John Sanderson MSU Student Shot Dead in Dorm: 3 Black Male Suspects – Black Panther Posse to Track Down Killers?

A Mississippi State University freshman was shot dead inside Evans Hall dorm, and outside of a dorm room last night. Three Black males fled the scene in a blue, late model Crown Victoria. Police say they have a “person of interest,” and that person is one of the three suspects. A weapon has been “recovered,” but perhaps not concretely identified as the gun that was used in the murder. Mr. Sanderson was shot multiple times. He lived about thirty minutes after arriving at the hospital. This is the first death of an MSU student on the campus. See IMPORTANT UPDATES below. One suspect arrested on 3-26-12 – see below. UPDATE 3-27-12: Three suspects now under arrest. See more below.

John Sanderson


UPDATE 4:50 pm CDT 3-26-12: A suspect has been arrested in the killing of John Sanderson. Mason Perry Jones was taken into custody in Memphis, Tennessee last night. Two suspects are still at large.

The U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Forcemade the arrest of Jones on a warrant out of Jackson for armed robbery. Authorities say he is now being held in jail in DeSoto County and is expected to be charged with capital murder. Source: ClarionLedger

UPDATE 9:00 am CDT 3-26-12: Fox is reporting that the suspects are still at large, and believes they may have fled to Jackson, Mississippi. Yesterday, Jackson was the scene of another University student’s death. Nolan Ryan Henderson, a Freshman at Jackson State University was shot and killed. Read that story here. Two Mississippi college students dead in one weekend. Very sad.

UPDATE 3-27-11: Three suspects are now under arrest in the Sanderson murder. Mason Perry Jones, Duntae Harvey and Trent Crump. See the continued story here.

Mason Perry Jones


Trent Crump

Duntae Harvey

Clarion Ledger:

The three suspects fled Starkville immediately after the incident, it is believed. The suspects were last seen in a late-model, blue Crown Victoria. A “person of interest” identified by investigators is believed to be one of the three suspects and may have requested a ride to Jackson from students on campus Saturday night.

The suspects are not believed to be MSU students, university spokeswoman Maridith Geuder said.

A 911 call was received at 9:54 p.m. from Evans Hall.

Staff members at the residence hall were unable to determine whether Sanderson had been shot or stabbed until police arrived. A gun was found on campus early Sunday, but Kibler would not disclose the location of its discovery.

Sanderson was a first year student, transferring to MSU from Holmes Community College. The suspects are not believed to be MSU students. Far too many young people dying. While it’s too early to yell racism (it can be racism, right?), maybe the New Black Panthers will organize an Army of 10,000 Black men to find John Sanderson’s killers? Many thanks to Grumpy Opinions for the heads up – read their story here.  Prayers to the family of John Sanderson.

UPDATE 10:55 pm –

Students at Evans Hall say they heard broken glass on Saturday about the time of the shooting. Campus police have increased security, but some students said they still don’t feel safe.

“I was just laying in bed, and I heard, I thought it was a basketball,” student Kyle Wegrzy said.

Students said they didn’t know what was behind the commotion they heard Saturday night when campus police said someone shot a classmate and fled.

Officers found Sanderson shot several times near a densely populated area of campus.

UPDATE 9:00 am CDT 3-26-12: Fox is reporting that the suspects are still at large, and believes they may have fled to Jackson, Mississippi. Yesterday, Jackson was the scene of another University student’s death. Nolan Ryan Henderson, a Freshman at Jackson State University was shot and killed. Read that story here. Two Mississippi college students dead in one weekend. Very sad.

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I notice the media is very cautious not to mention the 3 seen fleeing were Black.

    Where is the national outcry over this murder as well as the brutal rape and murder of 85 year-old Nancy Strait and beating that sent her 90 year-old husband to the hospital this week in Oklahoma? So far they hav arrested one Black youth in that too.

    Do these idiots not realize this bias against Whites only feeds white supremacists?

    • Dee Lucas

      Didn’t the Black Panther’s just put a bounty on Zimmerman’s head and swear revenge? Now they’re playing vigilante justice in Sanderson’s death. For a group that openly admits to hating white people, they’re running some odd plays. Watch these guys.

  • Hi Lew, the Straits live here in Tulsa where I am. I didn’t realize there had been an arrest.

