Joe Arpaio Transcript – Obama Birth Certificate: Person of Interest Identified in Forgery: Witness to Bill Ayers and Obama as a Foreign Student

I haven’t reported on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation on the authenticity of the birth certificate Barack Obama put on I don’t know anything about Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Optimization or Optical Character Recognition software. The press conference video is 1:20 long. Tonight I fired it up and listened for awhile, until I realized I couldn’t follow it all, and could not explain it to anyone, so I did what I often do, I transcribed it. I know not many readers will spend an hour to watch a press conference, so…if you know anything about what you read below and have an opinion about the accuracy of the Cold Case Posse conclusions, I hope you will share them in comments or via email. Not only is the birth certificate examined, but Obama’s Selective Service Registration, as well. Mike Zullo, identified as the “Speaker” below, says a person of interest has been identified in a forgery. There is even a Bill Ayers connection in the Cold Case Posse’s work. God bless Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse. See the press conference video below. NOTE: Don’t bother to stop by and call me a birther. This is news until you prove that the Cold Case Posse rigged the results. Get used to it.

UPDATE  3-20-21: The retired government employee mentioned in this article is postal worker, Allen Hulton. He has come forward to talk about meeting Obama (or he thinks it was Obama) as a young foreign exchange student. Read that story here.

Read and/or listen to radio interviews with Sheriff Joe Arpaio here. Be encouraged – this story is beginning to get legs.


UPDATE 3-19-12: In addition to the video linked below, you can find good quality videos that show the computer forensics. While they are in the original press conference video below, and the dialogue is clear, you cannot always see the screen well. You can see it in these videos.

● After all that you read below, the Speaker (Mike Zullo) in the video says a person has been identified as a person of interest in a forgery.

THE PRESS (or the audience):

● At about one hour in, you’ll hear members of the press getting very offended that after three years, this investigation is underway. In fact, the conversation goes on and on and the press is hot (I think it’s the press – not certain).

The program included 8 short videos (I may have miscounted) to explain exactly how the conclusions were reached. There is a lot of redundancy in the information to make certain we understand exactly which document is being discussed: the control document or the actual document released by the White House.

I have not tried to get every word down, but I did try to get every pertinent word down. There was never a time (I don’t think) when Obama was referred to as Obama. It was always President Obama, Barack Obama or Mr. Obama. For the sake of time, I might have shortened it.

Begin Video 1:

What the document should have looked like, had it started as a paper document.

We stripped away the control document’s green background, leaving only a black and white document

The document was then scanned onto green safety paper

Then scanned into a computer and opened in an Illustrator.

In the Illustrator, the file is as it should be. It has one layer and one link.

As the document is enlarged we see two more characteristics that confirm it has been produced by scanning a paper document into a computer.

First the texture of paper can be seen underneath the ink.

Second, the image noise is consistent thoughout the document as we scroll from top to bottom.

To recap, we have one layer, one link and noise that is consistent throughout the document.

Barack Obama’s birth certificate did not behave the same way. Can the anonomalies in Obama’s birth certificate be explained by the use of Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) software or perhaps by the fact that the document was optimized prior to being released?

Video 1 ends at 11:35

Speaker: What you should remember about that video is because the birth certificate released by the White House was an electronic document, we literally had the capability to go into that file and turn off the green safety paper background. Anybody that gets documents anywhere realizes that safety paper is supposed to be a source of comfort – that is an official document. We had the ability to turn it off.

We turned it off and we scanned the President’s birth certificate onto a hard safety paper document. We actually laid his birth certificate on top of. Now what you are going to see if the differences between what we did and what the file from the White House actually contains.

Begin Video 2 @ 12:56 minutes in.

We’ve see what is supposed to happen when a paper document is scanned into a computer and opened in Adobe Illustrator. Now let’s use Illustrator to open the pdf file of Obama’s long form birth certificate that was posted on on April 27, 2011.

At first glance the document appears to have only one layer, however, a quick glance at the links pallet indicates there are many layers. Nine layers to be exact. As we turn each layer on and off, note the information each contains.

