Keith Olbermann Fired – Eliot Spitzer Gets Anchor Seat: Olberman Suing Current TV

The twelve people watching Current TV will see former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer tonight, sitting in the anchor seat held for a year and a month by  Keith Olbermann. Al Gore really knows how to pick ’em. Current says Olbermann did not honor his $50 Million contract. Olbermann tweeted out that he will prove differently in a court of law. He wasn’t  allowed the dignity of a “last” program, but there is no dignity in being replaced by Eliot Spitzer. Current owners Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, in a statement, indicate that Olbermann doesn’t have the same values as Current – “respect, openness, collegiality, and loyalty” to viewers.” Olbermann can sure fight that in court with his years of onscreen rants to prove how respectful and collegial he is. LOL!


Keith Olbermann

It was the culmination, at least in part, of months of infighting between the famously temperamental Mr. Olbermann and his bosses at Current. He clashed early and often with Mr. Hyatt, and David Bohrman, the channel’s president, and it spilled out into public view in January after Mr. Olbermann declined Current’s requests to host special hours of election coverage, apparently out of frustration about technical difficulties that had plagued his 8 p.m. program, “Countdown.”

Lawyers interceded in the rift, and they appeared to work out an arrangement for future primary election nights.

But in January and February, Mr. Olbermann continued to miss many days of work, as he himself acknowledged on his Twitter feed. He attributed some of his absences to throat problems. Read the entire story here.

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