    If the police have a person of interest, and that person is one of the three suspects, there must be some tie. Someone must have known something. Because of that, I’m thinking it is not a Trayvon Martin type of killing, but something personal, but who knows.

    Thanks for the heads up on the arrest in the terrible Strait killing and beating.

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  • Lew last night it was even more difficult to get verification that John Sanderson was white- the fact the media was completely ignoring or refusing to mention his race was a good indication, but it took some serious searching to confirm it– I should have taken a screen shot, one MSM site had a photo posted with the caption John Sanderson- but an image of some unrelated object was above the caption– It looked like they had his his picture posted- decided it was a bad idea– They needed to have something to Occupy the space so they substituted another photo and never changed the caption.

    Maggie, thank’s for updating the story– I’ll repost a portion later

  • Mrs. Bird

    Why is this story getting so little publicity?? WAS this racially motivated??? It sounds as though it might have been! However, the press is very HESITANT to label it as such, and it seems investigators are not strongly pursuing that angle. And, if WHITE PEOPLE are truly the ones who are the hateful, intolerant BIGOTS, then why is there not a VIOLENT, VERBAL nationwide out-cry of WHITE PEOPLE demanding JUSTICE over this murder, since it was perpetrated by black people against a white man??? WHERE IS THE white-sponsored BOUNTY MONEY, who is offering it up for the apprehension of these black murderers??
    On the other side of the coin, the BLACK PANTHERS have put a 10K BOUNTY on Zimmerman’s head, for shooting Trayvon Martin in self-defence. Blacks all over the country are screaming for vengeance and demanding Zimmerman, who acted in self-defence, be prosecuted. They are all attributing his behavior of reasonable self-defence to an act of racial hatred, which is B.S. I see NO VERIFIABLE RACE HATRED HERE from anyone except the BLACK PANTHERS!!!!!!—and from a large number of gullible, ignorant, bigoted blacks across the country who are buying into the big lie and promoting UNJUSTIFIED racial hatred against the white community, and using this incident as an EXCUSE. President Barak Obama himself has even jumped on the bandwagon of anti-white bigotry!!!!

    It’s OK for the Black Panthers to put bounties on people’s heads, and foment hatred and violence against anyone without a black skin…….. Somehow, that isn’t considered RACISM!!!!! In my book, it is just as evil and wrong and sinful and racist for the Black Panthers to foment violence and hatred against the white race as it ever WAS for the evil KU KLUX KLAN to foment violence and hatred against the black and Jewish races! You notice I say WAS — because there are very few practicing KKK members left in this country, and very little promotion of it, and no one who IS a member will proudly, loudly proclaim it. However, the BLACK PANTHERS are totally shameless, LOUD AND PROUD NATIONWIDE with their fomenting hatred……you have JESSE JACKSON and AL SHARPTON, LOUIS FARRAKHAN, all of them promoting bigotry and hatred, and espousing the BLACK PANTHER movement, and no one seems to find anything wrong with it!!!!!!

    WHITE PEOPLE have made an effort to curb racism amongst their ranks for the last 60 years, and they’ve done a darn good job. Whereas, the black community, as a majority, are making negligible efforts to eradicate their hatred and racism, as a matter of fact, they are BUILDING IT. (For you politically correct types, who think racism only goes one way, white against black, NOTE that I said as a MAJORITY, not as a TOTALITY – there is a minority of intelligent, educated black Americans who understand what racism truly is, and they do NOT espouse nor embrace it!!—thank GOD for them!) What is WRONG with this picture??? RACISM IS RACISM, no matter what color your skin happens to be!!!!!! HATE is HATE. We are all the same color, on the inside. When we bleed, our blood is red–the same color that Jesus Christ’s blood on the cross was. GOD doesn’t care what color we are, in His eyes we all have the same value. Jesus died for every one of us, red, yellow, black, and white.

    How about a little tolerance and understanding and RESPECT FOR THE LAW AND FOR THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS from the MAJORITY of the black community here??? If a black person injures or kills a white person, especially in an act of self-defense, we don’t have white people IGNORANTLY IGNORING THE FACTS OF THE INCIDENT, and rising up in movements of hatred against blacks all over the country and making it about RACE!!!!! If these bigoted blacks had their way, any crime or violence committed by any black person would go ignored and unprosecuted, because, AFTER ALL, their great grandfather MIGHT have been a slave or something, and that gives them ALL a free pass to terrorize white society!! What, may I inquire, is fair or reasonable about THAT??? Again I say B_LLSH_T!!! My people (and I am as white as it gets) came to America as indentured servants — which is pretty much the same as a slave, and NONE of my ancestors EVER owned slaves, they were far too poor!!!! They were sharecroppers. So WHY do these BLACK PANTHERS, and the morons who embrace and support them, hate me because my skin is white???