As Layers 1 and 2 are turned on and off they appear to contain no information. As we see later, nothing could be farther than the truth. Keep you eyes on boxes 20, 22 and the date stamp at the bottom of the page, as we click layers 4, 5 and 6 on and off.

Layer 7 contains the State Registrar’s Stamp. Layer 8 most of the type and Layer 9 the green safety layer background.

Perhaps most troubling is the way the date stamp and the State Registrar’s Stamp at the bottom of the page, can be moved around the page in their entirety, once they have been selected.This immediately caught the attention of Maricopa County Sheriff investigators.

You will recall that when a paper document is scanned into a computer, we typically see an even level of noise throughout the document.

So, does the pdf file released by the White House pass this test? No, it does not. As you can see as we scroll down the document, noise is not evenly distributed, as it should be.

Those who have attempted to defend the document’s authenticity relied primarily on two theories: 1) that the document may have had Optical Character Recognition software applied to it or 2) because the document was optimized before being released to the general public, these anomalies are expected. As you will see, both theories are easily debunked.

Ends 15:31

Speaker: As you can see in this video, we scanned in the control document – if you just simply scan it into your computer, put it into a pdf file and upload it onto the Internet for viewing. If anyone of you brought me your birth certificate, I could scan it into a computer and get that same effect – no links, no layers, and nothing able to move on the document.

Over the last 10 months with all the controversy, people have tried to explain away these anomalies by offering up excuses of OCR Software or Optimization. We tried a controlled study of using OCR Software and Optimization, attempting again, to validate Mr. Obama’s birth certificate. These were our results:

Begin Video 3 @ 16:16:

Theories put forth by those trying to defend the authenticity of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate say the many anomalies in the document are there because Optical Character Recognition (OCR Software) was applied to the document prior to its release by the White House.

What is OCR Software and what evidence is there that this software was, or was not, applied to President Obama’s long form birth certificate before being released by the White House.

There is a three-part test:

Three Part Test:

1. Can fonts be recognized in the document?

2. Can words be searched for in the document?

3. Can text be edited in the document?

Before we look at President Obama’s long form birth certificate, let’s take a look at a document that we know has OCR Software applied to it.

This document started out as a piece of paper. It was scanned into a computer and then had OCR Software applied to it. We can see fonts are recognized in the document, so it has passed the first part of our test.

Next we’ll see if words can be searched for in the document. Let’s try the word “Constitution.” And there it is. The document has now passed the second part of the test.

Now we’ll see if text within the document can be edited. (screen shows text being edited). Indeed, it can. The document has passed all three parts of our test.

We can say with 100% certainty, this document did have OCR Software applied.

Now, we’ll put the file released by the White House through the same three part test.

First, we check to see what fonts were applied. As you can see, no fonts were identified. Therefore, the document fails the first test.

Now we’ll search for a word that we know is in the document. No matches were found. The document fails the second test.

Now we’ll see if we can edit text in the document. We can’t even highlight, os it cannot be edited. The document fails the third test.

We can say with 100% certainty that the document was not put through Software.

If OCR Software didn’t cause the many anomalies in Obama’s long form birth certificate, what about Optimization?

Third video ends at 19:38

Speaker: With OCR Software off the table, this is where this investigation began to turn for us. We could not reproduce anomalies found in the file released by the White House. It was a problem. We knew at that point that this document was likely manufactured.

The next excuse supporting the authenticity of the White House document was Optimization. Optimization, in a nut shell is just compressing a file. We ran Optimization tests on the file from the White House.

Begin Video 4 @ 20:21:

Optimization is a fancy way of saying a file has been drastically reduced in size, so was there a good reason for Optimizing Barack Obama’s birth certificate before posting it on the Internet?

Given the anticipated number of downloads, yes, a smaller file would be beneficial. Now for the big question: Can Optimization explain the many anomalies in Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate?

In order to find out, we will once again perform an experiment. Remember that we took Barack Obama’s birth certificate, removed the green background and then photocopied it onto green basketweave safety paper. Next we scanned it into a computer. (the video shows that happening again) This time we optimized the document.

