Jon McNaughton Obama Image Burning Constitution: One Nation Under Socialism

Jon McNaughton, the artist who puts his political view of America into paintings, has unveiled his latest, with Barack Obama holding a burning U.S. Constitution. Several of McNaughton’s past paintings have caused a stir: The Forgotten Man shows Obama standing on the Constitution with historical figures behind him. Wake Up America shows in a crowd, with money lying everywhere on the ground and falling from the sky. People are on their hands and knees sweeping up the currency, while others are standing in chains.The latest, One Nation Under Socialism shows Obama holding a flaming U.S. Constitution. All very powerful commentary. See McNaughton painting in a video below.

One Nation Under Socialism - Jon McNaughton

The Left likes to call it “propaganda.”

When asked for an opinion, Saltz [New York Magazine art critic] said that the painting contained “bad academic derivative realism,” calling it “typical propaganda art, drop-dead obvious in message” and “visually dead as a doornail.”

“It panders and preaches to the converted and tells them what they already believe,” Saltz told CBSDC.

No doubt he prefers Christ drenched in urine.

The Forgotten Man - Jon McNaughton

Wake Up America - Jon McNaughton

The following video is Jon McNaughton talking about paintings, and his view of what is happening to this country. Visit his website here.

Jon McNaughton

McNaughton is saying what a majority of Americans talk about at the dinner table every night, or in the case of my house – all day long. Thanks to another great American artist, David Lemon at Clay to Bronze for the tip. Watch him work on another beautiful piece here.

John McNaughton: The Forgotten Man (video)

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  • Maggie, you should try to get a hold of Jon, and do a one on one interview. I’ve found that, really great artists are very approchable and I’ll bet he is. Although, I’m sure he’s inundated at the moment.. I would love to hear his story.