Malia Obama 13-Years-Old Needs Girlfriend Spring Break in Mexico?

News is breaking that a 7.6 Magnitude earthquake has hit just 75 101 miles from Oaxaca, Mexico where 13-year-old Malia Obama is vacationing with “friends.” She was reported to be in Oaxaca yesterday. Don’t know about today. At this time, there are no

Malia Obama

reports of injury, damage or death. I understand family Spring Breaks with a 13-year-old. I don’t understand a 13-year-old going to Mexico on Spring Break with “friends.” Especially when it takes 25 Secret Service Agents to protect her. Apparently the entire hotel is off limits to anyone but the Obama party. It’s Mexico. That didn’t happen out of courtesy. Someone is paying the bill for full occupation.

The young tourists, including 13-year-old Malia Ann Obama, are staying at a downtown hotel in this city famous for its colonial architecture and well-preserved native American traditions, the official said.

“We are here to block access to the hotel by other people and escort the vehicles that are carrying the visitors to tourism sites,” the police official told AFP under the condition of anonymity. Source: Montreal Gazette

Ongoing earthquake updates here.

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • They are the royal family. That’s how they have behaved from the get-go. The parents have anyway, and are teaching their young girls how fine it is to go where you want, anytime you want, without having to pay a price for it. Sad for the girls. I can’t help but wonder if they know anything at all about America’s history and founding.

    Those girls really need our prayers.

    • Pup, I can see a 13-year-old taking a Spring Break trip with a friend and the friend’s family. I don’t get a girlfriend trip at this early age, made possible through taxpayer dollars. Everyone but you and I seem to think the Obama’s are just the greatest parents EVAH!

      • EVAH is right: To conserve time I re-posted my comment that is on the earthquake:

        ljcarolyne on March 21, 2012 at 9:23 am

        Oh my lions, tigers and bears Dear Daughter better be careful a tsunami may happen! Maybe Daddy Dearest Obambi better fly nine planes to Mexico to pick up those boyfriends, I mean girlfriends, yeah right LOL & Daughter Dearest.
        GTG I’m wasting a perfectly good morning here. CU Later – don’t bother to report any ongoing earthquakes, not interested. BTW has mommy dearest got this kid on birth control or is she sterilized? She looks anorexic

  • No Maggie … can I join your group. Now there will be three that don’t believe they are the greatest, how did you put it … EVAH. I love it.

  • As a parent of a 14 year old, I wouldn’t send him to Mexico or any foreign country on spring break unless we were all going away as a family. I am a little puzzled as to why they chose Mexico, since the State Department has an advisory out about the country being unsafe for Americans. I read somewhere that it was a school trip, though I could be wrong. Has anyone else heard that?

  • Yeah, who are you to question the needs of royalty?

    We plebes need to know our place

  • Only a whore and the son of a whore would send their 13-year old daughter to another country with no guardian. The Secret Service IS NOT a babysitting service. They are there to protect her from kidnapping, etc…

    • You got that right – and really who cares – just another way to get attention & spend money. Such trash that occupies the WH. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

      This FORGERY-GATE needs further investigation.

  • Looks odd to me. I can understand a vacation with grandma or maybe some other family members. But “friends”? Only if she’s paying for it herself.

    • edge of the sandbox, They are probably paying for some of it, enough to get by, but you have to wonder how they flew there? You can be sure it wasn’t commercial.

  • Not Likely

    It’s a school trip you idiot. Organized by the school.

    • No decent school organizes an overseas trip for 13 year-olds without parental participation. My daughter’s school had a camping trip for them at 13, but that was to a camp ground and fully chaperoned by adults and parents.

      No this is not a school trip, but a waste of taxpayer money. I heard it is costing the US taxpayers $5 million.

      Shall we take that out of her allowance?

    • Not Likely, if so, it’s being reported. Do you have a source? Even if it is, it’s an unwise trip, and particularly unwise to use 25 Secret Service Agents. Malia had many perks and advantages from living in the White House. This one could have, and should have been tabled. Give me that source if you have it.

      • leigh

        This is not a “school trip”. Sidwell Friends is not currently on Spring break schedule.

        • leigh, thank you for that information. I didn’t see a single report on this being a school trip.

    • School trip, my a$$. . .you can kiss my a$$. Hey is that Van Der Sloot guy down there? ? ? Just a thought, you know now-a-days you never know????

  • I suppose I will have to apply for membership to the group, Maggie. There is no way the Obamas are even close to the greatest. Not only that, they are lacking a bit of common sense, shown by the fact that they allowed their daughter to go to Mexico on spring break. Not to mention the fact that the trip is costing the American taxpayers God only knows how much money. Sign me up for your group.

  • C

    Really you guys, cool out. It’s been established that it is a school trip, and not just a school trip, but a community service project. I am sure many of your churches do the same type of thing.

    • C, we only know this because the press is not writing about it and the O family have had all the press scrubbed. The point is, it took 25 Secret Service Agents. We didn’t know it was a school trip, still can’t confirm that, although there are some reports. Nevertheless, she is 13 and the cost is staggering. How about waiting until she is 16?

    • Community Service Project? To see how many of the guns her Daddy’s friends got away with? To see how many cocks they can suck? To see how much money they can raise by having sex with men?

      That is BS. They are sight-seeing and their school is still in session. They start Spring Break on Monday.

      They could have done Community Service in Washington DC. There are many homeless there. There are animal shelters that need volunteers. I could go on. This is a trip to Mexico on the Taxpayer dollar and no amount of BS can change that.

  • If that church is anything like the one Michelle & Obama attended for 20 years, this kid of theirs better be using Birth Control. Oh of course she will be on the pill as Obama doesn’t want her punished with a baby, God Forbid! Although we’d never know it, just another abortion, just another day.

    You are right no amount of tax payer dollars, no amount of BS can change that.