We will not begin a series of comparisons between the control document and the one released by the White House.

We’ll start with a look at layers:

Optimization produced 45 layers in our control document, which is to be expected in a document of this complexity.

The document released by the White House had only 9 layers.

Now let’s look at the green safety paper background. Look at the sped-up version of layers of our control document being turned on, note that the green background layer is divided over many, many layers. This is to be expected as a result of the optimization process.

The birth certificate released by the White House has 100% of the green background on the 9th and final layer.

As you have seen by looking at the control document, this is not an expected result of optimization and implies strongly that the green background was created on a computer, and inserted behind the other layers as the last step in the computerized document creation process.

Now we’ll look at the Registrar’s Stamp and date stamp. The date and Registrar’s Stamp are contained in part on Layer 1. I’ll lift Layer 1 off of the document so that you can see. There you go. Part of the date stamp, part of the Registrar’s stamp. Now the date stamp is also contained in part on Layer 7 and on Layer 27. The Registrar’s Stamp, in addition to be contained on Layer 1, is also contained on Layer 6. Note that both stamps took some of the green background with them. The date stamp and the Registrar Stamp, in a document that has been optimized, cannot be moved around the document in one piece, at will.

Looking at the document released by the White House: As you can see, both the date stamp and the Registrar’s Stamp can be moved anywhere you want, in one piece. No green background going with it. Lifted cleanly off the document.

As we know from our previous example, this is not caused by Optimization.

Looking at the White Halo issue:

As we look at our control document, we can see that there is no white halo effect caused by Optimization. Even as we zoom-in and look closely between the letters, you can see that the White Halo effect does not exist, and therefore cannot be blamed on Optimization.

As we zoom-in on the document released by the White House, we can see the White Halo effect throughout the document, and while we do not know what caused this White Halo effect, we can state with confidence that it was not caused by optimization.

There are numerous ways a White Halo effect can be manufactured with Adobe Photoshop. The exact way that this particular effect was manufactured is not important. What is important, is that when you scan a computer into a document and optimize it, a White Halo effect is not produced.

Conclusion: While Optimization can result in a layered document, the layers found in Obama’s long form birth certificate are very dissimilar than what we expect as a result of the Optimization process. Optimization does not explain a similar anomaly in Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate.

Begin Video 5 @ 25:11

Speaker: In looking at the video, you’ll see that in Obama’s birth certificate, there are approximately 8 0r 9 links and layers. Links and layers are indicative of a document being built, like you would on those transparencies of years ago when you started laying them one on top of the other.

Running it through Optimization or OCR, you get anywhere from 45 to 150 links and layers, all bits and pieces. Mr. Obama’s is down to about 8 or 9. That’s an indication that human logic was involved in putting that document together – a computer will not randomly do what it does on Mr. Obama’s certificate.

The Conclusion Video is coming up. Pay close attention to the Registrar’s Stamp and date stamp. At this point, when we realized that you could pick up that stamp and move it, leaving a white background outlining all the letters, indicated to us that the green safety paper was the last thing applied to the document. In order to get that effect, the green safety paper would have had to be applied by a computer, in other words, taking a little swatch and replicating it all over the document. During that process, the green safety paper doesn’t fill in where other fonts are. It only fills in black spots.

This tells that whoever did this, put the green safety paper on that document, last. If you go back to our video in the beginning, it should have been there at the onset, and it wasn’t.

Begin Video 6 @ 27:17:

Conclusion: (The video goes over the attempts to offer excuses for the anomalies of the document released by the White House.) Unlike those who defend the authenticity, we were not willing to merely speculate or engage in conjecture. (goes through the control document again and how it was handled. Rehashes OCR and Optimization, and the three part test.) (Shows video effects again of OCR, Optimization, Fonts, Layers and Editing)

There is an important difference in the layers between the White House document and the control document. No rhyme or reason to the organization in the control document. Contrast this with the Obama document, where Layers 4, 5, 6 and 7 all deal exclusively with stamp information. Are we naively to believe that this is the result of a randomized computerized optimization process?

