Joel Shrum Murdered in Yemen: International Training Development Center American Teacher Gunned Down

Joel Shrum from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was gunned down in Taiz, Yemen for Christian proselytizing. Shrum was an English language

Yemen Woman

instructor in the school, and had taught there for two years. His wife and children also live in that God-forsaken country. This Center is a part of the United Nation’s Development Project (UNDP), an egregious organization that refuses to condemn Islamic tyranny, and in particular the plight of women in Muslim countries. Take a look at the photos of the women under “development” at this Center – BUT DO NOT CLICK THE PHOTO ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT. Appears the site has been hacked. Maybe you don’t want to go there at all. There are two smaller photos. The one on the left is captioned something like: 40 Years – Interviews with Those We’ve Helped. When you click it, it goes no where. The women in two photos are shrouded head to toe in black with just slits for the eyes. How can any Westerner help these women to have a better life? Really, any help is only momentary – only until husband walks in the door.

Thanks to Muslims Against Sharia for the photo. Take a look at their article titled Yemen: the worst place on earth to be a woman.

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