Limbaugh: Audience Not a Fluke – Limbaugh Pulls Bats Out of Cave – Guano Everywhere

I may be swimming against the tide but I give a sincere thank you to Rush Limbaugh for calling Sandra Fluke a mild four-letter word to show the absurdity of the absurd. Like bats leaving the cave in the dark of the night, Rush shed the  light on those ugly critters just as they were in the midst of sprinkling their guano across the country. Limbaugh’s huge audience is not a fluke. Sandra Fluke’s testimony was likely birthed in the White House by Obama’s former White House Communications Director, Anita Dunn, and her husband Bob Bauer, who was the Obama’s personal attorney for many years. He was also the attorney for the DNC and for Obama’s campaign in 2008. He became Obama’s White House Counsel in 2009, not departing the job until June 2011. Dunn and Bauer are very close to Barack and Michelle Obama.

Rush Limbaugh

Obama brought his daughters into the Fluke controversy, and make no mistake about it, in doing so, he told you he has no respect for your daughters or for your parenting. Great Dad’s do not champion using the “c-word,” or in reality just as bad, the “twat” word. Great Presidents do not take $1 MILLION from the high-profile person using the language, and great Dad’s would never use the Sandra Fluke’s of this world for political gain. Neither would a great Dad, or a great President, trod on the Constitution, as this President has done. In daylight, the guano gleams  from sea to shining sea. Thank you Rush!

The Publisher of Talkers magazine says Rush is likely enjoying his biggest audience ever these days.

“The irony is that he probably right now has the biggest audience he’s had in years, and the double irony of all this is sponsors that are fleeing, they’re missing out on the best advertising buy in radio,” Harrison told TheDC in an interview, explaining that Limbaugh incites passion on all fronts.

Limbaugh’s fans, said Harrison, will galvanize around him, not abandon him. Many of his detractors are listening because they feel vindicated, he explained, and still others are tuning in to hear what the fuss is about.

The Rush-dust-up makes it clear: the Organizer-in-Chief will buy his re-election if we let him. Buying Union support isn’t enough. Buying welfare victims isn’t enough. Free birth control won’t work either. We see the guano and we’re planning a massive clean-up.

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  • So right on Maggie on this. I got tired of the rant Rush was on on the birth control and the Obama operative.. that I just skipped listening to my podcast of Rush one day. It wasn’t that he was wrong.. I just got tired of hearing it. Let’s get another thing straight.. the Operative.. Fluke… didn’t appear before congress.. that whole session was a news conference set up to look like it was before congress. Yet everyone says, wrongly, that “when she appeared before congress….”

    • David, we were told she went before the Democrat Steering and Policy Committee. Perhaps it was a set up. Hubby echoed something like this tonight.

  • Ran

    Brava Maggie!

    We started listening to Rush about ten years ago. Up until that point, I had been convinced that he was an irresponsible nut-job extremist, racist, blah blah. We found him quite by accident – I shall never forget the moment. “Hey honey, it’s that “Rush Limbaugh” loudmouth on 770. Wanna listen?” “Sure. Why not?”

    By the end of the week I was indeed angry; everything I had been taught about Limbaugh had turned out to be lies and indoctrination.

    • Thank you Ran. I don’t remember the first time I heard him, but as I tell everyone, listen for a few days and you’ll understand. I don’t always agree with him, or with anyone for that matter, but I agree with him most of time. He is a big personality and his mouth got the better of him this time, but we all know what he said was truthful. There’s no way to get around it. The absurd point out the absurd.

    • Ran.. Ditos 🙂