The fact that the Registrar Stamp and the April 25th date stamp appeared separately and independently of each other, on separate links, drew our attention to the fact that they resided on separate, independent layers. The fact that the date and Registrar’s stamp were linked and layered in this fashion brings us to the conclusion that they were brought in to the long form birth certificate document released by Barack Obama to give the appearance of legal certification.

Also troubling about the April 25th stamp and the Registrar’s Stamp, is that both stamps could be lifted cleanly off the document and moved about the birth certificate in one solid piece.

It should be noted that none of the self-proclaimed computer experts, claiming to be able to replicate the layers in Obama’s LFBC has been able to replicate this effect with the April 25th date stamp and the Registrar’s stamp.

This document is far too problematic to discuss all of it’s issues in one press conference. We are most concerned with the date stamp and the Registrar’s Stamp, which appear to be imported from unknown, outside sources. If the two stamps, placed there to give it authenticity, are fraudulent, then the entire document is fraudulent.

Begin Video 7 @ 32:50

Speaker: The last part of the video is the most important. The date stamp and the Registrar’s Stamp, giving authenticity to the document, are safety factors, to tell the public that this thing is true, it’s authentic and it’s official. The fact that the two stamps have been imported from an unknown source, linked and layered-in, onto the document, and can be moved around in it’s entirety, leaving a White Halo, tells us that whoever created this document, imported that Registrar’s Stamp and the date stamp, laid them on a white background, and then filled-in the green safety paper around it.

That is not the way, under any law that I am aware of, that you authenticate a document.

The White House document failed every test we put it through.

I want to be clear, so that you understand, this was just not a bunch of ex-cops and lawyers running these tests. We went outside to experts, graphic experts, forensic document examiners, and ran these tests. This is serious. We believe we have a forgery.

Going forward, other information surfaced regarding allegations of Mr. Obama being born abroad – not in Hawaii. We were forced to look into some other issues.

Since all documents surrounding his birth have been sealed or do not exist, we took an unusual step. Back in 1960-61, any flight coming in from overseas to Hawaii would have been Pan Am or TWA. We looked for passenger manifests. Those no longer exist.

We went to the National Archives. They said they did not have manifests, but what they did have was microfilm copies of INS records of every individual coming into the country from overseas. They copied those records onto viewable microfilm for us. They did – a 10 year span of time.

Jerome Corsi was in that area and he viewed them for us. Corsi looked for the month of August 1961 – the birth month of the President. When he got to August 1 – 7th, those records DISAPPEARED from the microfilms, and the picked up on August 8th and continued on.

We petitioned the Archives and asked them why this occurred. Did they have an explanation? To date, they do not.

Another issue surfaced. Mr. Obama’s Selective Service Registration Card. Thee have been months and months of debate over this card.

Begin Video 8 @ 37:27:

Was Barack Obama’s Selective Service Registration Card really received by the Post Office on July 29th, 1980. What is the concern with his registration? We review numerous Selective Service Registration (showing 4 examples). Notice the date stamps on all 4 cards contain 4 digits for the year marking. (shows a date stamp from Barack Obama’s original Registration card made available for public review. It show only ’80,’ not 1980) (shows a standard pica stamp used in the era. the photograph on the right shows the compartments and the stamps that had to be changed out daily, monthly and yearly. The picture on the right of a loaded pica stamp) (show 5 examples of what the stamps used by the US Post Office would reproduce – all show a 4 digit year.) (They show two stamps from the same post office where “Barack Obama supposedly turned in his Selective Service card.”) Barack Obama’s uses only a 2-digit for the year.

The bottom line is, the stamps always use 4-digit. (they show a picture of a pica 2008 year stamp and a pica 80 stamp.) Since there are no 1980 pic year stamps available, the 2008 was cut between the two zeros and inverted. This inverted, cut stamp creates a similar effect, which closely resembles the one seen on Barack Obama’s Selective Service Registration Card. This illustration shows that the 2008 pica stamp looks like when cut in half and then inverted.

