Janitor Mary Taylor Fired for Pro Scott Walker Sign Inside Her Car: Teachers Complained about Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor saw numerous anti-Scott-Walker stickers promoting his recall, on the cars in the school parking lot where she worked as a janitor. She is pro-Governor Walker and put a sign of support for him inside her car – on the dashboard under the front car windshield: “Stand with Walker.” Taylor was hired through a janitorial service provider, and fired for refusing to remove the sign due to complaints by teachers. In the video below, you will hear that she is now back working at the school. Don’t know if the sign is still in her car. When asked if there was any retribution when she returned to her job, she said her car was “keyed.” Video below.

“I felt that it was necessary to provide information to other people that I do in fact stand for Scott Walker, and when I first started [working] there, these teachers had their recall stickers on their cars. Didn’t bother me one bit,” Taylor said. “Liberal school teachers and liberals in general cannot push the public around when they have different opinions other than theirs.”

It is outrageous that those we pay to teach our children assault our Constitutional rights every time they enter a schoolroom. No Free Speech for any position the Union does not support. That is not the American Way.

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  • Sure it’s the American way… if you’re a liberal.

    • Hi Perri, nice to see you! Isn’t it sad? It is the America way. I fear we will never recover.

  • I would make the school pay for my car being keyed if it was on school property.

    • Carl, I would do the same! And I would want to know who did it.

  • Kind of makes you wonder what the teachers would say if they got fired for displaying their anti-Scott Walker sentiments.

    Oh, right, all people are equal, but some are more equal than others.

    • QuiteRightly – Just like those able-bodied young men standing in the NYC welfare line: They owe it to me because of slavery. He had been on assistance for, I think he said, “a decade,” Maybe it was a half a decade. Either way, how do people stand doing absolutely nothing? It’s a learned mindset.

  • Standing up for your rights is not for cowards. Martin Luther King was not a coward and neither is Mary Taylor.

    • Jim, I heard Alveda King today telling a story on Hannity. Not sure whether it was her Dad or MLK,Jr. but it was a story of heroism, when the front part of their house had been blown away, and the culprits were not yet known. He told the crowd, if you want to hit someone, hit me, and then go home because violence will not solve anything.


    I just want to thank Mary Taylor for her bravery. As an american citizen, I would like to express MY VIEWS. I am a Conservative voter and I do not care who knows it.Oh, by the way… I ALSO WATCH FOX NEWS.I believe in fair and balanced!!

    • Gina, thank you for your support. Someone MUST stand against the Unions. They are alost singlehandedly bring down this country. When it comes to eduction, they can take the entire blame.

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  • Reagnite

    Was she actually fired? And by whom? Is she in the union? And how did she get her job back?
    I hope and pray that Gov. Walker, and the Lt. Gov. can beat back these union thugs.

  • You know what really surprises me? the fact that, as low as his ratings were on MSNBC, Gore actually payed him $10 million and year… How smart is that?