    How about EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW for everyone???? Just because Treyvon Martin was not carrying a gun, nevertheless, he violently ATTACKED and injured this man! Plenty of people have been attacked KILLED without the use of a GUN, you have rocks, knives, fists, heavy objects, the list is endless!!! Constitutional GUN LAWS in a free society exist in order for people who are being ATTACKED to defend themselves with a gun!! People who legally DEFEND themselves with a gun should not be penalized!! Was Zimmerman supposed to quiver and back down and let the little thug beat him to death simply because the little thug had a black skin, and it was not POLITICALLY CORRECT to defend one’s self against a violent attack by a BLACK SKINNED PERSON????? How RIDICULOUS!!! Zimmerman had EVERY RIGHT to defend himself, no matter what color the skin of HIS ATTACKER!!!! Even had the attacker been a purple Martian, Zimmerman would still have had the right of self –defense.

    It is sickening that Zimmerman now has a price on his head, has had to change his phone number, will probably have to MOVE, and his entire family is in physical danger from this rabid, racist BLACK PANTHER group and a large number of the black community !!! Besides, when I see the photo of this man, he looks LATINO to me, not white!! Why is all the fomenting racial hatred out there calling him a “cracker”? I can’t really say what Zimmerman’s race is – for it SHOULDN’T make a difference! However I can say that his family mentored black children. That doesn’t sound like he was a racist to me!!!!

    I say the BLACK PANTHERS and those who support them are ALL bigots and terrorists, and their THUGGISH and IGNORANT behavior needs to STOP!!!! An investigation needs to occur on WHO was the instigator of the BOUNTY on this man’s head, and that person needs to be ARRESTED and PROSECUTED!!!! (I can guarantee you that not only will it never happen, it won’t even be CONSIDERED as a reasonable option!!!) AND – the mealy mouthed, politically correct LIBTURD AMERICAN PRESS needs to roundly condemn this BIGOTRY and TERRORISM on behalf of the BLACK PANTHERS just the same as they would had it been perpetrated by the evil KU KLUX KLAN!!!! Do these racist IDIOTS actually want to promote a race war???—when White America has worked so HARD over the past 60 years to eradicate racism???? RACISM is a TWO WAY STREET!!!! BLACK AMERICA needs to do THEIR SHARE to eradicate BIGOTRY AND RACISM, and stop FOMENTING it, for once, AND THAT INCLUDES BARAK OBAMA!!!!! FOR SHAME!!!!

  • areopagitica

    Forty years ago we had convulsive and endless demonstrating against the cause du jour, which was the Vietnam War. It got to be very much like the Occupy movement and dragged on until fatalities occurred at Kent State, and then withered from common sense desires to stay out of the fusillade. The people behind the curtain were very similar to the Al Sharptongues today, and the sensational media, amping up the rhetoric and the indignation while staying out of harms way, protected by the very system of laws they were attempting to undermine. We eventually decided to change the party in power, but in letting go of the war (unsatisfactorily concluding it) the narrative and the cause evaporated.
    There were several attempts to stoke a new unrest, like the Save Mumiyya and Rodney King events, but those did not have staying power. What did happen over time was the type of drugs in use got more virulent. Coke and Meth are far worse than LSD and pot, removing one’s reason and conscience while enhancing physical strength and silencing pain.
    Today we have a more complex narrative, combining class warfare and racial tension with war weariness. These drug laced acts of violence will go unchecked until some basic change occurs in Washington, and the tolerance of these New Black Panthers and associated thugs of other ethnicities ends, we will just get more of this.

  • Let’s go marching across America like Al Sharpton after Trayvon got shot. . . . Oh, wait a sec, this guy was white and the shooters were black. If we marched we’d be marked as racist. . . . .When blacks stop committing 80% of the crime in America, then things might change. Until then, we all have to live with this hypocrisy.

    • Amen brother, Hypocisy is right. Discrimination against Whites all because of Obama who BTW is half white, we think? With his whore mother who the friggin’ knows????? Muslims screw goats or anything else they can, mostly 9 year olds. None of us have time to march, we are out working then Obama is taking our hard earned tax money to give to the marchers. Vicious Circle.