In conclusion, as you can see by the side-by-side comparisons on the screen, there is a clear difference between the authentic stamp on the right, and Obama’s on the left. Look at the difference between the zero and the edge of the circle on the stamp. Look at the difference to the right of the zero, and beneath the zero. The reason the numbers 8 and 0 are out of position on Obama’s registration card, is because the numbers 80 were cut away from 2008. They were not cut squarely – or the person who cut them, cut too close to the zero. When 08 was turned upside-down to become 80, and put back into the pica stamp, it pushed too far to the right.

For what is becoming a clear pattern for the documents considered essential to the documentation of Obama’s life narrative, the Selective Service Registration Card isn’t just forged, it’s [inaudible] forged.

Video ends at 41:03

Sheriff Joe Arpaio comes to the podium. There is various talk and then the main speaker comes forward again, and says:

Speaker: This evidence is very distrubing, given the fact that there was no reason in 1980 for any post office employee to cut a pica date stamp. It is one solid piece of rubber. It sets in their for a year.

In addition, the date stamp itself is no longer manufactured. It was manufactured until about 1980. However, the inserts are still manufactured, but you can’t go on the street and buy them. They come from Postal supply houses. The only way we were able to get them was under the venue of the Maricopa Country Sheriff’s office. I personally cut the 2008 stamp in half, put it in and stamped a white piece of paper, and to my amazement, I replicated what was on Mr. Obama’s Selective Service Registration card.


We have sworn affidavits of people willing to step forward to tell the truth. We have vetted these people.

Going back to the issue of an overseas birth:

● We have a retired government employee who had a conversation in the 80’s with Barack Obama in the front yard of the home of the mother of Bill Ayers. During that conversation the mother of Bill Ayers introduced this government employee to Mr. Obama as a foreign student who they were assisting in getting education for in the United States. That also is around the same time frame that this Selective Service Card was issued, reportedly issued. This individual is willing to come forward. That takes courage…


● We have documented evidence that foreign births were recorded in the line item birth registry. The birth announcements and the birth registry, just line items – we have evidence, and we can prove without a doubt that not only are foreign births registered in those birth announcements, and the line item registry, we also have documented evidence of two adopted individuals that were breathing three years prior, were listed as new born infants. the newspapers, there is not distinction as to where someone is born, there is no distinction if they were adopted. They are just listed. It’s not creditable information. In 2000, the Inspector General issued a report about the rampant problem of birth certificate fraud. Within the opening paragraph of his report, he states that a birth certificate’s intended purpose was only to register the event of a live birth, not anything else, and in and of itself, is not credible information to prove identification or citizenship…

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse – Investigation of Obama’s White House Birth Certificate (video)

Linked at I’m a Man I’m 41 – thank you!

Linked at The Lonely Conservative with info on the Obama supporter who issued death treats to Arpaio and his entire family. Read it here.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

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  • David

    Maggie, it has been blatantly apparent from the beginning that the document the White House passed on to us is not only a forgery but a cheap forgery. The insult of this act goes way beyond the business as usual fabrication of a lie by the government. The cheapness and amateurish quality of this forgery is the added insult. Cold Case Posse did an outstanding and professional job methodically breaking down every aspect and nuance and going to the extreme limit of technology to expose the very depth of this fraud.
    It’s literally unbelievable that the Congress has investigated steroid use of baseball players and yet refuses to even acknowledge this Constitutional issue. If this forgery is like all the other government frauds that have been uncovered over the years then there is much more to this than we even realize. This is why Congress should already have been at the front of this issue.

    • David, amen to all you have said. Basically congress has said they do not vet candidates, but the Speaker does. That whole thing with Pelosi swearing that he met constitutional requirements in Hawaii, but leaving that part out is astonishing. I have the document from Oklahoma. They faxed it to me. The only think I cannot come up with is something from Hawaii. I’ve even tried to get the GOP there to talk to me about it. They will not do so.

      It’s frightening!

  • If you don’t watch the whole video or read the transcript, don’t bother commenting on this here. Speaking from ignorance, or from a point of an opinion developed from what you hear from the press, who never vetted this current president, shows your own ability to be lied to.
    For myself, it’s to late to do anything about the past 3 years… what we do in November will matter. As an artist and a lover of freedom in this country, I feel being informed on all things, is the amunition of our defence of our country and our freedoms.

