease in the military that says because we don the uniform, we lose our First Amendment rights,” said Stein, who is married and has a 4-year-old daughter. “I think they are being squashed right now, and I think some people are taking some orders and regulations out of context.

“I’m prepared to fight to the end.”

The article above also says that Stein does not believe Obama was born in the United States. On his personal Facebook page today he says:

A story tonight in the North County Times says that I do not believe the president was born in the United States and calls his birth certificate a fraud, is wrong… this is a great article expect for that fact. I do believe their is evidence that needs to be further investigated about Obama’s birth calcification but I don’t NOT think their is enough evidence to prove it is a fraud.

There is a reason why these discussions have been rampant for the past three years. We do not trust our Leftist Government. We do not trust them to adhere to the Second Amendment, and slowly we have become aware of the bottom line meaning of the indefinite detention without trial of American citizens, and Obama’s kill list. In the instant, we were grateful that American born al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki is dead from a US drone attack, but the Constitution deals with treason, guarantees a speedy trial and does not advocate a kill list.

They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Yesterday on Capitol Hill, FBI director Robert Mueller was asked directly, if we can target and kill an American citizen overseas, can we kill Americans on U.S. soil. Mueller said he wasn’t certain. Judge Napolitano said on Fox News today that Mueller knows the Constitutional answer to the question is ‘no,’ but doesn’t want to upset his boss, Barack Obama.

Friends, this and what the Sergeant is discussing can be likened to Egypt. Mubarak and the Military ruled the land. Today the Muslim Brotherhood and the Military rule the land. A Leader + Military – a lawmaking Congress = tyranny.

So antagonistic to the Second Amendment is this Government that in 2009, members of our Military and Law Enforcement formed the OathKeepers in communities from sea to shining sea, who have sworn never to disarm the citizen body in direct opposition to the Second Amendment.  We can no longer count on the Courts or the oaths of our country’s leaders. God bless Sgt. Gary Stein and the many of our Military who are are dealing with these important issues, up close and personal, every day.

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  • Thank goodness for soldiers like this. The Oathkeepers give a lot of people hope for our personal security.

    Make no mistake, however, this hostility toward the America people did not begin with Obama, he’s just being paid by his masters in the Fed Cartel to take it to the next level. Goldman Sachs and friends are the common denominator which stretches across these administrations, going all the way back to Wilson.

    It’s called Fabian Socialism, which David Rockefeller did his dissertation on by the way. At the end of it, people are going to become unnecessary. Since they used GATT to shift our manufacturing out, they are now working on reducing our wealth so that we can be “comfortably merged with the Soviet Union” just as Rowan Gaither told Norman Dodd those 60 years ago.

    Some may not like that and these plans have been on the books for years to attack the American people. Ruby Ridge and Waco were trial runs.

    • republicanmother, I think it goes deeper with Obama. I believe he is on a personal power grab. Banksters are likely in the mix, but I think this is very personal with him.

  • montanaconserv

    Thank you for posting this article. It is good to see that soldiers are paying attention, and not just ‘following orders’… many thanks go out to Sgt. Stein and those like him.

    • montanaconserv, THANK YOU for reading and commenting. It’s the only way we know people care.

  • EBL

    Well aren’t Andrew Sullivan, Jack Balkin, the ACLU, and all those other left leaning guardians of civil liberties running to Sgt. Gary Stein’s defense?

  • Geo

    Maggie, good article, I haven’t seen this anywhere else. Unfortunately . . .

    SGT Stein [while I agree with him] is going to find himself faces charges under the UCMJ. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsman cannot participate in “Political Activity” while serving on active duty. He may well find himself thrown in the brig, busted and/or discharged.

    And with this crowd now in charge, it would not surpirse me if he were made a example of and quickly.

    It’s a shame that some of the General Officers now serving haven’t “resigned” over the proposed budgets and policy changes that are now coming. General Keane suggested this to General Petreaus already.

  • Joanneo

    I just hope the majority of our troups feel as Gary Stein does. We may need them in the near future. Because he enlisted into the military does not mean he gives up his freedom, citizenship or right to express his opinions. Perhaps he should leave his uniform at the base, maybe that would make them happier.

    • Geo

      Unfortunetly, our Military do give many of their citizenship rights and freedoms up when the join the Military. They are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice [UCMJ]. And the UCMJ doesn’t reflect the same rights as civilian laws do.

      Leaving his uniforms home, wouldn’t do him any good, even when off duty, he is still subject to the UCMJ which prohibts “any” participation in these activities.

      Agree or disagree, like it or not . . . it’s the law that the Military is subject too.

  • Cowbok

    It is a shame its come this far due to the peoples apathy. Non the less it has. I think this is all comming to a head very fast, this country cannot go on much longer giving up so much day after day. Time to stand and be counted. Either you are for or aginst. God Bless The Great USA. I plan on taking it back be it alive or dead. I hope everyone feels the same. It is time to pull together any way we can. How I dont know,but I am sure we will soon see.

  • Practically no one in the US Armed Forces has ever read the Constitution; just like those in congress. Military personnel do swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and to obey the orders of the president and the officers appointed over them. The obeying of these orders is prevalent upon them being lawful orders, meaning that they are based upon the Constitution. I was a Master Sergeant with 16 years active duty before I ever read the Constitution and I’ll tell you it was an eye opener; it doesn’t take a Supreme Court Justice to understand what it says. I recently spoke with a young Army E-4, who’s studying to be a history teacher, about this. I asked him if he would obey an order he personally believed was unconstitutional; would you fire upon American Citizens. His reply was “I don’t know, I guess I would trust my superiors to make that determination if it was lawful or not.” At one time in my career, I would have agreed with his answer as I didn’t know what was in the Constitution.

  • M Walker

    I am 25yrs Retired Military and I think you are very disrespectable because he is Black and you can not deal with that.

  • Frist of all Mr Obama is the Presedent and should be respected as such. His birth, well it’s a little late in the game for that. When we American Military men and woman does wrong they should be held to account. When you joned the armed services you gave up a lot fo your right by raising your right hand swaring in and signing on the doted line.I understand having to follow orders from a Black is hard for a lot of white people. I am former Military.

  • M Walker, if you’re retired military, then you remember the “disrespect” shown Bill Clinton by the military. After an incident on an Aircraft Carrier, we were ordered not to snicker or make fun of the president if he happened to visit our instillation. Bill Clinton wasn’t black so you statement about the disrespect of him being Black is nothing but Bovine Scatology. The troops know when their CinC respects them and they don’t see that in their present CinC.

    As far as Sgt Stein goes, he was wrong. He knew the rules and chose to break them. No matter how you feel about the CinC, you don’t express it publicly, especially on social media. If you can’t serve under the current or any president, the honorable thing is to get out.

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