  • John Hardman

    Here we go down “Obama’s Yellow Brick Road to destruction”.
    A National Road Rage plague has now infiltrated the very fabric of our general population. Just beneath the surface is a hair trigger switch that can be activated by a harsh word, a finger gesture or dismissive glance.
    Once the entire Nation is sensitized to the universal malaise of short tempers and repressed venting. We may be the first players in this Obama Drama that opens with Act 1. Scene 1. showing the shooting death of a 15 year old Black Kid by a Brown Latino as White Folks of assorted shades of Red Necks.
    By sowing the seeds mistrust and outright hatred in the fertile fields of unemployment and a unprecedented housing collapse is a surefire means to start a precurser to a need for The Imposter-in-Chief to invoke Marshall Law….and you know what that means…lock and load or go hide under the bed.


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  • Doesn’t bother me to be called a racist. Who the Hell cares because I know who the racist are. So what, anymore! We all need to quit falling for that blame game of destruction that Obama, plus his partners in hate crime are using against hard working honest Americans. None of us want any part in this or to distribute our wealth to the LAZY A$$ welfare people that choose not to work. We are all sick of Obama BS crap, his OWS, plus his Black Panthers.
    Sorry for this happening to a young student and his family, what a shame.

  • I live in Sanford,Fl and last friday I had a parade of media and helicopters in my neigherhood

    Not only is racism now a franchise The media is actively trying to incite violence against white people this guy wasn’t white he is clearly Latino and his father confirmed it! also look who came to town Al Sharpton and the black panther party also black leaders from Washington D.C.

    New Black Panther leader Mikhail Muhammad announced the reward during a protest in Sanford Saturday. And when asked whether he was inciting violence, Muhammad replied defiantly: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

    The bounty announcement came moments after members of the group called for the mobilization of 10,000 black men to capture Zimmerman, who shot Trayvon in a gated Sanford community on Feb. 26.

    Muhammad said members of his group would search for Zimmerman themselves in Maitland – where the 28-year old worked before the shooting, employees there told the Orlando Sentinel. He declined to say when the group would begin their search. King Obama made a statement that he shouldn’t have! His message to the parents of Trayvon Martin: If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon this is a ploy is to further take our gun rights away now thier is an out cry to do away with the stand your ground law the peoples party was also here in Sanford, FL. who are also the peoples communist party this incident happened Feb.26 why did they waited this long to bring it to national attention could this be another ploy to take our 2nd amendment away ? I didn’t hear to much on what happened in Chicago when someone open fired on 19 people and killed a little baby was this because they were all from the same ethic back ground don’t get me wrong if Zimmerman is found guilty he should have justice due served to him.

    • Karen Arsenault, thanks for telling us what is going on in Sanford. I heard today that the New Black Panthers have upped their bounty from $10,000 to $1M – which they believe will be raised from among the Black community. Unbelievable. Police need to shut them up. I don’t think any of us have the right to issue a bounty on the head of another person, unless law enforcement supports a “reward,” – much different than a bounty.

      Yes, this plays right into the hands of the DOJ which is fervently working to restrict gun sales and gun ownership.

      So many stories that received no press, because the victim was White, simply because the victim was White, and it is particularly striking when so many are children. I nearly spit my coffee out when Muhammad said we were killing their children. They kill their own, on the streets and in womb in record numbers.

      Again, thank you and stay safe out there in Sanford. The danger won’t go away anytime soon.

  • Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton and the rest were comunity orgenizers calling for Florida voters to demand the end of “Stand Your Ground” law, I had to go to the post office for a freind and got stuck in that parade of protesters right on my street I saw that snake Jusse leading the march to the civic center some of them were chanting and holding signs repeal the stand your ground law these pepole were bused in on charter buses what do they know about this case they are not from Sanford and their were not thousends of protesters maybe a couple of hundred this is peasful small town we don’t have race problems in Sanford.

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  • Obambi Had better cool it, if he knows what’s good for him, this will backfire on him Big Time. Obama is a bully that would run for cover crying like a baby the whole time. His Pink Panther Panty Waist Hate Mob had better stop this tyranny or all Hell is going to break lose. Obama just thinks class warfare, just wait. I’ve heard lately the KKK is still around! Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

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