    • What Arpaio is giving us the opportunity to do is see to it that it never happens again. It’s also possible, if this can be established, is that everything the man has done for the last three years is null and void.

      Whatever – we need to know.

      • And we need to make it impossible for this to happen ever again.. I had no idea that Birth Notices were that unreliable.. Just so wrong.

      • Graceia

        Do you not realize that part of the reason there is great fear and loathing to confirm this fraud is exactly what you just wrote – everything the man has done for the last three years is null and void.

        If our governing officials confirmed this, it would be a massive problem for all of our government. The undoing of bills, foreign and domestic would be catastrophic for our country.

        I do believe there are good, honest people who feel the cure would be worse than the illness, as long as Obama is out and replaced by someone who loves this country in November.

        I could be wrong, but this is my personal belief for the inaction of those who could do something to bring this fraud more clearly into the open.

        Arpaio and all others are doing the best thing – as you said – to make sure that this never happens again.

        • Gracela, I do realize that the fear is a big part of this, but what about before he was elected? There was plenty of good evidence that there problems, and at that time, Congress could have insisted on proper validation. But they didn’t, so I’m not willing to give their fear much credence at this late date.

          There is no way Arpaio’s evidence can cause his ouster before the election. Congress knows this. They also know that if they need to reinstate laws or abolish laws after the election, they can do so. They get paid to do so. They get paid to keep this from happening in the first place.

          If the undoing of Obama is a massive problem, then not undoing an unconstitutional president will be something we might get past but we will be wounded and a precedent will be set. Not a good thing if we have to face a court about this issue – especially now that there is hard evidence. First order of business in my opinion is to take care of the most important business – and that means putting Nancy Pelosi under oath.

          • Graceia


            Good points. I guess I was only trying to come up with some kind of understanding why good people (and there are good people in government) were so loathe to follow-up on the growing body of evidence.

            I lived through the watergate time and it just tore holes in the confidence of the general populace. I still believe some of the reticence is from that kind of fear.

            As far as the lack of vetting before the election – I believe many, many people tried, but the media just filtered it so that the majority of people never heard or read anything negative.

            When you have almost all news media, along with the entertainment industry on the side with a black candidate, those trying to get any kind of message out was almost suicide politically, socially or business-wise. The media and friends and neighbors did play the “racist” card and it worked back then. (How three years has squeezed that one dry!). Remember too, how nasty leftists can be and most nice people just put their heads down and let it go.

            Thank goodness we aren’t letting it go any longer.

            I am totally on your side with the vetting and at some time, I hope that Obama will be widely accepted as the most corrupt, evil president we have ever had elected in this great nation.

            • Gracela, I understand what you are saying. It’s so convoluted, it’s hard to know what to think. I’ve just put up a new post and maybe some in the Conservative media are beginning to take notice.

  • Ever wonder why Obama isn’t making obvious political moves that would increase his popularity (like Eeystone pipeline)?

    I think we should get wise to his ways –

  • Whoops. I forgot this: GREAT POST MAGGIE!! Thank you!!

    • YES GREATEST POST EVER. No doubt in my mind Obama is a counterfeit as I said to Maggie at the get go way before BHO was elected by fraud.
      Joe Arpaio is a HERO! Pelosi committed TREASON along with her partners in crime, knowing full well the info was all a lie and forgery about Obama’s Birth Certificate. Joe Arpaio will not leave this alone until the election and rightfully so. Yes we can do something about the last three years. It won’t be pretty either. We The People need to get behind Joe Arpaio to pray for his protection. Earnestly pray the truth will come out completely, so Obama’s Birth Certificate can be proven that the entire document is fraudulent.
      WOW, what a government of corruption, WOW, what a tangled web. OMG!!!

      • ljcarolyne, I agree prayer and cheer on Arpaio and let the people know. I think this isn’t being talked about because it is too complicated to understand UNLESS you really take the time. Once I got into it, I got it.

        I was shocked at what they have, including knowing what computer the bc was uploaded to the internet from. They actually have a “person of interest” in a forgery.

        I was so psyched last night, I didn’t sleep a wink.

        • I bet you didn’t sleep knowing this. This time Joe Arpaio will not let it go because there is concrete evidence now of Treason. They were smart in saying why they investigated the document down to the paper it was written on, to be able to clear Obama in this conspiracy, guess not, huh!
          Now we all know that Obama knows his Birth Certificate is a forgery, let’s don’t get under that delusion. Maybe Obama will go to Joe’s Jail for a little R & R for life. hahahaha

          • Carolyne.. I’d pay to get down there and stand in the heat of that sun to see him do the perp walk.. lol

            • Me too: LMAO
              Now let’s get real here! You think you wouldn’t know your own Birth Certificate? NO WAY! They are all guilty as sin from the get go. But, and there is always a “butt” Joe is playing it cool and safe. They will protest too much, someone will squeal, it’s getting hot under their collars. You bet ya!
              “Be sure their sin will find them out,” it already has. Cell block number nine, for some much needed time! hahahaha

    • Hi jim – thank you!

  • Frank

    I’ve been using optical character recognition software for a couple of months, I have Smart OCR. I am quite pleased with it, almost no errors for me even for low-quality documents.

  • What I got out of it, I came to the conclusion that the sheriff isn’t saying Obama wasn’t born here, what he’s saying is, the electronic certificate has been forged. In this video, the investigator, says that, they know the computer this forgery has been done on, and they have a person of interest that they are investigating even now. Arpiao when asked if he was accusing the president of a crime, he said, no, but someone committed a fraud and he now can’t ignore that fact as the sheriff. He has to pursue this investigation. It’s his duty as sheriff. What do we do? We arrest the perpetrator, and jail him or her or them. It’s the electronic certificate that’s the problem.
    I listened and let the chips fall where they may. I do want to know why someone went to this much trouble. That’s the real question. We so need to do a major vet of Obama. To bad the Justice Department is uninterested and the press ignores it.

    • David, that’s exactly what he’s saying. However, since it went up on the website, someone is responsible. But yes, he is allowing that someone could have faked it (and convinced Obama it was real????) and posted it.

      Wish Trump would get into this again, but he won’t because he has endorsed Romney.

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  • Joe Arpaio praises Mitt Romney –

    ME TOO – listen to this

  • A. Wanker

    Investigating it myself using Linux Ubuntu 10.04, I:
    downloaded the document from
    opened it in Inkscape
    Object–>Unhide All
    Object–>Unlock All
    I just started with Inkscape, so the above steps may not be all strictly necessary nor in perfect order…
    Edit–>Select All
    File–>Export Bitmap…
    then choose the ‘Selection’ tab, check the ‘Batch export all selected objects’ button,
    Click Export, and voila! you get all the exploded layers provided in your directory…

    One can see from this easily that we did not add any information to the document, but only took what was on (unless it’s been changed since I did MY download, this will export 9 files)

    very ODD…my first thought is that the President just wanted his bc to look real good, I didn’t want to consider the commission of a crime. But the more I look at what the layers contain, it only brings up more questions… I hope this will help more ‘open source’ and ‘digital forensics’ investigators to begin their own looks into this case.

    • awanker, good to see that others are doing their own experiments, and hopefully others are as well. You can be certain others are trying to show that Arpaio’s work is inaccurate or fraudulent, but I don’t think they can do that. That’s why they are so silent.

  • Mick

    It matters not WHERE Obama was born. He was born British, of a British subject father. Dual citizenship at birth voids natural born Citizenship, i.e eligibility for President. Obama would not be natural born if he were born on the Oval Office desk.
    “Citizen” is the same as “natural born Citizen” except for eligibility for President, as defined in Minor v. Happersett:

    “The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.”
    88 US i62,167 (1874)

    • Mike, I agree with you, but American’s want him to be American if his mother was American, which it seems she was – although not American in attitude. No one who counts, buys the British father situation. Everyone knows it. Knew it back then. They just don’t care about the Constitution, and that includes every sorry rear end in Congress. I appreciate your comment. Thanks for coming by.

      • Well I don’t appreciate your remarks Mr. MIKE. Yes it matters WHERE Obama was born! He must know something you don’t huh? Spending millions to keep things secret about the fraudulent bc. Wake up buster!!! Obama’s mother was a whore. Pray tell “who’s Obambi’s daddy now” some low life Muslim Kenyon pimp, or worse. How degrading for America to have that Muslim trash in the Oval Office.
        I got news for you, 88 US 162, 167 (1874) has no baring on this fraud in the White House, you will see that in the coming days.
        That BTW will be the best news of the Century, Obama Impeached.
        Yes I’m a birther and proud of it.

  • Mick

    That’s 88 US 162, 167 (1874)

  • Conniption Fitz

    Problems with the latest birth certificate produced and presented by this President:
    1. The Hospital did not use that name until years later.
    2. The nation of Kenya was not formed and named until years later.

    Problems with the software are not as weighty as the discrepancies above.

    Problems with the Draft Registration certificate stamp are problematic. I’d like to see a microscopic examination and measurements, particularly of the ‘O’ in ‘O8’… it would be ironic and divine justice if Obama were in part brought down by the letter O.

    • Conniption Fitz, thanks for this infor. I didn’t know either. I do believe it also says “African American,” that term was also not used in 1961. Love your last comment.

      • Conniption Fitz


        The facts about the hospital and Kenya did not originate with me. Here is a link to the original source:

        As for the letter O…

        There are some interesting analyses of the strange and startling O in Obama’s signature at these links: (do read the comments)

        The way Obama divides the letter O in his signature, with a slash down the middle, symbolizes his dual and duplicitous identity and how Islam exists in perpetual division and conflict.
        From a Biblical perspective the divided O recalls the story in Daniel and the handwriting on the wall: “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin” (You have been weighed and found wanting and your kingdom will be divided.” predicting Belshazzar’s death and the division of his kingdom.

        Like ancient Babylon, Marxism and Islam cannot bring unity, freedom, peace or prosperity. They are ruled by an oligarchy of elite and are held together by coercion, corruption, cronyism, and continual conflict.

        Obama’s Campaign Logo O is symbolic and tells a story: “The American Flag is lying on the ground. This the sign of defeat and disgrace after a conquest (just like raping the women, and looting the enemy, desecrating their temples in the history and tradition of Muslim conquest).
        There is a sun or moon rising or setting. This symbolizes the passing of time, of an old way, and/or a new day/time/phase dawning – meaning a replacement government or ideological system. Islam/Marxism is replacing the US Constitutional government.
        Obama’s O explains Obama’s intentions. His O is an Omen that bodes ill for the US.”

    • A. Wanker

      also Connip – via high zoom view, you can see that the pixel-maps for many of the textual lettering characters are IDENTICAL. This would be a statistical impossibility for impressions made by an inked rubber stamp, with the inherent unequal distributions of force and ink applied to the paper, not to mention the unequal capillary-action that would probably occur over the imperfect medium.
      Your ‘O’ humor also does not escape me.
      Hope sheriffjoe’s forensics Team is on it!

  • Some more interesting info on the Obama NEAR past:

    TRULY UNBELIEVABLE: Did Obama Assassinate Clinton Delegates? | PolitiJim’s Rants for Reasonable People |

    • Murdered just before he was to .. wow.. sounds like Britbart.. murdered just before.. Of course the Clinton’s knew something of mysterious deaths.. didn’t they. A plague on all their houses and civilian life forever.

    • Plenty of rumors that someone on his behalf murdered the gay choir leader at Trinity.

      • Rumors: Peddle de de, we all know the truth on that one and his gay so called pastor Wright – disgusting living in a 10 million home – gated community. Hush money from BO & MO. I am sure it needs to be gated, we didn’t hear anymore from that F^&%$# Wright, thank God! All he could say was GD this GD that. The Obama’s spent (20)twenty years in that heathen place.
        Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

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